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It’s always easy to find the perfect content for the social studies classroom, like primary sources, geographic overviews, foundational documents, and more. Support your child’s learning from the comfort of your own home using these second-grade social studies resources. SOCIAL STUDIES BUNDLE! Teach your students how important each job is for our safety and health. It’s easy to see why we’ve included this on our list of the best social studies websites. Learn all about The Mayflower, the famous ship the Pilgrims made their great journey in. I use these with my students with autism to work on primary skills! Yes, you read that right, 300 - more than enough to cover a whole year's worth of lesson plans! Social studies is the study of culture, geography, history, economics and all things to do with society and human's impact on the world and other humans. Social studies resources include short videos, lessons and interactive games. The 20-minute social studies lessons can be done at home and address questions like, 9 Meaningful Martin Luther King, Jr. Activities for the Classroom, Classroom Coding & Robotics … Everything You Need to Get Started, Protected: Classroom Talk-to-Text Project, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. In this fascinating worksheet, children learn about the history of chocolate, from its ancient ceremonial use to the invention of the chocolate candy bar. These would be great for preschool, kindergarten, or 1st grade. Get better acquainted with all the continents on earth with this word scramble. We are here to help enhance learning at home! 40 Best Social Studies Websites for Kids and Teachers to Learn Your child will get to practice reading a simple map of a park. Take a look through our resources, and filter your search by the category links below! The 20-minute social studies lessons can be done at home and address questions like How can I capture where I am in time and place?, How can we communicate with others to share our thoughts and ideas?, and How can we celebrate our everyday heroes?. An interesting lesson about our very special community helpers. Use the themed classroom banners to customize a civics and citizenship display banner for your classroom. The Seattle Aquarium hosts a 30-minute virtual field trip. In this lesson, your students will be able differentiate between wants and needs. The following links are documents created by the Summit County ESC which are enhanced versions of the social studies model curricula. Grade 8. 101 JFK Parkway | Short Hills, NJ | 07078 | (973) 921-5500, A free inquiry-based distance learning curriculum created by inquirED. Social Studies teaching resources for USA. Free Online Social Studies Resources for Teachers and Parents Recommended Holocaust Lessons and Activities Resources for Remote Learning Black Youth Town Hall. Need a list of some great history websites? Learn at Home with National Geographic . Scope out two incredible online exhibits through Google: one dedicated to American fashion and another featuring a collection of works from Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer. The second best way is to explore the cool interactive maps and, of course, the livestream of the Old Faithful Geyser eruptions. It teaches young kids how our society functions by studying its history and applying those lessons to current events. These self-guided virtual tours give students and up-close look at permanent, current, and past exhibits. PBS LearningMedia 's online library of resources is here to help your students keep learning! Confused about continents? Encourage them to think about what they would like to be when they grow up. Students can learn about the animals and the food web that can be found in the Puget Sound waters. Grades: K-5. Even through a virtual tour on a tiny screen, students will be dazzled by the magnificence and wonder of this thousands-year old fortification system. Located in the heart of London, students can explore this iconic museum with exhibits dedicated to everything from Egyptian mummies to the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies. iCivics on How to Structure a Virtual Classroom. National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) offers the following resources to educators and the general public to foster a national conversation on teaching about human rights. SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON RESOURCES. Find lesson plans and more on the Educator Resources page. We've listed all of the social studies collections in PBS LearningMedia for easy use. They’ve even got lessons on coronaviruses! This wide variety of topics means teachers have to work harder than ever to assemble fun resources, activities, and lesson plans. Students of all grade levels can learn more about the values and skills essential to being a responsible citizen. I have reviewed the new 2019 Oklahoma 5th grade social studies standards and I can confirm that every standard is covered in my big bundle. With sequences of videos on the World Wars, the history of science, U.S. History and more, it’s a great first introduction or review. EdTechTeacher has done the hard work and compiled them all for you! Jeanne is a mother of six (including toddler twins! Grade 9 < > Hurricane Impact. Exploring Social Studies Texas. JumpStart has reading material, hands-on activities and long-term projects that will involve students and get them thinking about their lessons. Explore three floors of the Boston Children’s Museum on this virtual tour which includes fun stops at the Explore-a-Saurus and Japanese House exhibits. Studies Weekly Online allows you to create customized, standards-based curriculum for social studies and offers a free trial. Use this worksheet to help your child learn a little bit about the North Pole! I created most of my social studies resources to replace my old, outdated textbooks, so I completely understand where you’re coming from. Here's a great introduction to world geography, where your child can color and label important locations in the world. Social studies resources in one place Designed and organized in a way that works best for social studies teachers. This site empowers learners to explore their own interests and collaborate with others to bring ideas to life. The best way to experience Yellowstone is to visit. The Street View tour of this California museum gives students access to European artworks that date back as far as the 8th Century. Little explorers take a mini-tour of the United States on this third grade geography and social studies worksheet. View My teaching practice has been made so much easier due to your service and I hope other educational professionals will continue to make Social Studies … Dig into the archaeology and history of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic heritage with a virtual tour of 23 exhibit rooms, including artifacts from the Mayan civilization. These third grade social studies resources include worksheets, activities, and lesson plans that can help support learning in these areas. Travel to Paris might be out of the question right now, but students can virtually walk through this gallery which includes works from Monet, Cézanne, Gauguin, and more. C3 Covid-19 Compelling Questions Catharsis. Ancient China Learning Activities, Ancient China Fact Hunt and Doodle Poster, Ancient China LessonsAncient China Learning Activities, Ancient China…. Grade 7. What better time to push our kids and students to explore humanity? Price: $659.99-$1,199.99. A portal to world history websites including Women in World History, World History Sources and more. The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to advocate and build capacity for high-quality social studies … Browse our library of Social Studies and History Worksheets teaching resources to find the right materials for your classroom. Since 2015, NCSS has issued articles, a position statement, and resolutions on teaching human rights, including the protection of the rights of all children and the dignity and humanity of every person. These Social Studies teaching resources include short articles written by Smithsonian museum educators; curated collections of links to lessons, activities, posters, worksheets, and more; and videos featuring Smithsonian scientists and experts. Looking for more online resources for learning at home? Dive into engaging civics and law-related education programs. This pick for best social studies websites allows students to “watch episodes, play games, and sing along to your favourite Horrible Histories songs!”. Choose articles based on reading level, so you can use these articles for various age and skillsets. The creators of Crash Course have also created a second channel geared towards younger students. These articles and resources have been selected from Social Education, Middle Level Learning, and Social Studies and the Young Learner. Here's a geography challenge for your fifth grader. Create your free account today! Craft a paper rocket in this hands-on activity inspired by the life of Mae Jemison! This free, core academic website delivers videos, animations, and simulations for middle-school and high-school students. Just look for teaching resources that suit your needs, print and use them! National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Audible Is Offering Free Audiobooks for Kids During School Closures, Our Favorite Virtual P.E. Social studies is the study of the social sciences, humanities and history, and has the primary purpose of helping young people make informed decisions as citizens of a democratic society. Explore the masterworks from the Dutch Golden Age, including works from Vermeer and Rembrandt. Collecting Natural History. This historical museum in Germany provides a virtual glimpse of ancient artifacts including the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and the Pergamon Altar. Help your students become global citizens with this lesson that teaches the about culture. Google offers a Street View tour of this iconic museum, so you can feel as if you’re actually wandering its halls. Social Studies Teaching Resources. It’s one of the best social studies websites and even features an entire portal just for teachers. All rights reserved. You’ll find resources to help you better prepare, present, assign, grade and teach—even through distance learning! The videos are short and targeted at middle schoolers. Interest Levels: K-5. Thus, materials such as pictures, charts, tools, drawings, maps, Help your child learn the basics of reading a map with this simplified county map. We’ve compiled a list of things that are not only informative, but also fun and interactive. The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to advocate and build capacity for high-quality social studies by providing leadership, services, and support to educators. 8555 16th St, Suite 500 • Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-588-1800 • 800-296-7840 • fax 301-588-2049 This incredibly cool and responsive website allows students to explore more than 60,000 stars, watch sunrises, search for planets and more! Use Google’s Street View feature to tour the world-famous Guggenheim museum, including works of art and the breathtaking spiral staircase. In this lesson, they will make their own mini dictionary of landforms. Schools and districts closed due to the outbreak can request free unlimited access to Kids Discover Online. If you are ready to move on, or want to get a sneak peek of what's to come, check out our fourth grade social studies resources . Printable unit plans, classroom activities, research projects, and more for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers. This independent study packet for Week 2 offers first graders a host of learning activities in reading, writing, and math. This is definitely one of the best social studies websites around! A curated collection for curious learners, these activities will keep young learners’ minds engaged in social studies, geography, science, and more. I love hearing from fellow Oklahoma teachers. Social Studies Resources. Don’t you love it when other teachers do the research for us? If you ask your students if they need ice cream, the answer may surprise you! Kindergarten Independent Study Packet - Week 5, First Grade Independent Study Packet - Week 2, Third Grade Independent Study Packet - Week 2, Second Grade Independent Study Packet - Week 2, Production, Distribution, and Consumption. Social Studies ResourcesInstructional ResourcesHigh SchoolCivics Resources | Economics Resources | World History Resources | U.S. Copyright © 2020, Inc, a division of IXL Learning • All Rights Reserved. Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most iconic painters of all time, and this virtual tour allows visitors to marvel at the largest collection of his artwork. Social studies is the study of the social sciences, humanities and, Social Studies covers a broad area of study, drawing upon such disciplines as anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion and sociology. “Social Studies School Service has always been a leader in supplying high quality materials to teachers and students. Use the online tool to access countless primary source documents to enhance learning. Get to know your world map! Aid your students in becoming the best citizens they can be with this lesson that teaches students how to be, and what makes, a good citizen. Teachers and students can access printable lesson plans, interactive digital tools, and award-winning games. Celebrate Black History Month by learning about soul music and the history of African-Americans in pop music, all in this Hip-Hop Music worksheet! Use these fun and engaging file folder activities to teach basic social studies themes. Social Studies Update Newsletter. Full of trivia like state nicknames and state birds, she's sure to learn something new. 8555 16th St, Suite 500 • Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-588-1800 • 800-296-7840 • fax 301-588-2049 The lessons are designed to explore a central historical question and include a set of primary documents for students of various reading skills. Then, be sure to check out the great list of activities and downloadables. Teach grade-appropriate social studies content in a Balanced Literacy framework and save prep time with each ready-to-use grade level social studies kit. Week 2 of this third grade independent study packet offers 5 more days of activities in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Copyright © 2021. In second-grade social studies, children are also given the opportunity to voice their own opinions and express themselves in a positive and constructive way. Arctic Landscapes and Peoples. History and Social Studies Resources. It teaches young kids how our society functions by studying its history and applying those lessons to current events. Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers. Our 1st-grade social studies resources are designed to engage and challenge your students with different learning styles, bright illustrations, and interesting content! Quiz your kindergartener on feelings and the five senses with this cute picture test. Learning about third grade social studies is an adventure in geography, the Bill of Rights, as well as local and national history. Go beyond the classroom walls and explore some of the world’s most iconic destinations—no permission slips required. Embark on a virtual field trip that covers three main components: coastal wetlands, algae, and lake sturgeon. Objectives: SOL Institutes – Presentations & lessons available for 2017, 2016 and 2012; History and Social Science Standards of Learning Crosswalk Between the 2015 and 2008 Standards-This is a Word document. Members of the State Board of Education adopted new statewide social studies standards in May 2017 following an Iowa-led writing and review process that began more than a year ago. There’s so much to see at this iconic New York museum—even on a virtual tour. The 2020 Census is coming up, and this site is a great resource for showing kids how census data is collected and used. iCivics provides tools to help students learn about civic life. Get 5 more days of activities with week 2 of our independent study packet for second graders. Learn at Home: Grades 3 … This biweekly show is meant for elementary school kids and covers topics ranging from Earth science to chemical reactions. Sign-up to receive weekly teacher tips, fun activities, mindfulness and exercise ideas, and more for grades K-5. It is defined by the American National Council for Social Studies as "the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence.". We’ve categorized over 40 best social studies websites as follows: Focused on high school students, the Big History Project is a joint effort between teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge. Social studies takes a look at the different branches of human society. This site is designed to help K–12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom and through distance learning. Here's a great geography worksheet that doubles as a coloring page! The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to advocate and build capacity for high-quality social studies by providing leadership, services, and support to educators. Anti-racism Resources. Social studies is the study of the social sciences, humanities and history, and has the primary purpose of helping young people make informed decisions as citizens of a democratic society. Online Social Studies Resources Based on … TCI offers the full package! Social studies classrooms are an interesting place because at any given time you can learn about history, culture, art, politics and civics, economics, and more. Social Studies Standards. The Election Collection on PBS Learning Media. Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation’s children. Reading Levels: 1.50-5.90. She loves cooking, reading, and dancing in her kitchen. Create your free account today! Waiting for you in this collection are well over 300 teacher-made social studies resources. Perfect for K-8 social studies students, this site includes curriculum content, online learning videos and quizzes along with a list of the corresponding national and state Standards. This colorful site contains lessons that meet national and state standards as well as STEM and College and Career Readiness goals. Social Studies Resources . Check out the fantastic behind-the-scenes videos and stories.
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