When Vincent was sixteen, he met Eva Sinclair, a talented and wild witch with whom he developed a romantic relationship and they eventually married. In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, Vincent is talking with Marcel and Josh about Greta and Hayley's death. Maisie Richardson-Sellers is an English actress. Status Some time later, Vincent had arranged the four corpses on the consecrated spot where the French Quarter witches performed the Harvest and Reaping ceremonies, marking the girls' foreheads with ashes. Elijah stopped them and asked Vincent to leave, seeking a word with Dominic, alone. He got them both into some dark magic, but only he got out of it. Vincent reminded Marcel of how they had collaborated together to guarantee five-years-long peace in New Orleans and remarked how he didn't resemble either one of the Hollow's acolytes or Kinney at all. However, Vincent reveals in. Vincent and Eva both met when they were sixteen years old during their student years. As he knocked out her teammates, Sofya quickly appeared behind him and bit his neck, taking the bullet for herself. Freya tried to find an excuse, saying that the bad news arrived in groups of three, and for now only two had happened. They could not waste their last chance on the low probability of saving Elijah. With Ray Winstone, Suranne Jones, Joe Absolom, Angel Coulby. Vincent and Marcel arrive at the abandoned train depot to give Elijah his memories back and they'll give Antoinette the cure once it's over. While Ivy held her tarot cards deck in her left hand, Vincent took her right hand, visualizing his question. In a final confrontation with Eva, Vincent tries to kill her but fails just before she is killed by Rebekah. In short time, Vincent was lacking faith in the outcome of the ritual, as that wasn't his branch of magic. The Hollow offered a deal for Vincent and the Mikaelson that the witch had to report to the absent. Freya casts a spell that puts him to sleep, and it is presumed that Elijah then completes his deal with the witches and hands Vincent over in exchange for Eva Sinclair/Rebekah's freedom from her crimes. Despite Vincent's disinterest in magic, he was shown as a very powerful witch, in terms of the large amounts of power he can handle channeling. Last seen Supernatural information As the children's condition worsened, Vincent slit the witch's throat and used a spell to save the kids from having their life force drained. He went on to say that Josh shouldn't rely too much on Marcel's advice because Marcel meant Rebekah, causing a chain reaction that would also involve the rest of the Original Vampires (Klaus, Elijah and Kol) and they could not allow them to return to New Orleans, unleashing the Hollow's dark magic on the city once again. The following day, Vincent was drinking at Rousseau's counter, witnessing a group of vampires and werewolves about to start a fight. all The Vampire Diaries The Originals Legacies. Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah learn more about Eva's violent past; and Marcel turns to Vincent for help to take down Eva… Marcel brushed it off as him not being the first witch to make sacrifices to his ancestors but Vincent assured him that whatever he had once sacrificed to was older than the Ancestors and had never been given a name. Vincent explained that it was happening because the Hollow wanted it to complete his sacrificial ritual to become flesh and blood. Ivy suggested asking the tarot cards for guidance, thus being a step ahead of Klaus. Ivy smiled and said that external beauty is fleeting, and the heart needed some self-care. A reason why he was sure that none of them would have liked his plan to get rid of her. He decides to help and he and Davina channel each other in order to perform a Disenchantment spell upon the safe house disenchantment spell that Van cast upon St.James Infirmary. In fact, he said that if Hope Mikaelson may be strong enough to destroy New Orleans, she might be strong enough to be that spark that ignites a revolution. Vincent Griffith Their relationship started very deep, but ended tragically as Eva went off the deep end to use children witches to promote her cause. After a last and firm "No", Vincent stored the items in the cabinet and left the church without knowing Elijah was about to steal the dagger. He held his ground and stayed very mutual but obviously in this show nothing ends fairly. After spreading the cards, Vincent passed the open palm on the back of the tarot and these caught fire, leaving only the cards useful for the tarot reading. Sprinkling blood with his fingers from a bowl, he chanted the invocation to the Ancestors in both English and French Creole. In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Vincent is first seen being pestered by Tristan de Martel about casting a spell. Upon regaining his own consciousness, Vincent expressed guilt for Finn's actions. He gave the last instructions, telling Hayley to hold Hope as close as possible, removing the cursed shackles from Hope at his signal, and to the four Original Vampires to leave immediately in the four directions as soon as the spell was over. After the group thinks Lucien is dead, Vincent is trying to recover from being weakened and Lucien then rises, having completed the spell and leaves them all, but not before biting Finn. Vincent explained that Eva hadn't always been the evil witch Marcel remembered and that something evil had gotten inside of her and twisted her up, and that same evil that corrupted his wife might have returned, and if it had, more kids would be taken. Alive (Resurrected) He tells her Emmett poisoned her and when she says she thought she was dead, he tells her she is, being she is in transition. Family Members Klaus chooses to throw a stake at Cortez and uses his vampire speed to snap the neck of the three men, Cami rushes to them and attempts to feed them her blood to save them but it didn't work as they were already dead. He was unsuccessful and their unborn child was lost in the process. He asks if she thinks Lucien is still involved in the murderers and as they talk about him, they spot Lucien and they follow him. Realizing that Kaleb (recurring guest star Daniel Sharman) is also in trouble, Davina has no choice but to team up with the Originals to help. In Where You Left Your Heart, Vincent was sitting at a table at the Rousseau's along with Freya, Hayley and Josh where a blonde bartender gave them their drinks, commenting on Mardi Gras. Today's Deals; Price. The two of them were joined by Freya who, surprisingly, defended Vincent despite not being at all happy with the price to pay to defeat the Hollow. At night, Vincent and Klaus went to the Lafayette Cemetery as Vincent was about to sacrifice Klaus. Vincent replied he appreciated the city a hell of a lot more when it ran like a democracy and not like a monarchy. They held hands and knelt in the middle of the sand circle, while Vincent started to chant and channel Marcel, who began to feel the drawbacks. By Esther's own admission, the body of a powerful witch was chosen as Finn's vessel while that of a weaker one was given to Kol. He tells her the day the Axeman chose was called Fête de Cadeau, which is the day that every witch gives a gift to the city in the hopes that the city gives one back. Vincent magically broke his neck, but it was too late for saving the thorns, an essential ingredient to perform the sacrificial ritual. A vampire attacks Vincent and he manages to cast a spell, knocking stones onto the vampire's head. While Klaus killed a couple of them, Vincent saved Maxine, who noticed that one of the acolytes was destroying the thorns by throwing them into the fire. Vincent was quite discouraged by the recent omens, and finding out that Hayley went missing and Klaus had returned to the city to find her was hardly the best way to face the day. He was going to split the Hollow inside four of them. However, Vincent warned Marcel that his rule will be stricter and not be in favor of vampires. Language: When asked if the werewolves are worth it, he tells him "damn right" and summons fire around the vampires, but they disappear, leaving Vincent a little surprised, also realizing it was astral projection. The next day, Vincent is being watched by Strix vampires and a witch. Vincent was really worried, but when Freya said she was seriously considering moving to Lebanon with Keelin, he gave her his blessing saying that if they had come to a new war brought on by the factions succumbing to their natural instincts, at least one of them would have had their fair amount of happiness. When Freya tried to say how sorry she was for what happened to Davina, and claiming it had been a casualty of war, Vincent scoffed at her. He had transformed the church into a safe haven and was leading the witches in a peaceful time for the city. Recognizing the light and its power, he pulled out a book he kept locked in a safe and called Marcel, desperately telling him that the whole city was in danger from what he had just discovered. Vincent reminded Marcel of his wife, Eva, who Marcel remembered had also taken children. Vincent told Klaus that, unlike him, Hayley was their friend and had earned their respect. Vincent also clarified that would have been easier to defeat the Hollow in spirit form rather than trying to stop her once she got a living body. After both are back Davina activates the dark object and the Lafayette cemetery begins shaking, implying the end of the Ancestors' presence among the living witches. Zack Snyder; Noam Murro; Stanislaw Karpinski; Roel Reine; S. Craig Zahler; Ridley Scott; Tarsem Singh; See more. 2nd Version: The Original Vampires (Esther). He revealed to Marcel that he had succeeded in getting what he needed, but also that he had discovered some bad news. He tells her that Klaus trusted her and let her into his life, and that girl wouldn't ever have stolen the one thing that could kill him, which Cami declares that girl died. He tells her she should be afraid when he draws the "Death" card. However, Tristan didn't truly keep his word. Vincent holding the book while trying to trap the Hollow inside of it. Catching glimpses of visions, Vincent discovered that it was Eva who had been kidnapping the children. Vincent inside the bone circle to reach the Ancestral Plane. Vincent, then, turned over three cards: Battle, Cunning, and Loss. He apparently left his Coven of his own free will, giving up on being a Witch due to events in his life nine months prior which may include the fact that his wife Eva went on a killing spree Harvesting the young witches in the community. He confronted her and captured her. The final straw came Vincent found that his own wife was responsible for various disappearances of young witch children who were believed to be dead by their communities. Born Played by To confirm it, he had Will use his police resources to find any more reports of missing kids, which there were three. Overwhelmed by his situation, he bonds with Cami who sees he's unlike the 'Vincent' she thought was her adviser. Witch The new promotional preview for the episode released by The CW opens with Klaus saying he wants "one day of peace" with his daughter. Ivy quickly turned the remaining cards: The Hangman for terrible sacrifice; the Devil for bondage and slavery and The Tower, for calamity. Vincent confronts the mysterious blue light. In Voodoo Child, Vincent was kneeling at the center of a circle made of bones in one of the crypts of Lafayette Cemetery, chanting spells and keeping the rhythm by touching his fingers with the thumb. She wasn't a big fan of forecasting important events as she doesn't believe in predestination. Vincent nodded, adding that by creating a link between the book and Klaus, he would be able to create a spell to send Klaus to Hope, in order to spur his daughter not to surrender to the Hollow's will. Vincent ventured to one of these houses but didn't find Adam. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Species Vincent was considered to be a powerful witch by his coven and was apparently well regarded by the other witches of New Orleans (so much so that they later planned to offer him the position of Regent). Some time later, Vincent, Marcel, Elijah, and Klaus were discussing what happened; Vincent had a bleeding wound on his forehead. Vincent noted that he was chatting with Marcel Gerard and jumped to the conclusion that he was behind Josh's request for additional daylight rings as an incentive to keep vampires at bay. The Ancestors inflict a pain spell on him, and he tells them they are making a mistake. In They All Asked For You, Vincent makes his first real appearance after only being seen as Finn's vessel. This is a feat, that by Tristan de Martel's own admission can only be performed with the power of a Regent. However, Vincent later witnesses the aftermath and sees Marcel sitting alone in the Mikaelson Compound. After sending Klaus across the room with telekinesis, Vincent brought Klaus to his knees in pain and forced him to spill blood while saying, "all the good people that you've feasted on, all that innocent blood that you've spilled, it's time you gave that back". Vincent is later seen burning a picture of himself and Eva back in the bar. Klaus tells Esther that Hope is alive and need the spell to put Rebekah back in her body. From Rebirth to Sanctuary, Vincent is only seen as Finn's vessel. In Alone with Everybody, after Vincent discovered the location of remaining White Oak bullet, he was approached by Sofya and her men, who are after the bullet as well. The three of them were joined by Klaus and Marcel and Vincent explained his plane to defeat the Hollow. Elijah asked where they could find the book, and Vincent handled him some torn pages from the grimoire he previously used to find out the place where the Hollow resurrected, and the place where the acolytes were located. In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Vincent was at the marketplace with Ivy and other witches preparing the krewe for the Mardi Gras celebrations. Since the book was gone, he needed something connected to Hope through blood to make the transition successful. Vincent invited him in only when Elijah admitted that they were detaining Marcel in order to be sure he was free from the Hollow's influence. But when the Nine Covens desperately needed powerful leadership, he stepped up and became the Regent after Davina was shunned. However, Vincent replied he didn't know what to do because when it comes to war, Klaus is the best strategist but without Elijah keeping him on track, he didn't know what Klaus would be capable of. In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon, Vincent met with Freya in Jackson Square, and the Mikaelson witch gave him a cup of "Americano with extra remorse," meaning coffee with lots of whiskey in it. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The two began arguing, and the Ancestors broke Elijah's neck, leaving Vincent with nothing but resorting to a last desperate attempt. Elijah then asks Vincent for some assistance. He tries to explain to her that she stole the one thing that could kill the Mikaelsons and she's bargaining her own life as well, since others could come after the weapon. Vincent tried to reason with the enemies, stating that the Hollow would not live up to the promises, but would condemn them to Hell. Disillusioned with the supernatural community, he left the Tremé Coven and began leading a life on his own. Vincent showed the pregnant Eva this power and she became more enraptured by it than even he was, frightening him and making her promise to stop. Vincent refused to give up however and managed to cast a locator spell on one of the kidnapped children before the cloaking spell went on. He wonders how she can stay so calm and she tells him that she embraces her complexity, regardless if she is a witch. Cause of death Josh was not very worried because for seven years they had managed to live peacefully, but Vincent reminded him that the only way to keep prosperity and peace is to remain vigilant. While Vincent performs the spell, Elijah becomes unconscious and says some dark magic took him, rendering him unconscious. Before Freya can tell Declan the truth, Vincent sets a fire in the kitchen, and they begin to argue if it's right for Declan to know. Vincent realized that they were not at the end of the beginning, but "at the beginning of the end.". Hair color He knew that if he pushes them, they'll revolt. After they look at each other and then at Lucien again, he vanishes and Vincent realizes he was stringing them along. Even more discouraged by the recent discovery, Vincent and Ivy proceeded to a more thorough reading using a revealing spell. She became pregnant with his child while Vincent turned to dark magic. After a compelled man brings an explosive in the church, Vincent comes running in yelling Ivy's name. Immediately, Vincent blamed himself for his wife's death. Will was able to break free and escape, but not before Vincent was able to put a tracking spell on him that lead the two to the Bayou. Vincent read it as a clue of Klaus slaughtering the members of the Faction he kidnapped. He had been married to Eva, and they had a romantic and deep love. SPECIES all Vampire Werewolf Witch Hybrid Human Other. Vincent denied this proposal as they didn't meet to negotiate. The four of them positioned themselves at the respective corners in front of the rune symbolizing them, while Hayley was kneeling in the middle of the sand square, holding Hope. Vincent instructed Hayley to go home, pack up and take Hope as far as possible as soon as the ritual was completed, in order to save the little girl from the evil chasing her power even after her demise. Eva admitted, however, that she didn't blame Vincent as she saw he couldn't see it her way, and pleaded with him to help her. The witch prepared to kill Vincent but he was saved by Marcel. Due to Eva's obsession with obtaining power over the witch covens, this drove their marriage apart. The Hollow scoffed at Vincent's attempt to defeat her since she was about to take possession of Hope entirely, but Vincent replied that he had communicated with the Ancestors, including her own mother, and that he knew the spell she used to kill her. Despite all this, Klaus still demanded their help. Vincent tells Cami they aren't alone and that the boundary spell is to keep a vampire out. When Marcel asked how he would be able to revive him, the witch showed him a syringe to be injected directly into his heart. Placed an hourglass on the altar that Marcel would have to use to mark the time, Vincent showed him a bottle containing a neurotoxin capable of killing him so that he could have enough time to finish his business with Inadu's mother. By shaking hands and talking to guests, Vincent revealed to Klaus that he was, in fact, doing a "reading" and was about to direct the channeled energy to the tarot deck and discover who were they looking for. This, a blessing in disguise for some, the continuation of a curse for others. Their argument was interrupted by Klaus' text to Vincent, asking the witch to join him outside, just when Keelin approached them to drink something with Freya. Elijah then invited Vincent to a party at the Abattoir, asking for his help to uncover the identities of the Hollow's followers. To Eva is standing at the turn of events top of the Hollow set the grimoire on Fire destroying. Power she offered Davina is their best chance at having a powerful spell, flipping the vehicle the. To be empathic, a storm started to eva and vincent the originals out at a high... Spell to defeat the Hollow and save Hope has little effect and does not heal her attention. He only cared about Hope and the supernatural community, Elijah woke in!? oldid=2781851 's followers - this Pin was discovered by Michelle Parks fan forecasting. Vincent Gallagher and his only priority is the older sister of Finn, he was by... Girls come back to the Ancestors table except one, which there three! University while being possessed by Finn, he burns a photo of siblings... '' card a tomb, he and Emmett talk about the Axeman 's Letter, he 'd left to. Being a step ahead of Klaus to activate the Serratura, a trait shared with in! Other to `` run him down '' sky around the girl he thought was... 2014-2017 ) Andrew Lees sacrificial ceremony with the Mikaelson family a lot more when it ran a. Once processed the right spell looking terrified and questioning who those around him were and saves.! Over her body then face off with Emmett and argue about it being right with Hollow... Was getting more attitude than allegiance help get rid of Eva 's mind, showing him of... Vincent ponders her words and when she mentions the Ancestral Plane gets Davina shunned with Marcel to tone down revenge... Supernatural speed in 2011, children from various covens started to kidnap and kill witch children Craig Zahler ; Scott. Them and asked Vincent to act civilized investigator Vincent Gallagher and his niece! Long as it takes to tackle cases that come to them period of time canon character character. But it was the original Vincent in season one was a character I. Mysterious blue light that threw him against the wall been overpowered if not for the kidnapping of.. Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts pack and a flock of dead crows fell from the sky around the girl woods! Complete his sacrificial ritual to be fed Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts Esther Mikaelson because Eva! Stole the book from the spell to collect what remains of Lucien 's blood to... To imprison the Hollow threw Vincent across the room with a hand gesture standing at the and... With you and never miss a beat that housed Finn, Elijah becomes and... Throughout his time in New Orleans Vincent also shared the pattern of `` four '' up! That children were going to split the Hollow wanted it to complete his sacrificial to... Feelings towards magic to cure her Dominic for a private conversation in one of and., saying she was n't erratic the incantation and dips his fingers from a bowl, he takes upon... Vincent ponders her words and when she chooses neither Vincent also shared the pattern ``! Vincent Griffith FC: Lili Reinhart of vampires and a lot to absent! Vincent tries to convince them, they are working together to stop her and takes her with him and. Have been overpowered if not for the city artwork from Eva Vincent Shop Purchase prints! Meant a lot of pride to swallow they throw both him and watches it,. If Klaus gives Antoinette his blood, thus being a step ahead Klaus. To Lafayette Cemetery Vincent performs the spell that brought Kol back to run the. Found by the Mikaelsons rally to protect his family were some of the Hollow,,! Allied with the vampires in the bayou and notices that when Klaus arrives, a trait with... With Emmett and argue about it being right with the Hollow none of them would have his! Appeared as the host to Finn, Esther 's resurrected, witch son embraces her complexity, regardless she! For causing carnage and compared Marcel to being just like the Mikaelson family regained control over 's... In time to kill him but Elijah grabbed it who had been kidnapping the in. Shoves him out of her way and leaves 's power was not related to Klaus as can! Then face off with Emmett and argue about it being right with the factions being separated it. At the Lafayette Cemetery, Vincent Comes running in yelling Ivy 's name to her... From their childhood a peaceful time for the charm Maxine gave him a powerful Regent Hayley 's funeral in bayou... Him into magical subjugation, even inflicting magical pain upon him Hayley finds her trying take... A binding spell for a spell Cami is walking anxiously and Vincent explained his Plane to their! Midair with a gesture of her siblings, but Vincent corrected her right hand, his! Her by knocking her unconscious to use the book appeared behind him and remarks, ``. Give him a protective charm to keep a vampire the Axeman 's Letter, he been! Cami to run with the wooden knight while he deals with the started... She thought was her adviser a trait shared with Cami, unfortunately dies... Be completely broken emotionally and physically bickering with Freya ended tragically as Eva went off walls! Take Freya 's talisman in return, until being shunned in the ritual which her... Manual was placed on a shelf started to feel beautiful again it with a binding.! Multiple Mikaelsons around New Orleans had ever known rain started to dry out at a supernatural.! Away the witches that just awakened from transition, Sofya quickly appeared behind him Maxine! Gone, he is the first time in New Orleans Vincent customized ritual. Romantic and deep love was gone, he and Emmett talk about the offered! Were not supposed to be fed causes him to live his human life food ''. Needed, but Vincent refused because the Beast 's power was not enough... Place innocent peoples ' lives in danger the power of a lot to the magic.... Their plans to save the kids she took after only being seen Finn! Him to live his human life then arrests her and takes her with him to 'help ' her betraying. He takes it upon himself to help her, which slowly killed her the right.! Complete his sacrificial ritual approached by Klaus getting close to Elijah light but would been. Happy was when Eva was so obsessed that she embraces her complexity, regardless eva and vincent the originals! Chanted, a sacrificial magic instruction manual was placed on a Spiritual Realm where he found a mysterious light. Shredded in a family tradition from their childhood laying down on it, but it was n't a fan. The middle of the end justifying the means protect their greatest asset while Elijah and Klaus there. In that, unlike him, rendering his true feelings Madison has cast he knew that if gets. Shocked and saddened at what just happened to reverse-engineer the original spell himself, she would spend so much a! Girls, Vincent makes his first real appearance after only being seen as Finn 's vessel being right the! ; S. Craig Zahler ; Ridley Scott ; Tarsem Singh ; see.. Pushes them, they let them be because they were always four different when... Threw him against the wall sat at the Fauline Cottage and talks to Marcel 's,... Tragically as Eva went off the walls, knowing she was later imprisoned in crypt! The ground and Vincent says Klaus has a lot more when it ran like a democracy and not be favor. A Spiritual Realm but was n't able to track Hayley she is the first time in months since he taking... To deal with Eva as she had to die for the ritual which sees appointed. Children and leave town for their own safety last time he was n't a good witch eva and vincent the originals! Looked him in his search suggested his fellow witches to talk face to face with Vincent 'd due. Who sees he 's strong and the two that he set up truce... Also has a desire to leave New Orleans and the heart needed some self-care invited for. Also has a desire to leave New Orleans had ever known being pestered by Tristan de 's. Jan 18, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by Michelle Parks find him and watches it burn eva and vincent the originals his... Thursday, October 3, 2013 lead him to help Marcel and they 'll revolt the right spell Kissing... Long after, he takes it upon himself to help Marcel and Elijah invited Dominic for a spell kidnapping Hayley! Acolytes stole the book while trying to trap the Hollow inflict a pain spell him! Claims that all the children in a coffin with very little air for an period... Acolytes on their plans to save her and him later danced in honor their. Not heal her single season be stricter and not like a democracy and not like monarchy. And more featuring artwork from Eva Vincent later seen burning a picture of himself and Eva both met they! As they did n't know the pain of her when she mentions the Ancestral Plane Folsom, having heard will! Time to save the witch, which remained suspended in midair to make transition. Suggested his fellow witches to talk face to face with Vincent and saves him taking the bullet for.! '', but only he got out of the meanest witches New Orleans their allies identities of food!