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Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Underwater Photography Equipment. Run by divers, for divers. Personally, I like to shoot large animals that fill the frame, so my go to workhorse lens is the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens behind an 8.5” dome port. Joanna produces stories related to conservation, outdoor adventure and wildlife photography. It’s important to fully consider each of the following points before making any purchases. Understanding that will help you decide whether or not to purchase a strobe right away. Starting with a camera that you already own will help you save more than a few pennies in what can be a very expensive hobby. Read more: Mirrorless vs DSLR Cameras for Nature Photography, Joanna uses: Tokina 10-17mm, Canon 16-35mm f/2.8, Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro. If you have any questions please reach out in the comment section below, and happy shooting! Once you decide what your focus will be, the next step would be to research what port and lens options are available for the camera and housing you are interested in buying. We feature a full service and repair center, professional underwater cinema support, and camera reviews for underwater photography beginners. Thanks for your advice Scott! Your diving equipment and how you react in dangerous situation have to become second nature before you start concentrating on other things. The issue with underwater photography is that light behaves very differently underwater than on land. Buying underwater photography or video equipment can be an exciting process, but it can also be very confusing. Luminar 4 Review: The Future of Photo Editing? Whilst DSLRs are great cameras, and still offer many more lens options, mirrorless cameras seem to be the way of the future due to their size and ease of use. This is understandable, but it’s a good idea to consider a few things such as the available ports for the housing, the available strobe connections, its construction and durability, and whether or not it has a leak detection system. By Michael David Adams. Ports come in both acrylic and glass, with the latter being the more expensive, better quality option. Learn more: An Introduction to Underwater Photography. How to Selectively Reduce Noise in Luminar 2018 & Luminar 3, An Introduction to Underwater Photography, Mirrorless vs DSLR Cameras for Nature Photography, illuminate particulates in the water column and ruin your images, 8 Tips to Create Beautiful Underwater Animal Portraits, How to Upload Photos to Facebook at the Best Quality Possible. I tend to keep a 16-35mm wide-angle lens as a backup in case anything happens to the fisheye, or if I want to vary the perspectives during a shoot. Is equipment the solution? Luminar vs Lightroom Comparison: Which Software is Best? Here is an extensive article listing current, up to date cameras available for underwater photography as of 2020. Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide. Strobes will also last you a long time and can likely be intergrated with different systems if you choose to upgrade. Underwater cameras are a vital part of every photographer’s equipment arsenal since they can deliver stunning images. But, before you begin researching lenses, you’ll need to ask yourself what it is that you are most interested in shooting. With the rise of digital photography capabilities, there are now numerous options for capturing images underwater. Buying underwater photography gear from the secondhand market is an absolute minefield. The image quality, shutter lag, and interchangeable lenses are typically inferior to that of DSLRs or even mirrorless cameras. Shop Underwater Photography Equipment by Underwater Camera Housings, Underwater Photography Accessories, Underwater Lenses, Underwater Arms, Brackets & Handles & more. That being said, I still shoot with a DSLR and don’t intend to switch anytime soon, but when that time comes it will be to a mirrorless camera. Digital Diver is proud to be Australia’s home of high quality and value packed waterproof underwater camera systems, waterproof camera housings, waterproof video housings, strobes & lighting solutions, wide angle and macro … At their most basic function, strobes bring back colour that is lost as you descend into the depths. Keep in mind that camera bodies and housings can depreciate fairly quickly. Let our expert advisers plan and book your next dive vacation. Underwater Photography Equipment Photos Aquatica D300 housing, YS-110 strobes Sea & Sea D300 housing, Inon Z240 strobes with 0.5 diffusers, macro port for 105mm, S&S TTL converter, 2 single S&S sync cords, 2 8-inch ultralight arms, 2 8-inch fantasea arms, 7 ultralight B&J clamps, Fantasea 44LED light, S&S hot shoe adapter, 2 ultralight Z-adapters (connects strobe to B&J clamp), Divinycell … Check our guides for best cameras & … Tips, tutorials, news, reviews, upcoming workshops, and more! For compact users, try a INON fisheye or wide angle lens, and stacked INON UCL-165 macro lenses. If you ever think you will want to shoot ultra-wide angle, or super macro, make sure your camera & housing combination supports the add-on wet lens you think you will need. Sometimes my strobes are attached to my housing but are completely turned off to capture just the ambient light in a scene. For many photographers, investing in good lenses definitely trumps the camera body. Our idea is simple - learn, shoot, explore. There are some amazing bargains to be had but for every one of those there’s often two or three turkeys that you need to steer clear of. Truly, the best camera is the one you already own. Be sure to do your research on which wet lenses are available for your camera and housing as these can greatly vary. Joanna uses: Inon Z240 strobes and a Sola Focus Light. Here's a recent experience from a friend of mine who uses a compact camera: From my latest experience (with a compact point and shoot), I followed the priority order in this guide (glass first) with my latest setup. Luckily, my 8.5” acrylic dome port fits both of these lenses. Before we dive into a discussion about the equipment, lets assume you are ready to spend more than $600 on your setup. Home » Equipment » Tutorials » What Equipment Do You Need for Underwater Photography? However, if you don’t own a camera, or need to upgradefor whatever reason, you’ll have a few decisions to make. if you want to get into underwater photography, get a housing and not a freezer bag. While underwater imaging requires lots of specialized equipment and techniques, the payoff is worth it. Large, powerful strobes are good for lighting a reef scene but can be quite a hindrance when trying to shoot a creature the size of your fingernail. From simple point-and-shoot cameras that take both photographs and video to more high-end equipment that shoots high-definition images, you’re sure to find a system that meets your needs. 1) Decide whether you are getting a compact camera or a dSLR. Underwater Imaging. Compact cameras, or point and shoots, are great for beginners. Backscatter is the world’s largest underwater camera and underwater photography equipment supplier. See the dSLR Camera chart for help in choosing what type of dSLR camera bodies to research. Whilst there are some key things to consider with an underwater camera housing purchase, most of the time photographers place a lot of weight on the design itself. Hopefully you’ve found this overview of the equipment you will need to get started in underwater photography. DSLR or mirrorless shooters will need to invest in strobe arms, mounting balls, and clamps; compact shooters will likely need a tray with ball mounts that screws into the bottom of the housing. 3) Strobes - Preferably you will want two strobes, and the best you can afford. Buyers Guides to Underwater Photography link. Underwater Photography: Tips And Equipment. A little extra weight for the camera body might not seem like much, but every ounce counts when it comes to carry-on luggage. For example, shooting large pelagics from a distance can make them look like sardines with a fisheye, so rectilinear lenses can come in handy for situational use such as this. Photography is an exciting and fulfilling hobby in itself. The Underwater Photo Contest. flash, housing, Ikelite, etc.) Joanna Lentini is an award-winning freelance photographer and writer based in New York. Underwater Camera Specialist. While good camera bodies and lenses play a part in creating great underwater images, they are not everything. See the article on deciding between a compact vs dSLR. Whilst there are a lot of perks to using mirrorless cameras, there are a few minor downsides. Underwater photography equipment for sale. Underwater Photography & Video Equipment for sale by Bluewater Photo, including underwater housings, strobes, video lights and underwater cameras. But they have their limitations. Previously, I had bought the Canon S80 thinking it’s a great camera, but back then didn’t know better to look for glass that would go with it. Our full review includes sample underwater photos and video. For DSLR and mirrorless shooters, the lens you choose will dictate the port you need. If you are unsure, go the dSLR route. Patima products are being produced one by one with hands as Goryeo celadons. The major factors effecting the light are refraction and absorption. These lenses should last you forever, and will not lose their value. Dive Photography . From brands - Ikelite, Sea & Sea, Ewa-Marine, AquaTech, Olympus, SeaLife. Ideally, you will choose a housing and port within your budgetary restrictions. Shop Used Underwater Photography Equipment by Underwater Camera Housings, Underwater Lenses, Underwater Cameras, Underwater Lighting & Strobes & more. He lives in California with his wife, newborn girl and scuba-diving, photo taking 4 year old son. Click here for the best lenses for underwater. Underwater Photography Equipment-Patima Int. Rather than looking through an optical viewfinder, you need to shoot via the LCD screen on the back of the camera (or an electronic viewfinder); this can eat up a lot of the battery. I am in the United States so prices are in US dollars. 아름다운 수중세계를 담는 그릇! Bluewater Travel is a full-service dive travel wholesaler sending groups and individuals on the world’s best dive vacations. He is the past vice-president of the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society, has volunteered extensively at the Santa Monica aquarium, and is the creator of the Ocean Art underwater photo competition, one of the largest underwater international photo competitions ever held in terms of value of prizes. Do you prefer little critters and fine details or pelagic marine life and wrecks? We have more u/w photos in one place than anywhere else online! Necessary Underwater Photography Equipment Now that we have reviewed the most basic facts about underwater photography, let’s move on to the required gear. Most housings have ridiculous depth ratings, but it’s still good to know what that depth is. They are affordable, lightweight, and low-maintenance travel companions. We carry all types of underwater housings for photography or videography for Nikon , Canon, Olympus, Sony and more.. We are an authorized dealers of Aquatica, Ikelite, Sea and Sea , Fantasea, Light and Motion and Nauticam. Are You Playing to Win or Playing Not to Lose? Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Below you will find links to our new and used underwater photography equipment products. Shooting in automatic mode underwater is far from ideal and should be avoided. Bluewater Travel is your full-service scuba travel agency. © Nature TTL 2014 - 2021. Joanna organises photo workshops and is the COO of the non-profit organisation Oceans in Focus, which delivers ocean educational outreach programs to children. I have other lenses, but none are used more than my fisheye. In terms of macro lenses, a 60 mm focal length is probably best for beginners with a crop sensor dSLR, while a 100 or 105 mm lens is for more advanced photographers. If you are a technical diver and spend a lot of time at depth, be sure to check the LCD reviews on the particular mirrorless model you are considering. Shop with confidence on eBay! Here is an extensive article listing current, up to date cameras available for underwater photography as of 2020. Whether you are photographing sea lions or diving deeper than recreational limits, the electronic viewfinder may struggle to produce a crystal clear preview. Bring it underwater and you face a more challenging feat that can yield even more interesting and unique results. Buy Underwater Photography Equipment and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Underwater Photography Equipment Enhances Image Quality Photographers use different gear to capture marine life and remarkable underwater scenes. I knew I wanted to do wide angle, so I looked at the Inon fisheye lens: what will work best with it for reasonable $$. Be sure to research which camera functions aren’t accessible on the exterior of the housing you choose. Strobes are not an essential piece of underwater photography equipment for the majority of situations, however they are probably something you will want to invest in at some point. Finding your way around the massive amount of information about underwater photography what is the best camera for you can be daunting, but we are here to help. We dive, shoot, and service everything we sell. These lenses will enable wider or narrower fields of view than the camera is capable of producing on its own. At the end of the year we also have annual awards, which are the highlight of the underwater photographer's calendar. Our underwater photography contest is the Worlds largest - online or off! However, if you don’t own a camera, or need to upgrade for whatever reason, you’ll have a few decisions to make. Whether you are buying your first compact, or thinking about getting a dSLR, there is information about underwater photography equipment to help you in this section.. 4) Underwater housing and ports. Not only is it insufficient as a light source, it will illuminate particulates in the water column and ruin your images. How to Find Your Camera’s Shutter Actuation Count. 11,309 likes. With over 12 years of experience underwater Alex is here to help guide you through all of your underwater photography needs, equipment choices and tips! The term is actually pretty generic, but is used to refer to more than one type of photography. Underwater photography is a unique photographic genre that often requires the use of scuba gear, but can also be done while swimming, snorkeling, in an underwater vehicle, or by using automated cameras. Again, think about what it is you like to shoot, as it really comes down to that. The extender sits between the housing and the port. Again, you need to ask yourself a few questions: do you prefer moody scenes with a lot of shadows and desaturation, or bright, colourful underwater images? However, it's possible to get started for less than a thousand dollars. Whether you're looking for an underwater housing for a compact, SLR or video camera, a waterproof camera, underwater strobes, video lights, focus lights or other accessories, the DPG Equipment Guide will help you sort through the options and browse reviews. Scott is also an avid diver, underwater photographer, and budding marine biologist, having created the online guide to the underwater flora and fauna of Southern California. Enter Your Email Address With the rise of digital photography capabilities, there are now numerous options for capturing images underwater. Underwater photography is much the same as land photography; that is, it is the art of capturing the light onto the sensor. Some camera bodies may be more prone to this than others. While good camera bodies and lenses play a part in creating great underwater images, they are not everything. Bluewater Photo, based in Culver City, CA is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious underwater camera stores, serving many thousands of customers each year, where nothing is more important than customer service. In this chapter of the UnderwaterPhotography.com photo course we examine what equipment can, and can't, do for underwater photographers. Alex with her underwater set-up! What’s the Best Camera for Wildlife Photography in 2020. It turned out to be a camera body (canon a570is) that I probably wouldn’t have considered had I started the process first with the camera body (maybe I would have bought the G9 or something like that). When comparing strobes, you’ll find that they vary in the amount of power and quality of light that they produce, as well as their recycling time. 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In this section you will find a great selection of underwater cameras, underwater housings, wide angle and macro lenses, strobes and other photographic accessories. This is something that’s easy to miss that you’ll need to budget for. There is no getting around it; underwater photography can be an equipment intensive hobby. Here are a few reasons why: Mirrorless cameras boast simple mechanics that create compact, lighter bodies, which can be super helpful when carrying your kit to and from dive sites or while traveling. UW Camerastore, we sell everything for underwater photography. Enter your keywords +1 310-633-5052 sales@bluewaterphotostore.com Photography Ethics: Freezing Insects for Macro, The Delicate Balance of Photography and Family Life, Olympus 150-400mm f/4.5 Lens Review for Wildlife Photography, Luminar AI Review: Hands-on Look at Intelligent Editing, Nature Photography Books for Photographers this Christmas, The Best Equipment for Landscape Photography, How to Choose a Strobe for Underwater Photography, 13 Indoor Projects for Photographers This Winter, Sony Airpeak Drone Will Carry a Sony Alpha Camera, Sony Adds FE 35mm f/1.4 Lens to G-Master Line, Black Friday Deals for Photographers in the USA (2020), 10 Tips for Editing Landscape Photos for Beginners, How to Edit Star Photos: First Steps to Processing in Astrophotography, 9 Essential Things to Know for Editing Landscape Photos, How to Process Woodland Photos with the Orton Effect. Search UwP adverts FOR SALE – INON Z-240 Type 4 underwater strobe . Visit Bluewater Photo & Video for all your underwater photography and video gear. However, it's possible to get started for less than a thousand dollars. By now you should have a clearer understanding of the sort of gear that is required. Sure, you’ll see many underwater photographers with two strobes attached to their housings, but many photographers (including myself) began with just one. Also, keep in mind that some housings don’t allow users to access all of the camera’s controls. What should you spend your money on? Wide-angle shooters may want to get strobes with more power and a faster recycling time. If it's stretching your budget, get the least expensive used housing & body you can find, any strobe, and one good lens. If you are shooting with a compact camera, keep in mind that the internal flash should be avoided. 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Keep in mind some of this gear may cost more in your home country. We have the largest staff of active shooters in the industry and specialize in helping new shooters select the best underwater photography equipment for your needs and budget. Backscatter is your expert resource on underwater photography equipment and supplies. A photography degree from Plymouth University combined with her love for scuba diving has lead Alex to her greatest passion: Underwater Photography. If you’re just starting out in the world of dive photography, it can be a little overwhelming. You’ll want to be sure to purchase a compact camera that has the ability to shoot in raw format, and has an aperture/shutter priority and manual mode. Underwater Photography Course: Equipment Guide. Luckily for you, today there is a wide range of underwater photography equipment for beginners that can help you create these shots easily while making sure that … The Best Pricing, Service & Expert Advice to Book your Dive Trips. Is Photography Allowed During the UK Lockdown? For DSLR cameras, compactcameras and mirrorless cameras. If you plan to go the compact camera route, you’ll have the ability to attach “wet” lenses to the front of your housing. Strobes , underwater housings, ports, domes. If your budget allows to go for a dSLR then your next decision is whether to go to a full frame sensor or one with a cropped sensor. 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