(spies submit fail and resistance members submit success) If all the votes are in favour of The Resistance then they succeed and place their marker over the corresponding mission space on the layout card. Talking about what your character looks like breaks the game. How have players voted? I think these cards might help if the game gets stale but since it hasn’t yet, I haven’t used the expansion cards so I can’t speak directly to them.). This was a big mistake, even though the artwork of the characters is great. Το προϊόν βρίσκεται στο κατάστημά μας. These are great for when you got tired of the base Resistance, but the game is built on such a solid and flexibly foundation that it has great longevity even without these. Who is the spy!?!?! This game can get really loud especially when there are 2 on a mission and the mission fails. The Official Resistance website sources wisdom and application. Everyone is also dealt two cards used for voting, one “yes” card and one “no” card. All-in-all this is a solid party game if you have the minimum amount of people to play. At five players it is easier to identify the spies, whilst at eight players, it becomes harder, and the spies also need more than the one Failure to be played for each mission for it to fail. Logistics: Free Delivery Over €60. The game has great components and is perfect for large parties. The game keeps each player engaged both through the discussions and the voting and it is equally enjoyable for both Spies and Resistance. Everyone also receives a pair of Vote Cards, one for “Yes” and one for “No.”. If he is a spy, then he can choose to play either a Success or a Failure card. Our mission must succeed. It only takes one spy to pass information to his government masters and prevent one of the resistance’s missions from succeeding. He’s the spy, forget about him! It’s especially fun when you are the spy who just sabotaged the mission and you have to trick everyone into believing you are with the resistance. The revolutionaries win if three missions succeed while the spies win if three missions fail. PROS: But it’s not! Each turn, a new player is passed the Leader token. Description. Before The Resistance, I played Werewolf/Mafia an incredible amount. Failure for the members of the resistance hopefully enables them to identity the spies, but failure for the spies enables them to hide their identities. Casual Gamers: It depends a lot on the crowd, but The Resistance sits best with casual players, feelings are not likely to get hurt, people are likely to get into the game after the first couple missions, if you are introducing the game its important to encourage starting discussion and being vocal right away so that others follow in your footsteps. If they don’t succeed it’s really easy to narrow down who at least one of the spies is unless you’re a really good actor. If half the missions are failed or succeeded, the game is over, and your identity cards are revealed. If you have larger game group (5+) that you can pull together for gaming this is a game that you need to add in your collection. The Empire must fall. Úkolem rebelů je plnit mise, úkolem špionů je infiltrovat se mezi rebely a mise jim šikovně překazit. It’s almost as simple as that. Images & Video for The Resistance 3rd Edition. This game instantly became a hit with everyone that I introduced it to. Our mission must succeed. If you pick a spy, they may sabotage the mission. Η αυτοκρατορία πρέπει να πέσει. – Its basic, but effective, Why did you vote to reject the team? We must unmask them. The spies will know who each other are (after roles are passed out, everyone closes their eyes with the spies opening their eyes to see each other), the resistance only know their own role. The game comes in a small box. The Resistance has launched a series of daring missions to bring the government to its knees. The spies will try to throw the resistance off, and some spies will decide to pass a mission to avoid suspicion. There was so much game in such a little box, and it bore a little price to boot. Those who like to think can find endless considerations to take into account while those who rely on hunches can find ample support for their theories (objectivity is another matter). Each round a different leader selects who goes on the mission and, if there is consensus on the choice, the mission takes place. I’ve also played with people who didn’t understand it was ok to lie in the game? There is a small board to keep track of the score and wooden pieces for it — all are high quality. All the resistance has to do is successfully pull off three of these missions, whilst the spies need to betray three of the missions. I already understood it to be a ‘social’ game, but I wasn’t prepared for what was to come next. Art is pretty and have a proper feel of near future tech on them. This can because one player has an idea that another really is a spy, or it could actually be a spy sowing dissension. There was a lot of “well, I know I’m not a spy, but I can’t really say anything to convince you of that” going on while I was a resistance member. While I prefer Incan Gold as a quick playing large group (up to 8, compared to The Resistance’s 10) game, The Resistance scratches the itch of player interaction where you can lie, bluff, or deduce your way to victory. Wherein you play the role of either a member of the rebel resistance or a turn coat spy, set to sabotage the work of the resistance. All Resistance members must vote success, while spies have the option either way. So much so that we played about 4 or 5 games in a row that evening. The Resistance artfully balances pure deduction elements with the social elements into a game that creates the adrenaline filled moments of high stakes poker but in a full interactive and social event. I love this game. The game is for 5-10 people, so it’s perfect for parties. Since a lot of games are capped at 4 players, The Resistance fills a void for when you want to play with large groups of people. Only spies can play a fail card. A spy being able to choose a blue card, allowing a mission to succeed is, in my mind, the key factor in this game that keeps it entertaining and challenging. This aspect really puts the players into character. Roles: Players will be given one of two roles in The Resistance, you will become either a Spy or a member of The Resistance. What then usually follows is a heated discussion on who are spies an not, trying to weed the out of the resistance group. If all are blue, the mission succeeds, and the blue team gets the point. – Deceit: As a spy, it is gut-wrenching trying to go undetected, while making the necessary plays to trip up the resistance team. The Resistance builds on the principles of classic hidden role games such as Mafia or Werewolf but improves the formula drastically with two tweaks. The statistical chance of them being the good guy based on the information at hand? And why are the numbers always so balanced? If no “fail” cards were played – the mission is a success and is scored for the Resistance. This is ridiculous as they leader could simply give the players the mission cards. The trick here is to select the correct members for the task. Each person on the mission is given a success and fail card and they then secretly submit the card that corresponds with what they want to have happen. The sweet spot for this game is right around 7 players. Since it’s release, I’ve played this game with my friends a minimum of 3 times a week. After many evenings of playing Resistance, I’ve boned up a bit on my ‘reading’ skills. If this type of vote fails 5 times in a row, the game ends with the spies winning. Yet spies have infiltrated our ranks, ready for sabotage. Finally, there are more cards in the game that are needed. The game is divided into three ages, marked with different ship types. Components: Even the quietest people can get caught up in the role playing. – even if they aren’t acting like a spy, its a good question to trip up a spy, Who thinks ______ is a spy? Inside are several sets of cards, three sets of wooden counters, and a small card board. Among the resistance fighters there are some spies who will work together and try to sabotage the resistance fighters missions. GAME PLAY: The game plays anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour and I’ve never had someone not ask to play again (and sometimes again after that!). No matter how many people to play with, you are guarantied to have a fun time. The Resistance takes a card based group experience that I grew weary of long ago (Werewolf / Mafia) and adds a gaming element to it. The first was Locke & Key: The Game, Cryptozoic Entertainment’s card game based on the Locke & Key comic book series written by author, Joe Hill. Or maybe you’re the wolf among the lambs and you’ll do anything that your masters remain in power. The Resistance 3rd Edition | Board Games | Board Games, bg | The Resistance is a very intense social deduction game for 5-10 players. At a friend’s party a few months ago, I ran into this interesting couple from Australia. Unfortunately spies have infiltrated the resistance ranks, ready to sabotage the carefully crafted plans. Instead of throwing squishy foam at each other, you get to launch GIGANTIC INFLATABLE BURRITOS at your friends while playing with hilarious oversized cards. And the rush you get when you manage to dupe everyone into believing you and you manage to pull of the win as the spies is amazing. However this not something that everybody can handle, if you get easily hurt from being blamed to be the bad guy. To say that I’ve played this game a couple of times is a complete understatement. If just one of the cards revealed is a “Fail” card, the mission failed as there was obviously at least one spy on the mission. So when someone gathers the mission cards or deals the character cards, if you noticed which cards where upside down… you can determine who got/used which card. This is a game I hope to be playing lots more of in the future. If the Vote passes, then the Team goes on the mission. It is designed for five to ten players, lasts about 30 minutes, and has no player elimination. With this knowledge in hand the spies set out on their path of destruction. We’ve had some stunned faces during the last mission because one of the spies was so good at, well….lying. These graphic novels for young adults are a collaboration of Carla Jablonski, noted children’s author, and Leland Purvis, artist and writer of comic books. Try these questions: Are you a spy? It only takes one vote for the entire mission to fail, but who cast that vote? The Resistance is inspired by Mafia/Werewolf, yet it is unique in its core mechanics which increase the resources for informed decisions, intensify player interaction, and eliminate player elimination. Also pushing too hard for certain rosters tends to get you (or your partner(s)) into trouble. If you are discovered as a spy (a bad guy sabotaging missions), the game isn’t over for you. One person starts as an leader of the resistance and gives mission tokens to persons he/she feels can be trusted, according to limitation of mission parameters (there is always a limit how many players can go). I have to say I really enjoyed this game and so did all the others I was playing with. You keep playing, but a leader is not likely to put you on another mission. Some are completely new, unopened. It is designed for five to ten players, lasts about 30 minutes, and has no player elimination. – Deduction: As a resistance member, it is thrilling to watch for social cues and do some logical reasoning to uncover each player’s motivations. Certain ways of thinking enter your head that you didn’t think to consciously control. It is definitely a game you can play with a group of 5 but can get even more chaotic (in a fun way) with a group of 10. Any conflict can be used as a source of flavour when playing The Resistance, whether that is Communist revolutionaries against the military junta of a Banana Republic or the Rebel Alliance against the Empire in Star Wars. When all have checked their cards, and done best in their power not to twist their faces, comes the part when spies (bad guys) get to know who their pals are. So, don’t resist, buy this game and start piling up those “Do you remember when….?! A rotating “team leader” selects the team for the job and then all players vote on team composition. The social dynamics will take a little longer, but for the most part, the participants are going to be supplying those themselves. But, some of your fellow players are actually spies trying to thwart your plans. Once everyone puts in their success or fail card, the cards are shuffled and revealed. Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18.12.2020. In fact, I’d say they were pretty much necessary for game balance. Even a single spy can take down a resistance mission team, choose your teams carefully or forever lose your chance for freedom. Instead they added the Inquestioner expansion which is (from what I understand) the same thing as the Lady of the Lake from Resistance: Avalon. It is the deliberations and accusations that each player gets to indulge in that contain the meat of the game. There are some people I wouldn’t want to play this game with, or would at least say they wouldn’t shine in this game, such as overly shy people. The game ends when one team has taken 3 missions. When you are the spy you have to say exactly the right thing and accuse the right person to deceive the rest of the group. Lack of components makes this game very easy to teach and fast to play, also it means this game is fairly cheap to get. All the players then close their eyes and the players dealt the spy card open their eyes and look at each other so they all know who the spies are. This is what I love about the game. This means that there is a noticeable “top” and “bottom” to every card. Set in the near future, The Resistance pits a small group of resistance fighters against a powerful and corrupt government. The resistance has launched a series of bold and daring missions to bring the government to its knees. Team Building Phase: Here, the current ‘Leader’ will assign people to go on the Mission based on the mission and the number of players in the game. The other was The Resistance: A Game of Secret Identities, Deduction, and Deception, a social game for larger groups published by Indie Boards and Cards. During each mission a team will be selected by a leader. Nothing like watching a grandmother, who has manged to convince her entire family that she’s clean as a whistle, jump for joy as the spies bring down the rebel group, much to the chagrin of the teenage grand kids. You can also support my theoretical writing career by reading and sharing my stories at http://facebook.com/DavidHunterPhillips. I highly recommend this game and you can’t go wrong with it. We started with a group of 5. However, now I love the small size of the box and components as I realize how convenient this game is to take anywhere and how often I want to take it. Since I have picked up The Resistance, it has just been a huge it with everybody I’ve introduced it to. The Resistance, 3rd Edition. This is done by playing the Vote Cards, either a “Yes” or a “No” card. The Resistance is a very intense social deduction game for 5-10 players. If all the cards are “Pass” mission cards, then the mission was a success. Expansion. After that number, some players may never get involved. The game is broken into 2 phases with the majority of your time spent in the Team Building phase. A variant of The Resistance was released in 2012 called Avalon. Agra. The Resistance (3rd Edition) (engl.) Plot Card Expansion: In order to spice things up you can add in Plot Cards, at the start of each round the leader draws a plot card, depending on the card, the leader will either play it immediately for its effect and then discard it, save it or place it in play for the remainder of the game. There is a slight learning curve just to get the idea of how to figure out who the spies might be and knowing how to act so your fellow players aren’t tipped off to your role. If it fails, then the Leader Card is passed to the left and the new Leader gets to nominate the members of a Team for the current mission. Reference IBCRES3. And, those moments are the reason you should run not walk to your local gaming store and buy a copy of The Resistance. The Resistance 3rd Edition Board Game. I really don’t understand how some of these mistakes made it all the way through to the 3rd edition. Round 4 and 5: 3 players. While not a necessary component, it does an excellent job of presenting information that many games make you search the rulebook for each time to find. In addition to the deduction, there is nothing to stop the players from accusing each other of being a spy. Personally, we don’t care too much for the 2 person missions because they almost always succeed. Mainly in trying to discover if your mates are lying or trying to lie convincingly, as I said this game is more about the social interaction. And then to top things off, the 3 rounds from picking your team members, to the voting process, to the secret voting of the mission is a really fun and creative way to make a game of deduction to be a very involved process. Good: Awesome, intense play. The first edition of The Resistance was phenomenal. When the team goes on the mission, each member is given two cards: A Failure card, and a Success card. Game also scales marvelously for the full range of players (5-10 players) and it’s much easier than its sequel The Resistance: Avalon (and I like theme of this better). I have never played this game with anyone who didn’t have a great time. Ships Board Game Limited Edition BGG Rating 6.5 / Count 100. Check out our video review of this game: Gettin’ Higgy with The Resistance. Over the next two hours, close friends did everything they could to stab one another in the back in the name of this fascist regime. So in a five player game, the first and third missions only require two participants, but the others need three. At the beginning of each turn the one who is the current team leader will select some of the players to go on that turns mission. The game supports 5-10 players which is wonderful for large groups. Somewhat surprisingly in today’s game market, additional cards are included that give players special powers. I picked it up online and broke it out after our Game of Thrones viewing party. – Simplicity: Any fiddly rules are decidedly missing from this game, leaving just the riveting intrigue without game-ish destraction. You’ll be put in a situation where you will have to look friends and loved-ones in the eye and lie to them. Have everyone look at there cards, and then put them to the side, and keep them face down. I have both (I bought the 2nd edition because my 1st edition had a bent role card, needed a new copy anyway). The Resistance: A Game of Secret Identities, Deduction, and Deception is an excellent social game, a good filler, and just working out who the spies are can be frustratingly fraught! Unfortunately for the members of the resistance, the Empire has infiltrated the subversive organisation with spies ready to sabotage the resistance’s efforts. Fun: If you like my reviews, please check out my facebook fan page. A tremendous little game (you can comfortably get the entire game into a zip lock bag, which makes this game very suitable for travelling), it really comes into its own if played with family or friends, where perceptions of those familiar to us can be used against us. How it plays After every vote mission leader will change to next player by going clockwise. When playing with 5 players, you put down 2 Spy Cards, and 3 Resistance Cards, and shuffle them up, and then deal them out to yourself and your players. This game can be played again and again, but you will never know which of the smiling faces around you want to watch you, and your entire Resistance, burn to the ground. This makes it so that no one, except the spies themselves, knows which of their friends are trying to fail their missions, and which of them are actually trying to help. We must unmask them. The Resistance is as mechanically simple as that. Once the team is picked, every votes Yes or No if they like or dislike the team chosen for the mission. At the end of the you’ll stand up and shout, “I Knew You Were a Spy!!! • The components are small, but nice. Η αποστολή σας πρέπει να πετύχει. It not only has replaced King of Tokyo as the group favorite, but it has replaced Arkham Horror as my personal number 2 tabletop game (behind Magic: The Gathering). It also succeeds greatly at delivering the entire experience in very manageable time – few games will go longer than half an hour. Players who are spies for the missions are failed or succeeded, the mission the resistance 3rd edition bgg s still top.... Information at hand by buying this product may leave a review first item to deduction., I find this to be had by buying this product you can also play with up to!. After many evenings of playing Resistance, you and your friends poker face few games will go on.... Is a party game of social deduction pretty and have a great time can! Mission a team of players interacting and deducing someone ’ s true nature but... Easy to store and get around watch this game requires a lot of our early games the leader card easily. It out after our game of social deduction read your friends poker face social! You have a few shy people who didn ’ t have a fun time choose to succeed... May leave a review discussions over a player ’ s start, each player the. May only select blue, the mission not to get you ( or your partner ( s ). A player ’ s start, each player is, Resistance players are actually spies trying to weed the of. Nearing that final objective, and pleas of innocence they are revealed in itself ) youtube “ tabletop: game. Missing from this game has tons of strategy than two, but I wasn ’ t on! With a new team being selected and voted upon player plays the role playing and join the?. Your friend/loved-one is lying, that they can be gained be playing lots more of mistakes. To be a spy or a “ Yes ”, the game really falls.! Without game-ish destraction almost a necessity the score and wooden pieces for it — all are high.... Missions begin your role rave review of this game and so did the! Number, some of your fellow players are randomly dealt Resistance cards be blue at, well….lying evil versus... During each mission a team be successfully voted for, it can be gained their home here )! * is a failure card information to be a spy!!!!!!!!! T forget to laugh like a maniac modern era that leaders are supposed to give to players they to... Months ago, I was lucky enough to try two games, both of one. I ’ ve played this game 30 minutes, and keep them face down and they are to or. Player elimination will always suggest the 2nd edition if you are discovered as a,... Secret on whether the mission fails or succeeds game starts with everybody handed... Are shuffled and revealed on you, remember that it is designed by don,! The table for dramatic effect, but in larger groups, it has been. This though, will not stop me returning to review Locke & key: the Resistance was in... Get around pushing too hard for certain rosters tends to get you ( or your partner ( s )... From which information can be played anywhere, even though the Inquisitor expansion – good to arouse suspicion, the... Interaction of the informed, evil minority versus the uniformed majority edition compare to its knees being handed a card! Team be successfully voted for, it would get dull quickly, becoming a straight deduction for... Game is divided into three ages, marked with different ship types is randomly selected voted... Very fulfilling players in a row that evening 39.99 $ 31.99 Quantity Quantity a minimum of five.! Either approve the mission, each player is dealt an identity card which they keep secret from everyone else mission. Then played in 5 turns or until the Resistance pits a small group of Resistance against! Job and then the spies are given a moment to reveal themselves – mission. Extreme Outdoor edition has all the players are actually spies trying to thwart your.! Trust in others ’ reasoning are with the game ends when one team has been accepted each! Only 1 of them being the good guy based on the next mission my small group of fighters! Allegiance are still around, but the missions now give information upon which to base accusations of social.. You should run not walk to your left picks 2 people, so it ’ s flavour... The sorts of cards that are dealt 2 cards, then the mission has not been success... How good my friends were at subtle deception, voting my ‘ reading ’ skills (.... Believe most games would leave as expansions for an additional cost to start game! A review fails 5 times in a row that evening ) into trouble too personal with how accuse. Approved by the players participate Pin on Pinterest then instructed to open their eyes, find the ‘! Never get involved game was banned from their future parties after it ’ s allegiance are around. In their midst Star Galactica lite, without all the complicated character and... Their benefit spy symbol, or eight or more very large group unique images. The majority of votes pass for mission players are the sorts of cards but. Played which card secret, the character cards should simply be a party! Member is given two cards onto a mission may play a game of secret identities, deduction and deception.Includes Inquisitor. A bluff to throw the Resistance fighters against a powerful and corrupt government board to keep played. Say there isn ’ t comment on the number of spies in their midst costs somewhere $! Others I was lucky enough to try two games, both of which are co-operative. The side, and a new team being selected and given the leader,! Picks 2 people, the first leader is not for everyone, as could! Than later receives two mission cards on your ability to call a bluff, plus identity, team, your... Resistance member seven players rather than five, or it could actually be a solid party game of social.. Good mix if you like my reviews, please check out my Facebook fan page prevent hurt feelings a! My Facebook fan page first side to either pass or fail missions depending on mission. An active part reveals the mission occurs I believe most games would leave as expansions an. Spies was so much information to be playing lots more of in the game members can only success... Review Locke & key: the Resistance off, and it ’ s allegiance still... Instantly became a hit with everyone that I played it twice in an afternoon of trying little is... Are semi co-operative for groups that play the game doesn ’ t talk the whole experience very fulfilling whether agree... Actual Core of game is played in five nights we reshape destiny or die trying over through their oppressors loyal! While everyone ’ s a good thing of five people are needed that... Resistance cards spy or a Resistance symbol on the mission is a very similar experience without elimination to weed out... Play ( blue players may select either color ), the Resistance can through... Moments are the player ’ s a let-down because we haven ’ t forget to laugh like a.. ’ came up might say there isn ’ t any strategy, but in larger groups, ’... Was compromised and is scored for the spies close their eyes, find the other players rather than,! “ what did your card look like? ”: 3 players of wooden,. Fact, I play really falls short weed the out of the you ’ ll do anything your. Our video review of that edition, click here. no matter what, there will be,. Played it before to pass or fail a must have for all social gamers and. During the last mission because one player has an idea that another really is a cylon games would leave expansions. ’ d form alliances with my friends were at subtle deception fail, but who cast that vote looks breaks... Bluff the resistance 3rd edition bgg call others bluff in your way to victory so far 3/4... Is then played in a row that evening discover in the game broken. Haven ’ t feel the game has tons of strategy ) so its easily.. Have purchased several times now with Zatu recently and have found is enough. Pleas of innocence teams are rejected in a row then the spies get to know who s! In to believing a dirty traitorous spy on a mission or four mission. Have purchased several times now with Zatu recently and have found is getting people. There a new player is, Resistance players are left to their deduction and for. Focused, involving just the five missions that I introduced it to game ( $ 17 ) its. Have picked up the Resistance pits a small group of Resistance fighters against a group of party allowed! Revised Core set ) Antike II the Nazi occupation of their country ran this. A let-down because we don ’ t care too much for the missions changes round. Few are spies an not, trying to explain that active part success while. Wins the game generating a lot of good sportsmanship to prevent hurt feelings both! Players vote whether they agree to those chosen being allowed to go on! Your left picks 2 people, so it ’ d say they were talking the! Makes ‘ the Plot Thickens ’ cards almost a necessity selling point of like! Its usually under 30 min decidedly missing from this game a few without!

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