On occasion we were sent home from school carrying our gas masks to see how quickly we could get there. Some had their prams filled directly. MEMORIES PAGE Here are some pictures from the B.I., including an old school report, the school rules in 1963, the complete school photographs from 1960, 1965, 1968, and the complete Speech Day programme from 1961. Geese roamed and they were very frightening to me with their wings outstretched and their raucous noise. Smoke, steam and noise filled the air. It was very crowded, and we did not go there again. I live in Wallasey, have 4 children and 2 grandchildren.I am intrigued by the photo you say was taken by Mr Richards In a physics lesson, the one with his back turned at the front looks as though it could be me, is it? I had my mother’s special fountain pen which was filled with Stephens Blue Ink for the examination, to bring me luck. Down the cellar steps on the right was the gas meter which supplied the means of lighting. Please notice the anti-blast tape on some of the windows of the school, as it is during WWII in 1943. He somehow coped with the fact that our mother was with us. To him, therefore, must be ascribed the honour of being the Founder of the School, but he had not taken the step without consultation with other leading citizens of the borough whose names are here recorded as they appear on the original Memorandum of Association under which a company was formed, known as Birkenhead Institute, Limited.” These “leading citizens” did not include Henry Tate, who, of course, didn’t reside in the borough of Birkenhead by that time. He also taught us deep breathing exercises and expected good breath control in our songs. It would be a remarkable coincidence if the educational establishment in Claughton that became Grange Secondary Modern (and, subsequently, Birkenhead Institute High School) had occupied the former site of Samuel Stitt’s home, since the school was built (under its original name, Tollemache Road Central School) in the 1930s - well after Samuel’s death in 1898. Alternatively you can use the search box - you only need to enter part of the school … Photographer Carl Bennett, who was given permission to photograph the former Rock Ferry High School. Memories is the free & easy to use Website and App that helps keep life's most precious moments alive. We collected them from a school that was in Borough Road. OBS WW1 Memorial Book Information about Old Birkonians who lost their lives in World War 1. The shops opened for business as usual, and people queued for hours if there was something special on offer. There were lots of people watching. I think she liked us. We went to a church and came back to 4 Vanburgh Road for eats. Far from that. I also remember my surprise to see that teachers were not supposed to leave the school once they had completed their lessons in the classroom, as is done in French lycées. Rock Ferry High was amalgamated into the University Academy of Birkenhead … From this floating landing stage the River could easily be viewed and many ships, painted grey could easily be seen, including warships. The organist was Reginald Dixon. Residents living in Birkenhead have shared their memories of the town down over the years and made their suggestions for how it could be regenerated. Firewood and some coal were stored there. There was no cellar. “Palmerston was the kind of guy that would go out happy in the morning and jump over his garden gate…” and such like sketches. Jackie came home in the thick of the air raid saying that he had helped to put out an incendiary bomb. http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk/deathsandinquests1907.html Please scroll down to the section headed “Liverpool Mercury, Feb 9th, 1907” for a brief report on the funeral of George Atkin at Bebington Cemetery. If we had a cold Mrs Rogers made a concoction of something called “paps”, but I can’t remember the recipe. Visits to the Children’s Hospital on Woodchurch Road are recalled when seeing small blue medicine bottles. Barbara Pengelly seemed a little above us as her father was an Officer in the Merchant Navy . My mother made a simple puppet glove to cover my hand and my thumb and middle finger became the arms. Warmed onions placed in a sock brought some relief, as did hot water bottles, and warmed sand in a bag was also a relief We had asprin too. One day we received a food parcel which came from America and it included packets of noodles which I had never seen before amongst other things. KEITH SEDMAN, PUPIL 1942 - 1949 . In the following year, Mr Wynne Hughes decided it should be Rugby that was played, because Rock Ferry and Park High Schools played this sport. School continued. All the best. Playing “Conkers” was fun. We waved and cheered as they passed us by. This was attached to a cardboard tube which was stuck to it. He was the brightest one in the family, having won a free scholarship place to Park High School from Cole Street School at the age of nine. George Atkin’s portrait hung above the door of headmaster Danny Webb’s study, sternly gazing down on those pupils who stood outside awaiting their fate. Help us by submitting one! I eventually learned to ride it. In the Infant’s hall I can clearly see a marvellous large dappled grey rocking horse standing against the wall. The meat shop had large wooden benches for preparing the cuts of meat. I always recall this when I am caught in a storm. I thought blue tits were so beautiful seeing them so close. It was lit up by coloured lights. I took my scholarship exam at Hemingford Street School for a Grammar School place when I left Cole Street School when I was 11 years old. S. Joined: Aug 2007 Posts: 2,989 Birkenhead, United Kingdom: Aha The mad … My eldest brother Jackie was sent to his grandparents in Northern Ireland who lived in Donaghadee. Its pupils decamped to join those of Grange Secondary Modern (a.k.a. The nurses had long white headresses and dark blue aprons. In 1970 the comprehensive school system rode into town; Birkenhead Institute Grammar School was no more. We walked to places like Noctorum and Arrowe Park through open countryside and farmland, listening to the skylark and the cuckoo, and sometimes watching people ploughing, using teams of horses, and stacking sheaves of wheat. Please note that there are frequent references on the “Sue Young Histories” site to an unconnected George Atkin, who was an M.D. My father was working away from home. From the ferry building we would walk along the promenade towards the next ferry pier which was at Egremont with the River Mersey on our right with the Liverpool dockland dominating the scene with chimneys, cranes, and the upper structures of ships . At school I learned how to make paper mache puppet heads using plastacine as … Olive, Mrs.Rogerson’s daughter, has often recounted the occasion that one day in the pram I just yelled and yelled, until her mother bought a dummy and stuck it in my mouth. I found it very hard work. My mother was of Jewish origins, but having married my father, she was ostracised by her parents. In 1874 Samuel, as chairman of the local Liberal association, contended the parliamentary seat of Birkenhead against David MacIver of the Jager sugar refining family, losing by 947 votes. For any other comments, please Contact Us. The Boy from the Black Stuff and the Boy from the White Stuff. I had my first remembered car ride. It was a terraced late Edwardian house with the rear facing the trees and grounds of St. Michael’s Church which were bounded by Carlton Road on the other side. We usually counted the sacks of coal as they were delivered in case the coalman couldn’t count. I can’t pinpoint exactly when the original school at Whetstone Lane was demolished, but, to be honest, the place was crumbling during my inaugural term in 1968. Beresford Road. There was no garden but a small concreted walled backyard with an outside toilet with whitewashed flaking walls which had a scrubbed wooden seat, a long chain attached to a rusting water cistern which flushed the toilet, and torn newspaper strung together with string, which was used as toilet paper. Uncle Albert bought his Gallagher cigarettes from there. My eldest brother had returned from Northern Ireland and I think he had a job in Liverpool. Iodine was used liberally for cuts and grazes. Going to the doctor, or coming to visit, cost money. Thank you again and well done . In between there was Woodsons ( a grocery shop), Waterworths ( greengrocers), Timpsons (shoe shop), Pykes (jewellers), The Maypole (dairy products), St.John’s Church and St.Werburghs (Catholic Church), Woolworths (3d to 6d store), and many more. It stood on a tall elegant wooden Edwardian stand. d.write('