Those orgies must have been the livin’ end. The only part of the legend that makes sense is that after she died, they sent people in to "clean up" the place. Video ; Celebrity Topic; Month; Just added ; Video; Celebrity Topic; Month; Just added ; Tom Drake. View Tom Drake's Family Tree and History, Ancestry and Genealogy. Why is there never gossip about Teddy Kennedy and Marilyn? I think it was Giancana's son who published a book claiming that New Orleans mob boss Johnny Roselli, who Marilyn knew well and liked, called on her with two assassins, drugged her and inserted 40 Nebutals in her rectum. But this sounds perfectly legit to me. Don't you just LOVE clicking on these things on Everyone sympathizes with female starlets being used by casting agents and producers, but there was also a male equivalent. Tom Drake received his first taste of the acting world when--under his real name, Alfred Alderdice--he starred in the hit Broadway production of "Janie" in 1942. She was also threatening to go public if he didn't pay attention. As the French writer Voltaire said, “If a million people do a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing.” Those who can’t handle the normal world should move to Australia. Viewed today, it's still utterly outrageous!". Partners of Tom Drake. Officially, she had an affair with Gerry Mulligan - but all the while she was munching on some pretty famous muffs. “Author Darwin Porter’s niche is posthumously outing celebrities. [quote]"In his later years, Peter Lawford could not achieve orgasm without getting his nipples lacerated with razor blades.". He knew about Judith Campbell's ties to Giancana and JFK. He liked it rough or so the rumors went. He died after a lengthy illness, said the Fulton-Theroux Funeral Home of New London, Conn. Mr. Drake arrived in Hollywood in the late 1930's after being discovered in a … Here are my thoughts based on tons of material I've read about everyone involved, JFK, Bobby, Marilyn, Sinatra, the mob,the PIs, the Hollywood culture, etc. This pimp had quite a lengthy Heidi Fleiss-like record of providing boys to celebrities and the rich and powerful — going back to the early 60s, with clients like WALT DISNEY of all people. R85 you are wrong on all counts. In other words: He was a jealous woman-hater. He showed up every morning good to go. And incredibly stupid. [quote]What kind of homosexual did you have to be to garner love and admiration and respect from Marilyn? ... it goes into great detail about Tom and his long time torch for Peter Lawford the actor. Whores! [QUOTE]Now does anybody seriously believe when the Kennedys had trysts with Monroe they would discuss serious politics with her? That they would reveal confidential government information to an alcoholic, pill-addicted, mentally unstable Hollywood sex symbol? In fact, she had become utterly infatuated with him and desperately believed he would divorce his wife and marry her, such was her befuddled state of mind. There are some interesting and untested legal theories for defamation of the dead. i am sorry but your comment was a perfect example of someone twisting reality to prove a liberal agenda. Peter was also into drugs. [quote]what was the Kennedy he married like? There is a really interesting book called 'Hollywood Warts 'n' All, published in 2005 (R76),that names names right the way through it. Marilyn was also angry at JFK because he was ignoring her calls, after their NYC birthday tryst. Typical. Ttttom Drake was definitely gay. The mob, however, fully expected the ensuing investigation would expose the affairs between Marilyn and the brothers and bring down the presidency. He bought the election (or is 'stole' a better word? for your pointless bitchery needs. She was a huge mess. If anything, Peter Lawford was the one who helped make it happen. Biography CLOSE THE FULL BIOGRAPHY . Of course the media was fed crap about how Sinatra was this great friend to Marilyn. He was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California. He had a right to privacy as we all do. Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor. Drake was excused from serving in World War II due to heart problems. Jesus Christ, she's been dead 50 years and still manages to churn out so much product that Joyce Carol Oates looks like a slacker by comparison. and there was nothing wrong with buying out “terminally ill” patients insurance policies because they benefitted and so did the company that purchased them. Ouch. Not the only one to fulfill that role, but he handled the more sensitive cases. The policies were bought (by Merv) at a discount and when the person died, Merv cashed in the policy at full value. How convenient. Obituary Tom Alan Drake POST-Tom Alan Drake was born on Nov. 11, 1942, in Justiceburg, Texas, to Hollis and Verda Bee Drake. You may not have heard of him, but Drake made many films beginning in 1940 and continuing in to the mid-1970s. Stop trying to make MM into some homophobe. Personally, I like juicy gossip too much to want any of these theories upheld in court. Mob money helped win the election for JFK,that is well documented, but nobody expected him to make his little brother Attorney-General, and nobody expected RFK to go after organized crime so ferociously when he got the job. %0D %0D Judy Garland liked a lot of gay men but she got screwed (literally) by a few of them which made her alternately warm and hostile on the subject of gay men in general. Tom Drake real name was Alfred Sinclair Alderdice. American Actor Tom Drake was born Alfred Alderdice on 5th August, 1918 in Brooklyn, New York and passed away on 11th Aug 1982 Torrance, California aged 64. Marilyn's radar was good. I've seen plenty of times where gay men are hateful to good looking women because they are jealous of the attention they get from men, not exactly a new phenom. AND maybe he was jealous of her relationship with JFK and got as close as he could to him by marrying the sister? He didn't treat them as equals, but then he didn't treat anyone as an equal. I don't know if Marilyn was killed or not, and the word of a mobster's son is scarcely evidence enough, but her demise was perfectly timed as far as the Kennedys were concerned. But neither blamed the other or showed a shred of upset. Drake made films starting in 1940 and continuing until the mid-1970s, made TV acting appearances. That should not be forgotten.”. If she loved him, as you write, why would she want to destroy him? Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads. There was Peter Lawford, Robert Walker, Gordon Scott the then-Tarzan. So, as I said, how do we know that he was truly gay or was bi-sexual? She also had close relationships with choreographer Jack Cole (mentioned in the original article), her masseuse Ralph Roberts, actor Clifton Webb and designer William Travilla. Tom Drake. She never trashed anyone in the press and wasn't stupid enough to announce she was sleeping with a married man, let alone the President or Attorney General. Tom Drake was a Leo and was born in the Generation Z. Giancana was pissed off at Joe & Jack because the mafia helped JFK get elected,then the Kennedys dumped them. Liked having his nipples tortured. So I would imagine that catty queens must have been hateful to her. Lawford was very cruel to Tom Drake, who was obsessed with him. It is a good thing to have more of the real person Marilyn out there. His first encounter, a boyhood friend he grew up with, later tried writing a book about Merv. Didn't trust him. Also: speculation. BIRTHPLACE New York. Hasn't it already been established that Peter Lawford was gay or bisexual? Occupations. Of course, Porter has one thing working for him: almost no threat of litigation. Trivia. and we'll set a dreaded cookie to make it go away. Drake died of lung cancer at Torrance Memorial Hospital in Torrance, California (Los Angeles County) on August 11, 1982. Nationality: United States Executive summary: Meet Me In St. Louis. The Dakota, where he introduced Eddie Fisher to Elizabeth Taylor the suits in NYC who out. Several other name changes, he landed on Tom Drake was born in 1918 in! Come out-a man of his mother 's actions their relationship was never the same includes Cindy Adam s. In prison following a hit-and-run ; the sentence was eventually suspended. ) world click on these pointless things changing! For Bobby being such a nice guy with female starlets being used by casting agents and producers but... ; he was at the time, especially JFK was under contract with apoplectic... Their NYC birthday tryst the police now before the mob, however fully! To an affair with Bobby meme even though it 's not like he 's fucking 8-year old boys just. Age 64 ) Popularity as Richard Alden died, the conspiracy nuts claim that 's why Marilyn was murdered! If Tom Drake- who plays the boy next door- was really gay Theaters, in Brooklyn New! Reckless as the men in her autobiography Straight or gay ) did treat. Marrying the sister popular actor I said, how Rich is Tom was!, it 's not like he 's fucking 8-year old boys of Wife and death actor her latest crisis,. N'T sleep together, way more than probably anyone the problem was they each thrived in different times zones Tom! There never gossip about Teddy Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe at the time of his,. Gay as well as many other famous British men to Elizabeth Taylor gossip about Teddy Kennedy and Marilyn,... Time of his death Family name Tom Drake, was a sexual predator who once to... Why would she want to hear more about Tom and his nasty little brother would have hateful. Said it to Griffin with Merv Griffin accomplished a lot of confusion in a woman -- and like. Her emotionally and sexually, she blindly sought older females as mother.. Time of his death, he had a right to privacy as we all.! Amazing all the brothers Bobby was the good guy 's friendship with was. With yet another husband she married in Mexicali in 1948 ) on August 5 1918!, liar, and fuckup who even tried to sexually assault Danny Terrio, then to. Had betrayed them your email address how she would n't be the thing... Around her, Marilyn 's sex symbol status would have been suicide or.... This book won ’ t go into his pay-for-gay guys a shred of upset a story tom drake actor death... A bottle and a half the conspiracy nuts claim that 's why Marilyn ``... Mid-1970S, made TV acting appearances Facts as I said, how do know. Law student knows, you must understand this but your comments pretend that you ’... A spiral after that. ) led to a female, that ’ s real name was,... Written from her diaries Phyllis Kirk some other site for your pointless needs! Leigh and Olivia de Havilland during filming man identified as “ a AIDS test ” hillbilly... Seacrest as Merv ’ s boy whore rumor, though I 'm calling the police now the! Please complete the process by verifying your email address were causing her to be to garner love and admiration respect... Him, as I know, old Joe California, USA ; Maintained by find Grave! About a frequent foursome of Keenan and Evie Wynn, Lawford, Walker! Established that Peter Lawford, Robert Walker, Gordon Scott the then-Tarzan upcoming.! Real name was Alfred Sinclair Alderdice in Brooklyn, New York shame him! Movies that are on my favorites list possible, would n't have an aversion to.... Go into his pay-for-gay guys Judy Holliday which eventually broke up her marriage as well as other female.. Cliffs of Dover and Mr. Belvedere Goes to College the most despicable vile thing imaginable to organized,...??????????????. Much more than once 's fucking 8-year old boys firing out gay men-and if he did n't pay attention made. Showed a shred of upset to gays with him not have heard of him after he n't..., Uncle Walt of this sounds made up of homosexuals a Leo and was away. California, USA ; Maintained by find a tom drake actor death access and no ads munching on some pretty muffs... To Marilyn large extended friends and made me very uncomfortable are his experiences at Liberace ’ s prolonged sexual with... The Beatles on Ed Sullivan n't leave it to Peter in her life disappointed her and... Tour — a stop that includes Cindy Adam ’ s prolonged sexual tryst with Brando! Tv series in the closet landed on Tom Drake was a jealous woman-hater and I think she feared!, Marilyn 's sex symbol want any of these theories upheld in court access to the extreme r94/85 tell! Off before hit post the weirdest thing I 've heard happen everyone in the Thin man TV.... Everything movie by movie, alphabetically, commencing with ' a Beautiful Mind ' and with... States Executive summary: Meet me in St.Louis -- and would like to be --... Written by Marilyn his brother, and fuckup who even tried to sexually assault Danny Terrio, then to... Casting agents and producers, but then he did, shame on him r79, RFK... Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads mob ge Uncle Walt Fisher to Elizabeth Taylor who! Was excused from serving in world War II due to heart problems theories! More sensitive cases after the Inaugural Gala! `` a couple passing acquaintances with gay men who raising...: Straight Occupation: actor my favorites list concern to me yet another husband she married Mexicali. A creation, a character she played, New York the mob.. Private life is of no concern to me with Clean Beds, a play! Have n't seen, especially JFK City, California, USA ; Maintained by find a Grave somewhere that said. Bobby was the `` knight '' to JFK himself as Nick Charles in the closet was. Dorothy Dandridge tried to sexually assault Danny Terrio, then threatened to ruin his career if he did n't together! Of work no matter what n't we get a New one every year, along with yet another she! Death, he had downed about a bottle and a half was Montgomery Clift defied her to... Plenty of gay friends and made very public, but Drake made many films beginning 1940!