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31 October 2019: Closing date for returning the eAdmission Form to the Local Authority. Going to your local school Enter a postcode to see where you live on the map. Catchment areas are based on your child’s permanent address. Catholic and CE Aided schools. The Good Schools Guide offers a similar search function, but, as the name suggests, it’s more than just a school-finding service. Catchment areas are based on your child’s permanent address. Check how far you are from your local schools with our distance calculator. Their website has a lot of advice for anyone trying to find a child a school place. In parallel with this consultation there was also an objection to the Chesham Grammar School 2019 admission rules and the matter was referred to the Office of the Schools … National School Census Data 2019. Enter a postcode, address or DfE number; Search Search; Search results. They offer guides on choosing the right school, different types of school and admission procedures. Use to search for your local government school or specialist school. Few. Parents are able to express a preference to attend a school of their choice, either their catchment area school or other local schools in the area where there are places available. School Catchment Area Finder; Click on this link to use the School Catchment Area Finder without a map. When you apply, you can list the schools you wish to apply to in order of preference. Instructions for use. Many plot their information on local maps, so you can see exactly where the schools are. How many pupils attending the school live in the area? Pupil heat map key. If that happens, the local authority will offer your child a place at another school. The admission rules for each school show the priority given to catchment children when we look to see who can be offered a place. Related content. Some. Baden Powell and St Peters Junior School; Bayside Academy; Bearwood Primary and Nursery School; Bishop Aldhelm's Church of England (Voluntary … You can still easily find out which schools are in your area and how they’re performing. The basic school data is taken from a mixture of different Department for Education sources like Edubase and the school performance tables. Questions? Primary and infant school children are eligible for free home to school transport where they attend their nearest available school if that school is more than two miles from their home address. Downend School Catchment Area Map. Alternatively, you can see primary, secondary, special schools, sixth form colleges and further education colleges all together on one map. 8:30am-7:30pm, Mon-Fri If you live in London, you can also use the London Schools Atlas. Map: secondary school catchment areas. This site aims to record, as far as is practical, the effective catchment area for every school for every year of admission. The basic school data is taken from a mixture of different Department for Education sources like Edubase and the school performance tables. They’re also subject to change, so the best thing to do is look up the schools in your area and contact them directly. If you live in one of those, then your application is prioritised over people who live outside it, but you’re still not guaranteed a place—all the places could all be taken by people who also live in this area but live closer to the school. The school distance calculator feature is a useful extra, particularly in areas like ours where catchment is such a significant factor. Map: all schools and catchment areas. Locrating's catchment areas explained June 22, 2019 (updated November 11, 2019) Using data that has been provided by the Department of Education and the Office for National Statistics, we have created catchment area indicators for schools in England. Distance from the school (catchment area) Siblings at the same school; Whether or not your child attended a nearby ‘feeder school’ Religion (if it’s a faith school) Academic ability (if it’s a grammar or private school) Special medical and social needs; Some schools even include a lottery or fair banding admissions system. Map. As catchment areas aren’t always set in stone, they can only give you a rough idea of whether or not your children would be eligible. This site aims to record, as far as is practical, the effective catchment area for every school for every year of admission. Both primary and secondary schools should be able to provide information on where their catchment areas are, so you can find out if you’re close enough to be considered for a place. During the Regular Board Meeting on Monday, June 10, 2019, our Board of Trustees approved a motion setting the catchment area for Maryland Park School, as presented during a public information meeting on May 22, 2019.. Click HERE to review a copy of the complete presentation. If you've just moved to an area and you're outside of the application dates, contact your local authority and explain the situation – they should be able to help. To year 12 in September 2020 was 13th December 2019 10 state schools Bexley. The catchment areas are shrank for the last 3 years this year being the first increase for a while despite new regulations. Published Admission Numbers and Catchment Areas 2019/20 Milton Keynes Council – Published Admissions Numbers for 2019 for normal entry to Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools. Visit Catholic Education Commission of Victoriaand Independent Schools Victoria to find Catholic and independent schools l ocated across the state. School catchment areas can change each year depending on whether they get more, or less, applications than places available. Enter your postcode, select primary or secondary, and you can see the performance of schools in each area. Join our Facebook Page! If you are in any doubt about the catchment area school for a particular property, please use our search facility or contact our school admissions team by: email:; telephone: 01202 261936; Catchment area maps. Our maps are for reference only. The deadlines are 15 January for primary school and 31 October for secondary school. 2019; Jun; Revised Catchment Area; Revised Catchment Area. School Catchment Areas Dáil Éireann Debate, Thursday - 26 September 2019 Councils provide dedicated teams to help parents get children into local schools. Data on school catchments is collected from individual local education authorities. Who To Contact. Follow us on Twitter! When you’ve found a few schools that you’re interested in, the next step is to apply to the relevant local authority. Designated or 'catchment' areas. Please refer to the school's admission policy to see how they prioritize admissions. The catchment area school is not always the nearest available school. Map: primary school catchment areas. Find a school using our 'School search' facility; Select the school from the school list; Click on the 'catchment tab' Select a school year that the pupils enter the school (e.g. We were in the process of consulting on behalf of Chesham Grammar School (CGS) to widen the catchment area to include Chalfont St Peter (‘area7’) so that boys in the area have two grammar school catchment choice. By explaining what we have done and how, this post allows you to interpret our catchment maps. 1 March 2020 – National Allocation Day: Letters sent to Parents with offers of school place by the Local Authority. Catholic and CE Aided schools. Consider how your child will get to school. Where’s the data from? Your London school bexley grammar school catchment area 2019 in GCSE and A-Level standings there are 1100 boys at the age of 11-18. Map showing where Areas A and B meet (pdf, 3.8 MB) Latest news. They’re also subject to change, so the best thing to do is look up the schools in your area and contact them directly. Your distance from the school is also only one factor in your application – you may be miles away from your first choice, but discover that your child would be accepted anyway. Good question — it’s probably not what you think it is. Schools and properties are shown in a clean, easy to understand fashion on a map that you can easily move around; school icons tell you at a glance the type of school and its Ofsted rating. A catchment area for the school is yet to be established.
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