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TENKARA FISHING ... 100% Fluorocarbon Saltwater Tippet Fly Fishing Line 50M 12lb/16lb/20lb. NEWSLETTER A new design of XS Nano Scandinavian ‘Shooting Heads’, with a 7.7m floating density head, supplied with (5.3m) 17ft inter-changeable, floating tip. Add to Cart. A hybrid head, the Rage bridges the gap between Skagit and Scandi heads. If you need to get down deep, use large and heavy flies and still want to maintain your control, Ace Skagit floating head + T tip is the line system for you. $7.50 $10.00. Anglers can attach regular leaders, 10ft replacement tips, or Trout VersiLeaders to the front, and these heads are perfect for nymph and indicator rigs, soft hackles and small streamers. Due to the length, you could custom cut this head to suit your fishing scenario. The 2D has a 62ft head and the 3D a 73ft head. Our shooting heads have different lengths, tapering and sinking degrees … The shorter, steeper tapers ensure your heavy fly kicks over, even at maximum casting range. Our Scandinavian-Spey fly lines now come in a choice of Floating or Intermediate densities, with a colour coded core that also forms the first 100ft or so of backing. Shooting Head. In stock. Coarse Fishing Kits. They consists of a head (traditionally 30ft) which is all the line you need outside the rod tip to load the rod. Trout Fly Lines Trout Fly Lines for River Stream, Creek and Stillwater Flyfishing: floating, sinking, intermediate, neutral density, sink tip, shooting heads and multi-tip trout fly lines. Pike Fishing Kits. This week’s RIO Fly Fishing Tip shows how to correctly attach a shooting head to a shooting line. The following information is exclusively for our records to help us fulfil your request and will not be shared with any third party. Add to Cart. To solve these problems, you need to get the large diameter head under the surface and away from the strongest current layer. Shooting Heads. A shooting line is required to make this head fishable, and we recommend either 25lb GripShooter, or.026" Metered ConnectCoreas a shooting line.. An easy casting shooting head designed for effortless distance and great presentation.Features:Easy loading design helps anglers make long, effortless castsLong, fine front taper generates tight loops that un roll with great presentationPrinted ID system for easy recognitionAttach the rear easy ID loop to the shooting line we have cheap starter lines and some of the very best top rated trout lines available. Since then they have gone from strength to strength developing some of the world's highest performance and technically advanced fly lines. Our fly rods bend deeper and they protect light tippets. Simply get the head outside the rod tip, send the cast and the heavier head pulls the thinner running line through the guides, similar to a weight forward head but more extreme. In order to complete Vision's Skagit range, they designed a set of optimized tapered tips including obligatory Floating, Intermediate and Sink3 tips. Anyone who has fished in the searing heat of the Tropics knows of the havoc these temperatures can play with a fly line. Quickview. For shorter double hand and switch rods we recommend the Compact shooting heads, especially the new 3D+ Compact series. They are … If you are going all that way and spending all that money... go prepared. Click & Collect. Snowbee Shooting Head Fly Lines The traditional Scandinavian method of using ‘trim to fit’ Shooting Heads for Salmon and Sea-Trout fly fishing, is as popular today as it’s ever been, allowing the angler to modify the weighted section of the head to suit his own, very specific requirements. AIRFLO SCANDI COMPACT SHOOTING HEAD FLOATING FLY LINES As low as £24.99. All the tips are available in two sizes #7-9 wt and #9/11. Designed as a running line for shooting-head systems, the AIRS core gives it super floating properties and results in thin diameters and a very slick durable finish for achieving the ultimate distance. The Ultra-Light Scandi (ULS) fly lines are a fantastic tool for fisherman hunting migratory trout, seatrout and small salmon with lighter switch … The Advanced Flight Spey (AFS) lines are Scandinavian style Shooting Heads. The Intermediate option is a full slow sinking head and the Sink 3 is a medium sinking shooting head. Two-Handed. ... Airflo Scandi Long Shooting Head Fly Line. The package includes a floating head with floating, intermediate and sink 3 tips. These tips were designed to be used with normal Ace shooting heads and were not optimal for extra short and heavy Skagit heads. These heads have a long front taper that ensures the softest of presentation and a design that loads rod up easily, resulting in extremely effortless casts of prodigious distances. Ace tip lines perform very well with Skagit style casts too. ... Greys - Easy casting, high performance lines - Everything you need to cover the whole river - Comes with 90' running line and Floating shooting head - Includes 3 tip sections (Floating, Intermediate and Sinking) Cortland Precision 15' Ghost Tip Fly Line. £54.99. Use them when fly fishing for Salmon or for Sea run trout at the river mouths, fly fishing large heavy water rivers like the Wish List. The Float Long option is a Spey Head, designed to be attached to a running line and has a 52ft head length.
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