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Aspect: Light-Light abilities: Luck, understanding, illusions. Sylph of Light. They’d definitely have their heart in the right place though, no matter how annoying they’re perceived to be. This could mean that they picked up complex concepts far easier than anyone else around them, and, noticing the lack of Information, were quick to try and spread what they knew as quickly as possible. Leader Skill: Increases attack speed of ally monsters in the Dungeons by 24%. Skills. They may even have come from a family where their Information gave them Attention, and thus they crave Attention and the ability to spread Awareness. She was also able to “rig” Jades death by causing the clock to land on ‘Just’. I really can’t tell if Kanaya was in touch with her aspect, I can’t tell a good example of Kanaya’s role in action beside of her desire to grow up a new Mother Grub, to create something that will create a new troll generation, to create something that will propagate troll race. If they believe that someone steeped in Void or obscurity is actually a Key player, or even if they just want to try and heal the lack of Light within a person by thrusting them into the Light, then nothing will stop them from dragging that person into a place of Importance - though whether or not the person wants this may be questionable. With 2 AoE skills Eredas is a nice pick for ToA: you can build him with Deaspair Rune set to maximize the chance to stun the enemies. Light is about fortune and knowledge. I suppose in this sense they may act as if they are Mages, believing that they understand Light to such an extent that their outcome is possible. As Aranea, they would create information on others, keeping them informed of the plans the team will have. Bends the ambient light around you and shoots a laser. Sylphs are natural healers, teachers, and helpers. This admittedly makes writing about them rather difficult, and I am more than happy to say that this has been one of the harder Classpects for me to write on - and one I feel the least confident about. Their sense of what is and isn’t Important isn’t as refined as it could be, and as such, much like the True Sylph of Light, they might go on long rambles about subjects that others have almost no interest in, or gloss over the truly Important parts or simply fail to highlight their Importance. On February 17, 1899, the pilot-boat Sylph, No. It’s counterpart is Void. Realised Sylphs of Light tend to be much better at healing the Light of things their allies feel are Important, too. It definitely suggests that they were taught by a more competent teacher or by a family member who was Light-orientated themself. They may attempt to change the Importance of things that shouldn’t - or can’t - be changed, or might simply try to do so in a way that’s too heavy-handed to work. Class: Sylph-Sylph abilities: Heal aspect, Create aspect. Realised Sylphs of Light are more aware of when and where their Information will be effective than True Sylphs of Light; they know when to push, when to lead by example, and when it’s best to just drop something and move on. Their abilities as Sylphs are to invite the creation of light on people, some examples are what Aranea did with Terezi and with Jake, as previously mentioned. A True Sylph of Light has likely been raised in a household where they are the only one with a distinct form of education - especially higher education - or have found themselves entrenched in things their family and others around them don’t understand. Sylph of Light; Latest articles. The ask box is open! Light is the aspect of information/knowledge, analysis, perception/awareness, fortune/luck, illumination (both literally and metaphorically), meaning/truth/clarity, and … Never find time to clean the dish... 5 Differences Between European and American Christmas Who decorates the tree, who brings the present and what is t... 10 Things from which we tend to have too many Did you ever move a flat? Light players tend to be clever and goal-oriented, often with a love of attention (or being in the spot- light. They would try to lead by influence, and would probably be moderately good at doing so. Read Sylph of Light from the story Homestuck Ocs Sheet by MikkiMausu with 21 reads. Light Rakshasa (Pang) Next Post Dark Sylphid (Icares) Please login to join discussion. She attempted to act as a Maid/Mage - two active classes - and diminished her own Importance in the story as a result. They are so bursting with knowledge and the desire to share it, to reveal its Importance, that it tends to come out in all the wrong ways. A Sylph of Light will share her fortune and knowledge with others, helping them heal themselves (which is much mroe gratifying). The powers of a True Sylph of Light range drastically. This is something people have been saying, because of what Aranea said and did: She healed Terezi’s eyes, helping her to see(Light). If they know a person won’t change their point of view, they won’t waste their energy attempting the impossible. More than anything, they enjoy collecting as much knowledge as possible, and can share even the tiniest detail about any given subject - though they tend to do so only when it is relevant to be told. Sylphs are a passive healing class, using their aspect to heal others. They might be following in the footsteps of a teacher, or of a family member, or simply of someone they look up to; someone who held Importance in their life, and thus someone they wanted to model themself after. The Witch of Light would have the ability to actively manipulate luck, probability, and relevance. They will patch up the lies in racist ideology with the Truth of actual life, until eventually the racist’s voice is drowned out by the calls of those who demand change. They are very passive and are usually good-natured, but they can wreak havoc when they decide to be active. x500 Emblem of Light and Darkness; Level 70; To get Sylph Loki you need one Evolved Orange Light Sylph (Athena) and one Evolved Orange Dark Sylph (Gaia) which is a bit easy to achieve or will be in a few months. There is a sense of patience about the Realised Sylph of Light, who knows that to achieve their end goal they need to step back, take their time, and let people Learn at their own pace. As a passive player, the sylph will only create to help others and will have to learn on not acting on their own. They may accidentally warp their own Perception of their actions and the world around them, as well as the consequences; if they believe in their own Importance enough, they may act in ways that suggest they can act outside their abilities, when in truth all they’re doing is Obscuring the very things they are trying to fix. Heheheheh). I am Dahni, an INTP, Witch of Light and Derse Dreamer In The Land of Fog and Reflection. They work under the concept that because they know it, because they understand Importance and Awareness and Perception, they should be able to thrust themselves into things more wholeheartedly, bypassing the middleman of teaching other people how to understand Light and the concepts it contains. Analyzing Crosspects — Witch of Void, Sylph of Light. If we consider that Maids ‘Make’ (create) their aspect, I would said that they create it actively, because of the examples we had of maids. a place that needs illumination. ^u^ this is jUst an aesthetic blog by a calliope kin, nothing too special. They are incredibly similar to the True Sylph of Light, and admittedly little truly separates them; they are quick to find any Information with even the smallest hint of Importance, and pick it apart to the bones to find the Truth that lies inside. However, I am not taking requests since I am updating my theories. reqUests are open, bUt please no reqUests regarding relationships between characters Usable Sprites This blog is dedicated to identifying and theorizing which classpect best describes a character from a certain show. Even if Information is relevant and needs to be shared, they know when the best opportunity to do so is, when it holds its most Importance in a conversation or scenario, and reveal what they know at that point and that point only; in this sense, they always seem to fix all the plot holes exactly when they’re being questioned, or clear up misunderstandings right when they need to be solved.
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