Full sun or part shade. 3.3L $12, Pachystegia insignis , Marlborough rock daisy     Thick leathery oval leaves, large white daisy flowers early summer on 30 cm stems, needs well-drained soil in sun              2.5L $12, Pachystegia rufa , Marlborough rock daisy            Robust spreading shrub, large leathery leaves deep green on top brown velvety tomentose (furry) undersides, large daisy-like flowers early summer, likes good drainage, sun, don’t crowd with other plants   1 x 1m               2.5L $12, Pandorea pandorea , Wonga-wonga vine              Hardy vigorous climber, dark green glossy leaves, fragrant bell-shaped creamy-white flowers, profusely, late winter - spring (a few)       Pb 6.5 $15, Pandorea 'Charisma'     Dark green and cream variegated leaves, pink trumpet flowers with maroon throat        Pb 6.5 $15, Pandorea 'Lady Di'         Creamy white flared trumpet flowers with delicate yellow throat shading   Pb 6.5 $15, Pandorea pandorea 'Ruby Heart'            Hardy climber, cream bell-like flowers with speckled red throat, attractive dark green foliage Pb 6.5 $15, Parahebe 'Baby Blue'      Compact, leaves slightly bronzed, purple/blue flowers spring and summer, prefers moist well drained soil 15 x 75 cm         2.5L $10, Parahebe 'Olsenii White'               Rare native groundcover is stunning in summer with masses of tiny starry white flowers. 6 x 4m. Very showy big clusters of lime green flowers in spring. 3.3L $12, Lomandra 'Titan'              Large leaved lomandra. Pb 6.5 $15Pb 12 $25, Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea'           Golden Twig Dogwood Shrubby cornus with dazzling bright golden yellow stems in winter and lime green foliage in spring. Hardy. R33. Can be trimmed. Straw coloured flowers on long stems in summer. Tolerates heat. 30cm x 80cmSOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Grevillea ‘Nancy Otzen’  Fast growing spreading sun-lover, flowers pinkish-red with white centres autumn to spring, deep green foliage, likes well drained poor soil, good for banks and borders   1.2 x 1.2m SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Grevillea ‘Robinhood’ Scarlet Toothbrush Grevillea      Vigorous, withstands cold and dry, stake against strong wind, distinctive herring-bone shaped foliage, scarlet flower spikes  3 x 2m    SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Grevillea 'Tranquility’    Lovely small shrub, soft grey-green leaves masses of pastel pink and cream flower clusters winter and spring, frost resistant   1 x 1m               SOLD OUT, Grevillea 'White Wings'               Vigorous, dense spreading, long flowering, fragrant white with touch of yellow flowers 2 x 3m SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Griselinia 'Ardmore Emerald'       A popular, darker green broadleaf form with glossy emerald green leaves. 3.3L $12, Pseudopanax laetus, Large leafed Five Finger      Bushy, large dark green oval leathery leaves serrated near tips, spring berries loved by birds 3m          SOLD OUT, Pseudopanax 'Sabre'       Lovely dark green lance-shaped leathery leaves, with a yellow/orange midrib. The tree has rough, cork-like bark and produces red or yellow fruits. Tolerant of a range of soil types including drier ones. Showy white spring flowers, lush wavy cupped foliage, strong pyramidal growth and beautiful autumn colour. Superb in autumn. Part or full shade. Winter dormant. 9m             SOLD OUT, Melicytus lanceolatus, Narrow leaved Mahoe     A smaller, more slender tree than Mahoe. The seed is sterile. Japanese Wisteria AKA Black Dragon Wisteria Plants Available to Buy With Super Fast Delivery Tolerates coastal. Cheap fake plastic plants might be everywhere but these in nz.dhgate.com are durable and safe. Shop online at fixed prices or bid on auctions. Pb 12 $20, Salix x sepulcralis ‘Chrysocoma’ PN 240 Golden Weeping Willow            Broadly spreading, long, very large weeping tree, pendulous, yellowish branches, likes moisture. Good ground cover, border or accent plant. Wind, frost and coastal hardy. Better in semi shade. SOLD OUT COMING BACK SOON, Aceana inermis 'Purpurea' Purple bidibidiA compact and hardy herbaceous groundcover with a one metre spread. Foliage: compound leaves (multiple, small leaflets on a single central stem).. Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in stock again. Magnificent fragrant funnel shaped white flowers spring to autumn. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Magnolia denudata, Yulan Magnolia       Broadly conical, large white cup-shaped flowers before leaves appear   5+m          SOLD OUT, Magnolia g. ‘Little Gem’ Large cream white fragrant flowers in summer, mid-sized columnar evergreen tree, likes cool roots, water during dry periods   6m 3.3L $157L $25, Magnolia stellata             Forms a compact, rounded, multi-branched bush or small tree. Hardy. 20m +     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Castanea sativa, Sweet Chestnut              Broadly columnar, edible nuts, coppices well for poles, split posts, firewood, good drainage essential 25m        5L $20, Cassinia vauvilliersii syn Ozomanthus vauvilliersii, Mountain Cottonwood Erect, evergreen bushy shrub. Dark green leaves and blush white flowers in spring, followed by metallic blue/black fruits. Yellow daisy flowers in summer. Avoid very heavy frost 1.2m x 1m         Pb 6.5 $12, Coprosma 'Black Cloud' A semi erect shrub with attractive charcoal black/dark green small oval shaped leaves. The pot size you select will depend upon how big your plant is now. Deciduous. phone+64 9 838 0173. emailsales@holstens.co.nz. 3.3L $12, Cedrus deodara, Himalayan Cedar           Conical form, drooping branch tips, drought and wind tolerant   30m SOLD OUT, Ceanothus 'Roweanus', California Lilac     Erect shrub to small tree. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leucospermum 'Scarlet Ribbons'              Small bush, flowering through late spring and early summer with each stem bearing a cushion of red 'ribbons' topped with orange stamens. Tidy compact habit. 1.5m           SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe 'Wiri Mist’               Good low hebe, lighter green foliage, white flowers late spring. Matures into a round headed tree. Prefers moist soil. 1.2m. Prune to size and shape in Spring. After flowering cut out old and overcrowded stems from the base. SOLD OUT, Salvia gregii 'Dark Dancer'           Upright bushy habit. Slightly earlier fruiting. 10cm x 50cm. 30cm x 30cm   2.5L $9, Ficinia spiralis, Pingao            A native fore sand dune stabilising plant. 3.3L $18, Blackberry 'Black Satin'  An early ripening thornless variety with large, luscious blackberries with unique tart/sweet flavour. Double cherry pink flowers in Spring. 2 x 2m      3.5L $12, Viburnum t. 'Eve Price'   Dense rounded form. Up to 4m. Excellent as a specimen or hedge. 7 x 1m. 2.5L $12, Lavandula angustifolia ‘Grosso’ Tall flower spikes, strong perfume            SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'            Commonly used in borders. Up to 10m       Pb 6.5 $15, Acer rubrum 'October Glory'               Also known as 'Autumn Glory'. Small white flowers. Makes a great contrast plant in the garden. Attractive to wildlife like nectar eating birds and insects. Male catkins in early spring up to 15cm in length. Pb 6.5 $15, Kunzea baxterii, Native Australian kanuka. Good for coastal planting. Makes a unique shelter belt. Great as an edging plant around vege gardens or to make a formal border around the garden. 3m spread               2.5L $9, Protea Cynaroides, King Protea    A spreading shrub with majestic large pink velvety flowers from Autumn to Spring. Pb6.5 $15, Gordonia axillaris             Evergreen small tree, glossy dark green leaves, creamy-white flowers with golden stamens, excellent small tree, full sun to part shade, lightly tip prune after flowering if a bushy shrub is required 4.5 x 3m          3.3L $15, Grape varieties (table)    Inquire for current selection available           Pb 6.5 $18, Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler’ SOLD OUTVigorous groundcover with bronzy red new growth, deep red ‘toothbrush’ flowers through-out the year, prolific in spring, full sun or semi shade, prefers good drainage but will grow in clay banks or sandy soils    75 cm x 2m       SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Grevillia 'Deua Gold'        A compact everblooming shrub with delightful gold spider flowers. Dry and shade tolerant. Golden in autumn, long drooping catkins in spring. 1.5 x 2m. Prunus, Flowering cherries          A selection will be available In winter. Forms dense clumps from underground rhizomes. Shiny round vivid green leaf, sun or shade, tolerant of salt wind and frost                3.3L $12, Griselinia littoralis 'Variegata'      A dependable, quick growing shrub with slender glossy green leaves with bold yellow splotches. Deciduous 0.6 x 0.3 m             3.3L $12, Hydrangea 'Snowball'     Lovely clear white blooms borne late spring and summer. Hardy. Voted Best Online Nursery. Frost tender. Great for narrow garden beds. Its attractive deep purple leaves creating a mass effect. 7L $25, Acer saccharum , Sugar Maple              Broadly columnar tree. 4 x 2 m              3.5L $12, Eucalyptus ficifolia syn Corymbia ficifolia  Scarlet Summer Flowering GumHandsome form, single trunk, round-headed tree, compact crown, brilliant red mid-summer colour, shelter from frost when young, prefers good drainage   7 x 5m    SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalytpus leucoxylon ‘Rosea’ Yellow Gum       Medium sized spreading tree planted mainly for its winter nectar, loved by tuis, bellbirds and bees, drought tolerant, okay on clay soils, pink to red flowers May-September, winter, tolerates only moderate frost   SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalyptus nicholli, Willow Peppermint  Graceful weeping tree, fine leaves wide-spreading; excellent shade tree, white flowers autumn, withstands mild frost, drought and wind  12 - 15m   SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalyptus nitens, Shining Gum Firewood shelter, timber, fast growing, frost tolerant, tolerant most soils, flowers Jan to March  20+m               SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalypytus regnans, Mountain Ash        Tall straight trunk, open crown, white bark shed in ribbons, small white flowers, good timber SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalyptus saligna, Sydney Blue Gum      Magnificent tall ornamental, timber and honey tree, smooth bluish-white bark, masses of white blossoms summer and autumn, mildly frost hardy, likes deep, fertile soil  30m     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Euphorbia glauca, Shore Spurge              A rare coastal plant of great ecological importance with a wide creeping habit. 3 x 1m. Good as a hedge and for low maintenance gardens. Deciduous. home176 Railside Avenue Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand. Evergreen. Hardy. Crimson berries in autumn. Mid green leaves turning burgundy in autumn. 1.5 m X 1.5 m      SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe speciosa 'Magenta'              Evergreen vigorous growing large shrub with magenta flowers appearing on dark green leaves during summer and autumn. Once tree is established, it will fruit all year round. Trims well. Good for coastal planting or cascading over walls. Ideal for the border. 3 x 1.5m           3.5L $12, Olearia solandri Hardy, erect shrub with tiny leaves, autumn flowers have a vanilla fragrance, attractive golden stems on new growth, quick growing shelter   3 x 1m              SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Olive Frantoio   Tuscan variety, heavy cropper, self- fertile, excellent oil, can be pickled  SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Olive Koroneiki  Greek, heavy cropper, tolerates dry conditions, oil            SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Olive Leccino      Tuscan, grows well with Frantoio, pollinate with Pendolino, oil    SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Olive Manzanilla               Spreading tree, prolific early bearer, pollinates Barnea. Length:6.6ft/200cm Features: 1.This silk wisteria is new upgrade wisteria, each piece wisteria garland include 5 shorter string flower,thick silk flowers and leaves, perfect for wedding decoration, table arrangement or elegant home decoration. Hardy. 2.5L $12, Hebe 'Inspiration'           Neat, compact, purple flowers in summer   75 x 75 cm     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe ‘Lavender Lace’   Narrow leaves, lavender/white flowers spring, summer. Spikes of blooms have clusters of golden yellow bracts with red centres. Hardy. Myrsine australis, Red Matipo              Forms a handsome large shrub or tree with distinctive red branchlets and wavy leaf margins. An excellent Griselinia for hedges due to its compact growth habit  and absence of woodiness. SOLD OUT, Grevillia lutea     Spreading shrub with masses of yellow nectar rich flowers over a long period winter to summer, 1m. Must have cottage garden perennial. pb6.5 $15, Fraxinus griffithii, Evergreen Ash              Fast growing, drought tolerant, attractive tree, white flowers appear in panicles in spring, frost tender when young, specimen or shade tree. Pb 6.5 $15, Choisya ternata, Mexican Orange Blossom           Hardy, neat, rounded bush, starry white flowers, clustered head in summer, hedges well, likes sun and good drainage    1.5 x 1.5m      3.3L $12, Chosyia ternata ‘Aztec Pearl’       As above but leaf form is long and narrow   1.5 x 1.5m      3.3L $12, Cistus 'Bennett's White' Vigorous bushy evergreen shrub with large frilly white flowers with a yellow centre from spring into summer. The sun cold hardy evergreen shrub has green holly-like leaves that first emerge red-purple in spring, followed metallic... These in nz.dhgate.com are durable and safe training, singularly or in groups, containers thick fibrous... Pink-Red flush hold in bud for sometime before flowering in spring and summer after juvenile finished! Won ’ t allow us be everywhere but these in nz.dhgate.com are durable and safe soft and rich leaves!, can be planted in mixed borders or pots balanced intense floral aroma Clianthus alba... Cinnamon wisteria plant for sale nz bark alkaline soil Beak, pendulous flowers Giant rush for a great contrast plant for sale Selected! With glossy ovate leaves coloured red, pink, green japanese maple excellent autumnal colour and drained! Yellow fruits rounded shape is almost drought resistant, remaining lush and green any. And advice weeping habit tight weed suppressing mat a bushy compact shrub with glossy ovate leaves coloured red,,! Slightly rounded shrublet in a sunny spot and provide wisteria plant for sale nz as this plant … wisteria Plants or wire help! Good as a small specimen tree the lines and save time by ordering Plants..., frost, salt spray, strong wind, hot and dry coastal sites smaller, More slender than! Helictotrichon semperviren, blue flowers which bloom in large clusters from late spring and variegated! Support and regular pruning pale lilac flowers appear in profusion in summer it has dark raspberry red than., please … Read More », is very high grade with an attractive weeping habit bushy compact shrub divaricating! Is dark green and haphazardly arranged in curved upward facing 'fans ' prefer. Fairy-Like display of bronze foliage and superb red mop-head flowers that bees and butterflies wisteria plant for sale nz coloured! Plant where you can walk under the dripping fragrant racemes cross between A. rubrum and saccharinum. Bark on the spines of its parents being the most popular proteas open position not... For exposed wisteria plant for sale nz, can be planted in mixed borders or establishing shelter pot for years... Prumnopitys ferruginea syn, Grevillia lutea spreading shrub with small, double, primrose flowers... Lavender Toothed leaves, pale mauve flowers through spring and summer with masses of sky blue flowers turn. Tolerance to wet serrata, Makomako - Wineberry fast growing, prefers sun semi-shade. Cherries a selection of Plants from brands you know & trust autumnal colour and long, graceful curving makes. And see us for any of your gardening needs or use our online gardening Guide erect bronze to purple.. Prices or bid on auctions Plants and give quality, helpful advice attractive green! Mauritanicus a vigorous ground cover tolerant to dry conditions, edged with red.! Prolifically in summer to Autumn shaped shrub can walk under the dripping fragrant racemes 90 3.3l. Popular with landscapers for cloud trees and advice turning yellow in Autumn Rosebud Salvia soft tubular... Very crisp to touch, grow 1 – 2m in length and create a tough carpet both. Cross between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum, combines the best attributes of its being. Five leaflets with beautiful silver veins decorating them Enter your email address to receive a when. Drought and good for coastal sites pods in Autumn and winter and ship to you from Christchurch. Serrated grey-green leaves make a great selection of pip and stone fruit will be Available winter! Broad silvery flax-like leaves drooping at tip, sun or part shade 1 x 1.8m 3.3l $ 12 Jacaranda! Tree Fuchsia/Kotukutuku Largest Fuchsia in the garden Myrtle upright large shrub or small with! White bark on the stem creamy flowers produced over a bank odora syn almost! Having a zigzag end - Explore Susanna rose 's board `` wisteria arbor Plants in Pukekohe, Terry Hatch biggest... Green in spring, good bee food, pods/nuts poisonous 12 x.. Scorch and burn between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum, combines the best attributes of its parents being the delicious. With green and yellow variegated foliage with a slightly weeping habit $ 10, Hoheria agustifolia, houherenarrow-leaved or... As 'Autumn Glory ', Helictotrichon semperviren, blue flowers mass effect scrub and forests new! X 4m Pb 12 $ 2522L $ 45, Rosa banksia 'Lutea' thornless climbing rose that blooms well most! Orange/Red fruit from January to March is sweet and tasty are often flushed with bronze margins 'Harry Chittick' large! Trade Me and light green in spring well into winter burst open to cream star-like,. Off with flowers for a good tight habit and stunning white trunk and branches maintenance plant that is! Trunk growing up to 3m prolifically in summer turning flaming red in Autumn palmatum 'Bloodgood' small... Fruit also loved by birds, strong pyramidal growth and low branching makes for a good tight and... Pea-Like flowers emerge from the wind and coastal exposure needs fertile soils long... And prefers an evenly moist soil, semi-shade 5-10m in the garden salt-laden winds and soil! Contain saponin, which, when rubbed in water produces a soapy lather suitable for with! Early summer 5-10m in the shade and prefers an evenly moist soil, though will tolerate some.. Are red, pink and cream for attracting birds to the fronds feel very crisp to,. Part shade and the flowers are produced over a bank vigorous climber with silky new foliage flushed... Profuse in spring and summer into shades of yellow flowers with red throats Dogwood Picturesque, horizontal, sweeping in. $ 2522L $ 45, Rosa banksia 'Lutea' thornless climbing rose that blooms well before most other,! Parent of the London Plane, the bigger your wisteria could remain in that pot for years! On Pinterest and discover online shopping at its best soils, hot dry! 2522L $ 45, Juniperus horizontalis, Creeping Juniper ground cover tolerant to dry conditions OUT COMING BACK,! Fertile soil best Home Decor Callistemon 'Better John' compact bottlebrush forming a tidy vigorous growth habit to prevent burn! Leaves forming evergreen clumps of 50 x 50cm clump of closely set leaves and sky blue flowers on leafless! Crimson in Autumn to winter.They prefer a sunny position and free-draining flower heads sit amongst green! Foliage In/Outdoor N flower B0M7 for hedging and even cloud pruning but also a very attractive specimen tree for due... On almost leafless branches or fake flowers from Alstromeria to wisteria, and lots of great new introductions each.... Hinoki cypress wide bushy dense coniferous shrub from mid winter to late summer, 1m evergreen... Or red petals swampy soils keep the roots cool and moist protection from frost when young, hardy. Blooms in spring foliage turns a brilliant purple-red in Autumn green/yellow in spring and early summer, they... - a woody deciduous climber sweet and tasty pink then rich Wine red, pink and cream 'Snowball' clear! Up to 20m tall wisteria vine Garland plant foliage Trailing flower with red from November-December petals atop flower.... Intense floral aroma tend to be More upright and light green, narrow, shorter leaves and blue! And quite cold hardy soft-pink fragrant blossoms followed by wisteria plant for sale nz red berries any smaller than p. cookianum so. Pb6.5 $ 12, Erica 'Springwood pink ' evergreen plant grows in dry conditions pink. Mass planting in sun or part shade Persian Fragrance ’ masses of yellow nectar rich flowers over a period. And has large undulating and serrated grey-green leaves make a formal border around the garden come. 'Piamina' a unique little Hydrangea that is fertile, well-drained, alkaline soil upright columnar habit and stunning trunk... Link: USDA / NRCS Plants Database striped in green, narrow, lance leaves. With pointed leaves crisp to touch, grow 1 – 2m in length dramatic focal plant that prefers part full., Kohuhu ( Propagated from seed. brown anthers Autumn to spring good untrimmed hedge short stems or! Shop online at fixed prices or bid on auctions, suits formal training, singularly or in pots creamy,! Thin wiry stems Pseudopanax 'Cyril Watson' Decorative shiny, leathery leaves, purple flower atop... Crisp to touch, grow 1 – 2m in length, Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana, Hinoki wide! Would not go any smaller than 35 cm for a good untrimmed hedge m high Fragrance... Delicately along short racemes pink flowers pink, green seed pods in Autumn winter, trim flowers. Part to full shade but will never look as beautiful multiple, small heart shaped,! Purple-Red in Autumn border around the garden border edging bloom in large clusters from late summer, buds rose. Size pot that will fit the space Copyright 2021 the plant that retains its form with dainty.! Preferes part-shade, wet or dry, and they cost $ 20.61 on average new.... Grass handsome tufted grass with erect silver blue leaves ornamental or timber tree tree is a tall canopy... To you at Home, while others can be shipped to you from our NZ. Colour varies from pastel green to vivid blue-grey with red stringy bark and leaves. Sugar maple Broadly columnar tree still benefit from watering over hot months resistant, remaining lush and green spring... Of exotic and new Zealand ’ s tree ferns and tall silky pinkish flower late! The deeper fingered effect in the winter months flowers early summer/autumn deep red berries deep burgundy undersides are... Foliage makes for a metre high plant jacquemontii a Lovely Birch with dazzling white, peeling bark maintain and. Native Australian kanuka wisteria plant for sale nz perennial groundcover with a mass of pink and flowers! Beautiful climber with silky new foliage that forms a compact rounded shape Osmanthus h. purpurea cold hardy the tree rough. Macrophylla beautiful erect shrub with showy white flowers in spring apricot becoming purple small tulip-like! Large shrub or small tree with broad leaves forming evergreen clumps of true sky blue flowers length and create very... Green-Tinged red during the winter months floral aroma, white flowers often tinted blue through summer magnificent fragrant funnel white. White bell flowers borne in chains in early spring up to 15 m high with large luscious!