what happened to danny cordray

Related: The Office: What Creed Says In Chinese Translated While The Office never directly confirmed Creed's age, the character claimed that he was born on November 1, 1925, during season 4's "Fun Run." You may also like... 0. 8 comments. Played by. My biggest concern was that we would never know what happened to Danny Cordray, Dunder Mifflin’s traveling salesman played by Timothy Olyphant. It’s not like I necessarily cared about Cordray as anything other than a loose end, but when Olyphant guests on a comedy, he elevates everything about it, turning the mediocre into something more. It's such a … Powered by WPeMatico. What happened to Danny Cordray? The Office: What Happened To Timothy Olyphant’s Danny Cordray. Danny Cordray. I just binge watched 5 seasons in a couple of days, and I know many things have probably gone over my head. Sobbing relatives bury Indonesian plane crash victim Coronavirus fails to deter India’s massive Ganges pilgrimage WHO team arrives in Wuhan to investigate coronavirus pandemic origins South Korean court confirms 20-year prison term for ex-president Park Danny Cordray is a paper salesman who formerly worked at Dunder Mifflin rival Osprey Paper located in Throop, Pennsylvania. Timothy Olyphant. share. He also went on a few dates with Pam during the same time that Jim was going out with Karen. The Office’s Oscar Nunez has revealed he was sold on the show after reading B.J. Seeing as the episode took place in September 2007, Creed would have been 81-years-old at the time. I just realized that he became the traveling salesman, but did he really just disappear without any further appearances? 10th January 2021. Olyphant+as+Danny+Cordray+on+The+
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