Hector survives and is taken to a hospital by ambulance while Gus rightly suspects Nacho's involvement. He is then visited by his nephews, Marco and Leonel. Hector proves he is still cognizant of his surroundings by ringing his bell to simple questions, but when asked if Jesse was there he simply voids his bowels. A tribute to Hector "Tio" Salamanca from AMC's fantastic show "Breaking Bad". Il est notamment connu pour avoir joué Alberto « The Shadow » dans Scarface, Antonio Nappa dans la série Oz et Don Héctor « Tio » Salamanca dans les séries Breaking Bad et Better Call Saul. Relationships ("Breathe"), As Hector lays unconscious in the hospital, Gus foreshadows the future relationship between himself and Hector with a story from his childhood, when he caught a coati in a trap that had been eating fruit from a lucuma tree Gus had been nursing back to health. First Characters from Breaking Bad in Better Call Saul, Deceased characters from season 4 (Breaking Bad), ibuprofen actually increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/Hector_Salamanca?oldid=111072, In a 2013 online article by Bustle, Hector was ranked as being the fourth most evil character on. Joaquin worked directly for the cartel boss Don Eladio as an enforcer alongside Gaff in Mexico. Hector was born in Mexico and was one of the founding members of the Juárez Cartel and was referred to, even in his infirmity, as "Don Hector" by contemporary cartel leaders like Juan Bolsa. July 19, 2009 Lalo assures Hector that Tuco will be released in eleven months and can take over then before reminding Hector that "family is everything." Social life Don Hector teaching a lesson to his nephews. Il se fait humilier car ses camions de glace ne génèrent plus assez de profits depuis que ses transporteurs ont été repérés grâce à Mike Ehrmentraut, contrairement à Los Pollos Hermanos dont les … - Topic Hector Salamanca VS Tuco, qui fait le plus peur ? Tuco is then killed by Hank Schrader, who was searching for Walt and accidentally found Tuco's hideout. ("Smoke"). ("Slip"), Don Eladio orders Hector and Gus to meet in a remote location to talk to Juan Bolsa, regarding the recent conflicts between the two parties. He is taken to the DEA's office, where all the major agents of the Albuquerque Department are present to hear what he has to say. 14 janvier 2021 à 00:39:39. Hector is also shown to be a completely remorseless, cold-blooded murderer who will kill anyone he is ordered to as shown when he mercilessly killed Max Arciniega on Don Eladio's orders and also anyone whom he views as a threat to his own goals as revealed when he killed a completely innocent bystander for helping one of his drivers after he was tied up and robbed by Mike. Eladio Vuente (boss) † "Face Off" Although Walt and Jesse escape, as a result of this encounter Hector learns Walt's name and what Jesse looks like; Tuco had read their names out loud to him off their driver's licenses, and showed Hector a picture of Walt's family ("Grilled"). 5,607 likes. Despite his loyalty and devotion to the Cartel, it is seen in the third season of Better Call Saul that Hector isn't completely happy that Eladio Vuente is the top leader of the Cartel. Last Hector asks him to come over so he can scrutinize it. There, Mike prepares for a hit on Hector, using a sniper he previously purchased from Lawson. It appears that he is not above killing children either as he threatened Mike that he would send his nephews to kill his daughter-in-law and young granddaughter after Mike demanded money from him. Le trailer quand à lui annonce clairement la couleur de l’épisode. Before he became disabled, Hector was driving a. He has played Alberto "The Shadow" in Scarface (1983) and Antonio Nappa in Oz, and his performance as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad (2009–2011) was nominated for a 2012 Emmy Award.He has continued the Hector Salamanca role in the Breaking Bad prequel series Better Call Saul (2016–present). Vous trouverez beaucoup de lieux touristiques à Salamanca. Consultez les profils des professionnels dénommés “Hector Salamanca” qui utilisent LinkedIn. Jesse returned fire, shooting rapidly, and hit Joaquin in the leg before shooting him several more times in the chest. Now aware that his family has become a target, Mike meets with Hector at his ice cream shop. Nacho starts planning to take Hector out of action, as he is endangering his father's business with his plans of taking them over to smuggle drugs from Mexico. Joaquin Salamanca was an enforcer for the Juárez Cartel. Date of death Status He stood by while Jesse cooked a batch of Blue Sky meth and observed the process. Barry informs Gus that Hector is no longer comatose, but there is no telling when he's going to wake up or if he's going to be able to understand what's happening around him when he does so. Appearances in Better Call Saul Hector Salamanca. To escape gossips came to Salamanca. As Lalo leaves, Hector is clearly unhappy as he takes part in one of the resident's birthday parties. Hector grows enraged the Don's orders and starts screaming at Bolsa and Gus that the Salamancas have worked hard for the cartel, they lost blood for the cartel, they invested money in the cartel and even then they are treated like dogs. Tio also mentored Marco and Leonel, and he has aged before his years and is always confined to his wheelchair and oxyge… Parce que je n'en ai pas terminé avec Hector Salamanca. ("Piñata"), Months later, Hector undergoes therapy to recover from his stroke under the care of the specialist. Hector Javier a 3 postes sur son profil. Numerosos sitios turísticos encontrarás en Salamanca. With no one to take care of him anymore, Hector is moved back to Casa Tranquila. 6. Hector was a high-ranking member of the Juárez Cartel , the patriarch of the Salamanca family, and was feared among most in the South . Gus leans in close to Hector. Juan is clearly uncomfortable in the same room with Hector and his family, and it is only due to Hector's ill health that he agreed to mediate. As the servants and concubines stuffed their pockets and fled the hacienda, Joaquin surprised the fleeing Mike and Jesse (who were carrying an unconscious Gus to a getaway car) and shot Mike in the gut. Pour échapper aux commères on est allé à Salamanque. ("Klick",  "Mabel"), Following Mike's attack on the ice cream truck and the execution of Ximenez, Hector doesn't have the means to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border anymore. 1999 Tyrus Kitt, one of Gus' henchmen, pays a visit to Hector's room to make sure there are no bugs planted by the DEA and after finding nothing, calls Gus and reports. Mark Margolis As a high ranking member of Juárez Cartel, Hector Salamanca is a cold, cruel, sadistic, brutal and highly intelligent man. It is also revealed that he thought of Tuco as a son and was devastated so strongly by his death that he sent Marco and Leonel to exact revenge on Walter White for his part in Tuco's death, though the two would fail at this task. Mark Margolis (born November 26, 1939) is an American character actor. A ruthless and cruel drug lord, Hector was blindly loyal to the Cartel and was a key man for its operations north of the border until he was rendered disabled by a stroke caused by his underling Nacho Varga. 2009 Appearance in El Camino Relationships Hector seems to value family very much as he taught his young nephews Marco and Leonel a brutal lesson of the importance of family by attempting to drown Marco until Leonel fought hard enough to save him. Porque no he terminado con Hector Salamanca. ("Bali Ha'i")​, Following these events, Mike secretly begins staking out Hector's drug operation, looking for a weakness to exploit. An eldercare worker reminds Lalo to keep Hector hydrated and hands him a "very berry" flavored drink. Age Gus travels to Mexico to give the cartel the formula of his successful product, the blue sky, but it was all part of his plan to poison all the major members of the cartel, including Don Eladio himself ("Salud"). Gus orders his henchmen to allow Nacho to take the extra portion. Hector finds out that Tuco has stabbed another prisoner in jail and then assaulted a police officer, he has now been placed in solitary confinement. Hector was a high-ranking member of the Juárez Cartel, the patriarch of the Salamanca family, and was feared among most in the South. Priam, incapable de combattre en raison de son âge, en fait le général en chef des Troyens. He openly insults Eladio and refuses to follow his orders when Eladio wants Gus to handle all Cartel's drug smuggling operations instead of Hector. Hector was also devastated by the deaths of Marco and Leonel during their attempt to kill Hank and also his grandson Joaquin, his last remaining relative. Hector Salamanca retrouve le chef de son cartel, Don Eladio, dans sa villa pour parler affaire. Hector is brought back to his room in the nursing home and Walt appears and questions him if he has any second thoughts though Hector does not respond; he is determined to have his revenge. 'Breaking Bad' Profile: Joaquín Salamanca. The allegations get worse when Tuco's illegal gun was found on the crime scene. Gus feels like this event got in the way of his plan to have revenge on Hector for killing his partner in the past. du 24-10-2019 13:57:37 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com ("Off Brand"). Hector is seen discussing on the phone how the cartel should deal with Gus, whom he disparaged as the "Chicken Man," when he warned, "Never trust a South American." Marco and Leonel move to Walt's house to execute him immediately but are called off by a last-second text message: "POLLOS" ("Caballo Sin Nombre"). Hector Salamanca (referred to as Tio by his nephews) was a drug runner and the former right hand man and enforcer of Don Eladio. He was the archenemy of Albuquerque-based drug kingpin Gustavo Fring. Infatti nella serie non è affatto semplice sapere con certezza se accogliere nelle proprie grazie un personaggio, data l’imprevedibilità di ogni psicologia raccontata. HorudaHorudaHor MP. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. As Hector started crying in anger, Gus concluded with a flourish, stating gravely that the Salamanca name will now die with Hector ("Crawl Space"). Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. —— Date of death They admit to being sent by Hector to scare Mike but he chases them off. He was killed by Jesse Pinkman following Gustavo Fring's poisoning of the entire Cartel. Hector Salamanca about to murder Max Arciniega. Tío (meaning "uncle")Don Hector This causes Hector to become visually angry and jealous at Gus' easy success in quickly gaining the trust and favor the Don of the cartel he has worked so hard for many years. ("Rebecca"), Hector sends one of his men to intimidate Mike and make sure he has accepted his offer, but Mike declines and walks inside. Hector's hatred and disrespect of the DEA is very evident as he defecates instead of answering their questions and openly insulted Hank Schrader during his last meeting with them. Later that night, he checks the contact paper under the welcome mat of his home and notices footprints and subdues two of Hector's men waiting to ambush him (one of which was the stranger sitting on his steps) after tricking them by turning on the TV. At some point before being exposed to the DEA, Tuco moves Hector from Casa Tranquila to the house in the desert. Toutes les commandes sont préparées à la demande et généralement expédiées sous 24 heures dans le monde entier. Gus sends his own doctor, Barry Goodman, to check on Hector's condition in the hospital. 1989 This infuriates Hector, who tells Nacho that he doesn't trust his father anymore. A parody of one of the greatest characters in Breaking Bad. Hector, accompanied by Nacho and Arturo, learns from Bolsa that Don Eladio is satisfied with new "consolidated transportation method" of shipping drugs, he feels that using Gus' distribution network exclusively is the safest and most effective way to continue. Appearances in Breaking Bad Lalo ties the bell to the armrest of Hector's wheelchair, allowing him to ring it for the first time, then speaks to Hector in private about "the Chilean" before leaving with apparent new orders from the Don. Upon recovering, Hector curses Gus, Bolsa and, Eladio before proceeding to leave with his men. Portrayed by Hector is given the opportunity to look Gus in the eyes for the last time, which Hector stubbornly refuses once again. However, Mike becomes immediately distracted by the sound of a car horn blaring in the distance, which he eventually realizes is coming from his own station wagon. Family After going through the plan with Walt, Hector calls for a nurse and demands to talk to the DEA, specifically with Hank. Hector meets with Nacho's father and offers him some money upfront as a sign of friendship, but Nacho's father is an honest man and refuses to cooperate with criminals like the Salamancas, ordering Hector to leave his shop. ✘ No Par… Lire la suite. Im Weiteren offenbare ich Ihnen so manche Dinge, die unter Beweis stellen wie nützlich das Fabrikat wirklich ist: "Look at me, Hector," he commands, but Hector stubbornly refuses. Once the dealer is gone, Nacho carefully switches Hector's real pills with the doctored ones. Gus asks Hector cryptically. After seeing the tape of the session, Gus decides to delegate Hector's care to someone else after the doctor suggests that with time, Hector could learn to talk and possibly even walk again. The same night, the police raid Juan Bolsa's mansion and he is accidentally killed in the process, it is later revealed that this was all orchestrated by Gus in his plan to avenge Max's death at the hands of the cartel ("I See You"). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Then, as Juan Bolsa holds Gus down to the floor, both Don Eladio and Hector proceeded to taunt him, saying that his place is taking care of the chicken and not the drugs. He then adds liquor from a hip flask into the drink and serves it to Hector. La Escuela de Salamanca 2015-2018 Los datos del proyecto de La Escuela de Salamanca son autorizados (si no se indica lo contrario) bajo una licencia de Creative Commons Reconocimiento 4.0 Internacional (CC BY 4.0) . A few minutes later, Gus arrives in Hector's room. He victoriously describes to Hector how Marco and Leonel were killed, obviously pointing out that he was behind everything. This long-standing feud stemmed back to 1989 when Hector killed Fring's partner Maximino Arciniega. Lalo addresses Hector, remembering an incident where the two of them burned down a hotel and tortured the proprietor for showing disrespect. Character information He also reports about Juan Bolsa's death, and how the cartel cannot interfere in his business anymore because of the heat caused by Hector's nephews trying to attack a federal agent. In Face Off, Walter White came to Hector with a proposal to get rid of Gus, and Hector agreed. 2008 2002 Joaquin's death would ultimately be avenged by his grandfather who, with the aid of Walter White, suicide bombs Gus, killing him. As Hank is going through old evidence documents, he briefly comes across a picture of Hector ("Blood Money"). Family Hector Salamanca lisant tranquillement son journal en arrière plan. 2004 Consultez le profil complet sur LinkedIn et découvrez les relations de Hector Javier, ainsi que des emplois dans des entreprises similaires. "Grilled" As part of Gus' agreement with Hector, Gus' men hand over a portion of his smuggled drugs to Nacho, who insists on taking one more package than was agreed to. Status He gets Tuco's attention again after the meal by continually ringing his bell. Mike feels guilty for the death of the good samaritan, so he secretly stalks Nacho, who is transporting Ximenez to an abandoned shack ranch in the desert, where Hector and The Cousins are waiting. As the duo do everything in their power to calm down Don Eladio, Hector shoots Max in the head in front of Gus. Dans l'Iliade Hector est protégé par Zeus.Au combat, à la place de son père trop âgé, Hector commande les Troyens. Refusing to kill Nacho, Mike is forced to watch helplessly as The Cousins murder Ximenez, before escorting Hector and Nacho back into the shack, while Mike eagerly awaits for Hector to reemerge. At night, he goes to Hector's warehouse to execute him but is surprised to see that another cartel meeting with Gus and Juan Bolsa was about to take place. He also reports on his expansion of the Salamanca business to the US, having bought an ice cream shop named after the cartel's fierce leader. "This is what comes of 'blood for blood,'" says Gus, repeating Bolsa's own phrase. Back to present times, the cartel is back after a long absence, attacking Gus' delivery trucks and ordering him to give their business north of the border back to them. Main Occupation ("Wiedersehen"), Lalo visits his uncle Hector Salamanca at Casa Tranquila and discusses Gus' mysterious new construction project. 70s However, the fact that Hector visited the DEA at all prompts Gus (who is under heavy investigation by the DEA and now believes Hector is an informant) to take one step ahead on his plan to avenge Max. Canonista. While playing with his granddaughter Kaylee on the pool, Mike sees the Salamanca twins standing on an adjacent rooftop and making a gun signal at Mike's granddaughter. Nacho pretends to scrutinize one of the dollar bills in Krazy-8's stack, claiming that it looks "funny". Gus is shocked with Hector's bravery and he also notices that something is wrong when Hector musters up an expression of pure wrath and starts to ring his bell repeatedly, Gus realizes what is about to happen upon seeing a bomb attached to his wheelchair (planted by Walt after Tyrus left) and tries to run a bit too late: Hector's bell triggers the explosion of the bomb, killing all in the room, including himself. Hector gets furious at this as Tuco will now serve more time than he should've, Hector starts having a coughing attack and takes his heart medication to calm down, but accidentally drops one of the capsules, which Nacho steals without him noticing. There, he is visited by his nephew Lalo and Nacho. Hector agrees to join him. He is an actor, known for Pi (1998), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective … When Gus says that he needs Walt alive for the time being, Hector angrily rings his bell many times ("I.F.T."). Hector Salamanca. Gus now described the collapse of the Juárez Cartel: as Hector sat, mute, Gus triumphantly dangled Don Eladio's extravagant bad eye necklace in front of his eyes and named seven of the nine dead capos (Dons Paco, Cesar, Renaldo, Artuno, Cisco, Luis and Escalada). Gus then decides to come and finally kill Hector despite Tyrus' offer to do it himself. Knowing that using the chicken trucks is only a temporary measure, Hector wants a new smuggling route and decides to use Nacho's father's upholstery business as a front over Nacho's objections. Nacho stealing Hector's medications to replace them later. Despite his evil nature, Hector appears to care deeply for his family, most notably his nephews whom he personally raised to be loyal to the Cartel just like himself. His and Walt's actions also lead to the destruction of Gus' own drug empire. "Is today the day, Hector?" ✘ No ("Fall"), Nacho takes Hector to his father's shop to show around how the operations work. Lalo goes on to say that he went back into the hotel as it was burning, and retrieved a souvenir that he has kept for years. Voir le profil de Hector Javier Valencia Salamanca sur LinkedIn, le plus grand réseau professionnel mondial. While Nacho proceeds to get Hector more coffee, he successfully tosses the bottle of the doctored capsules into Hector's coat pocket. He was the great-grandson of Abuelita, the grandson of Don Hector and relative of Tuco, Lalo, Marco and Leonel. He was the son of Abuelita, the uncle of Tuco, Marco, Leonel and Lalo Salamanca, as well as the grandfather of Joaquin Salamanca. Don Eladio (cartel associate) †Juan Bolsa (cartel associate) †Arturo (former lieutenant) † He is now able to communicate by tapping his finger, similar to how he would later ding his bell and purposefully knocks over a cup of water to stare at a nurse's butt as she cleans up the mess. Gus holds an enormous hatred for the cartel because of the incident, but mainly for Hector Salamanca, because he was the one who pulled the trigger on his partner. He was killed by Jesse Pinkman following Gustavo Fring 's poisoning of the entire Cartel. Former senior Juárez Cartel member Hector “Tio” Salamanca è uno di quei personaggi di Breaking Bad che ne rappresentano l’aspetto controverso. He explains to Gus that Don Hector Salamanca saw Tuco as a son and groomed him to take his place in the organization and that Walt's betrayal of Tuco has earned him a death sentence sanctioned by the Salamanca family and the Cartel—an assertion Hector emphasizes with one ring of his bell. After returning to New Mexico, Gus takes Jesse to meet Hector at the nursing home so they can tell him what has taken place: Don Eladio and all the others are dead. The Cousins are informed about Hector's treatment. Tanto meno potrebbe risultare simpatico un ex componente del Cartello, pluriomicida e senza scrupoli. ("Crawl Space"). At night, Arturo and Nacho head over to the chicken farm to collect the next pickup of drugs, everything seems to be going well, but after the pickup is made, Nacho is held at gunpoint and Arturo is suffocated to death by Gus. Il fomenta, avec un dénommé Hector Salamanca, un plan destiné à tuer Fring. Mark Margolis, Actor: Pi. Abuelita (mother)Tuco Salamanca (nephew) †Marco and Leonel Salamanca (nephews) †Lalo Salamanca (nephew)Joaquin Salamanca (grandson) † Ce n'est pas dans mon intérêt de voir mourir Hector Salamanca. Through Jesse and Saul, Walt learns about Gus' rivalry with Hector and his torturing of the old man and sees an opportunity. Mike leaves Ximenez tied up in the desert and takes all of the drug money with him, hitting Hector's operations heavily. —— ("Sabrosito"), Hector's nephew, Tuco, is arrested after assaulting Mike Ehrmantraut in front of police officers. While Hector may not know that there's a wheelchair waiting for him with his name on it, the show will surely bring Salamanca's condition into play at some point in the coming seasons. Hector's bell sold for $26,750 at auction October 8, 2013. However, a stroke has rendered him unable to walk or speak, and he communicates only by ringing a hotel's front desk call bell attached to his wheelchair. "Rebecca" Walt stops by the nursing home and convinces Hector to aid him in assassinating Gus as revenge, pointing out that as much as Hector despises Walt, he hates Gus even more. Découvrez des t-shirts, posters, stickers, objets déco et autres produits du quotidien sur le thème Salamanca, personnalisés par des artistes indépendants du monde entier. Juárez Cartel enforcer Gus also personally played a hand in the deaths of a majority of Hector's family members as a part of his revenge, eventually leaving Hector as the last surviving member of his family. Hector is loyal to the Cartel and is well respected by many and feared by others. At one point in his life, Hector was incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison for 17 years and refused to cooperate once with the authorities ("Bit by a Dead Bee"). Last Once he gathers the money, Nacho returns to his seat, carefully keeping the pill bottle on his lap, while he counts the next dealer's money. Appearances in Breaking Bad Don hector salamanca zu testen - sofern Sie von den tollen Aktionen des Fabrikanten profitieren - vermag eine wirklich aussichtsreiche Anregung zu sein. ("Sabrosito"). A few seconds later, Gus steps out of the room, seemingly unharmed, and adjusts his tie. Gus decides to pay a specialist doctor from Johns-Hopkins to come to Albuquerque and make sure that Hector will recover. Dans la mythologie grecque, Hector (en grec ancien Ἕκτωρ / Héktôr) est un héros troyen de la guerre de Troie. A picture of Hector and his nephews along with Don Eladio's necklace. First The following day, at the El Michoacáno restaurant, which has become incredibly hot and moist thanks to Nacho who secretly damaged the restaurant's air cooling unit the night before, Nacho does his daily transactions with the dealers, starting with Krazy- 8. Fils du roi Priam et d'Hécube, il est le frère de Pâris, l'époux d'Andromaque et le père d'Astyanax. Bolsa informs Hector that Don Eladio is reinforcing his orders regarding Gus' operations. Gus eventually leads Marco and Leonel into trying to kill Hank instead of Walt ("Sunset"), but he anonymously warns Hank about the upcoming attack one minute before their arrival, so Hank has enough time to dispatch both brothers ("One Minute"). July 23, 2009 He requests that Mike tells the police that he was the one who owned the gun, not Tuco, as Mike, being ex-police, won't be punished heavily. Mark Margolis was born on November 26, 1939 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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