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She gained a new family at Kaer Morhen, the hold of the witchers. They are the opposite of negative decisions that make the girl die. Yet destiny once again made noise. He had gone to meet with Skellen and Rience and possibly negotiate some terms to release Ciri. [8] A short time later, Goldencheeks took her in and so Ciri moved in with the woman and her family in Lower Sodden. Gender The unicorn became her guide and they jumped. She met Little Horse who offered his help (actually his being by Ciri's side was a part of her bargain with the other unicorns). If Ciri survives and didn't meet with Emhyr or met with Emhyr but Nilfgaard lost the war, Geralt will tell the Emperor that she died saving the world, before later meeting with Ciri to give her her witcher's blade. While Emhyr revealed to Geralt that he too had intended to impregnate Ciri, after sending Geralt and Yennefer away, he instead informed Ciri that he is her father and leaves Stygga Castle. But it feels like Geralt is in a from of Purgatory, everything we fought to achieve is now gone and only Geralt is left to wander the world. However, the time for celebration was cut short, as the Hunt would soon assault the aging keep. For an expanded version, see Template:Ciri Family Tree Expanded. As she did though, she pricked herself and suddenly realized the rest of the convoy was under attack and the two galloped back to get to Triss. Ciri later stirs Geralt early in the morning, revealing she had discovered Imlerith was attending a sabbath on Bald Mountain in Velen, as would the Crones, though she hadn't told Avallac'h of her plans. Finally, and out of desperation, she drew (magical) power from a fire she was able to start. Finally understanding that witcher neutrality wasn't about being insensitive but rather to prevent more unnecessary massacres, Ciri then asked to take one of the special roses to remember. Now I am doing my second play-through to get a canon (in my view) ending: Geralt with Yen, Ciri is Emperess. Yennefer always had forbidden her to do that and the power overwhelmed her, which lead to her abjuration of the magical power. The elves believed that the latter had 'stolen' Elder Blood from them by marrying Lara. She nearly died of exhaustion, dehydration and starvation. On Velen Ciri managed to escape with the help of Vattier's spy Neratin Ceka when Bonhart had taken her to the village of Unicorn on the eve of the equinox. No, Ciri is straight. This plan went awry though as the party got lost and ended up in the dreaded Brokilon region, a forest off-limits to anyone not friends with the dryads that lived there. Ciri was born in Skellige in Belleteyn of the following year and initially, Calanthe ordered her advisor Mousesack to kill Geralt,wishing to break free from the Law of Surprise. Not aware of the situation, Ciri suddenly remarked the dryads couldn't have done it as the tree was cut down, causing the men to try and kill her and Geralt, but Geralt held them off as he demanded she run. The Law of Surprise connects the fates of those bound to it, and when Geralt saved the life of a cursed … The baron hired a bounty hunter Leo Bonhart to capture her alive; however, Bonhart was already hired by Stefan Skellen who wanted her to be killed[12] so that the monarchy could be overthrown.[2]. Bonhart killed the Rats and cut off their heads after their deaths. Ciri then engages in a private conversation with Emhyr but later stormed out, angry at his attempts to buy her. Nevertheless, he was very proud and refused to admit it. Ciri did manage to escape Tir Na Lia, only to be pursued by the Wild Hunt. Once outside, Ciri asks to go to Hindarsfjall to see Skjall, only to be told of his death. The novels are not clear when it comes to dates/Ciri's age. Distraught at this, Ciri decided she'd commit suicide by drowning and waited for favorable weather conditions to do so. The unicorns explained that both Fox and Sparrowhawk had once possessed The Gate of the Worlds, a mystical power known only to those of the Elder Blood but they had lost it. After fighting through Hunt warriors and hounds did Ciri engage Caranthir, eventually destroying his staff, though the effort seemingly knocked her unconscious. Now, I want to preface this by saying that I don’t quite think Witcher 3 has a bad ending, assuming, of course, Ciri survives the White Frost, which is bit of a given. Ciri managed to escape with the help of unicorns, but not before learning that elves have massacred humans on the Aen Elle world. [9], With the death of her mother, Ciri was now the only remaining heir to Cintra and thus Calanthe took special care to raise her granddaughter. She goes ahead with Yennefer to await Geralt's arrival. The Witcher season two casts Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia and other minor roles. That power allowed her to traverse space and time at will. Due to her witcher training at Kaer Morhen, Ciri fights nearly identical to Geralt, though there are differences as well. Bounty hunter Leo Bonhart was hired by Stefan Skellen to kill Ciri and by baron Casadei to capture her alive. However in the original Polish, Calanthe wanted the druid to kill Geralt instead and he was willing to do so as nobody refused the queen. Bonhart then killed Neratin Ceka, and Skellen seriously wounded Ciri, disfiguring her with an orion as she fled the village on her mare, Kelpie. The lass had magical talent. As Geralt made to leave rather than watch the young girl drink the Water of Brokilon that'd erase all her previous memories, Ciri begged him to stay and so he did for her sake. After slaying the monster, Ciri plays a game of rock, paper, scissors, to decide who will face the Crones and who would slay Imlerith. 1 Mitglieder der Rattenbande: 2 Literaturstellen; 3 The Hexer (Verfilmung und Serie) 3.1 Episoden; 4 The Witcher – Computerspiel. Ciri chose Geralt and tried to stay with him after they left Brokilon, but the Witcher would not take her with him. 5 years ago (To go even further into major book spoilers) What others said, but she also happens to be the daughter of Emhyr Var Emreis, the emperor of Nilfgaard. However, Ciri realized that Wild Hunt would sense her powers so she left Crow's Perch and headed to Novigrad. The witchers afeared the uncontrolled power of a source and needed a sorceress to assist them. Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (better known as Ciri), was born in 1252 or 1253,[4] and most likely during the Belleteyn holiday. After penetrating the laboratory, they find a genealogical chart of Elder Blood descendants; Avallac'h was studying all paths of Lara Dorren, even those thought extinct. Ciri will reappear in Season 2, which is expected to be released 2021. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!/en-us/tid=CUSA00527_00 While normally the dryads shot to kill on sight, Ciri wasn't noticed by them, though the rest of her party wasn't so lucky and were killed as they mistakenly crossed the border. Having overheard this, Ciri escaped and fled into the nearby forest, narrowly evading Imlerith. House of Raven Completely down and out, she finally was captured by the Trappers and brought to the village of Glyswen where she finally escaped along with a group of young brigands known as "the Rats". She was stopped by Eredin who then revealed his true intentions, being the same as Avallac'h's. She learned to fight. As the winter went on, Ciri continued her witcher training while also taking Elder Speech lessons from Triss, the latter of whom kept an eye on the girl every day and night to make sure whatever spoke through Ciri didn't come back, while also soothing her back to sleep when she woke up from nightmares. Among her many magical talents is the ability to conjure up … Nevertheless, he was very proud and refused to admit it. Despite wanting to fight in the upcoming battle, Ciri was ordered to remain inside the keep while everyone else defended her. Then, following Triss' earlier instructions, asked for Triss to be allowed to stay, before excusing herself. At least not consciously. MrMonkhouse (Topic Creator) 5 years ago #4. One of them is awesome, one is OK and the third is something we’re pretty sure you’ll want to avoid. Only the witcher and the sorceress denied Death's calling. While she wandered alone deeper into the dangerous forest, she was spotted by a giant centipede and almost met her death there when her screams were heard by Geralt and Braenn as they were incidentally nearby. At one point they reached an outpost that was overflowing with merchants and soldiers and, despite Geralt sending Ciri to look after Triss, the girl showed back up in time to overhear one of the commandants vehemently proclaiming all nonhumans were in cahoots with the Scoia'tael and Nilfgaard had been backing them. This led to the manifestation of Ciri's strongest power, giving her the title of The Lady of the Worlds. Here, Geralt recognizes her as a witcher, and they are together right up until the credits roll. However, when she arrives there, he refuses to release Yennefer and instead reveals his plan to impregnate her and use her placenta to gain access to the Elder Blood. That being the only way Avallac'h would let her return to her own world. At some point, Ciri became Avallac'h's pupil, and it was he, according to game lore, that taught her to use and control her source power. 4.1 The Witcher; 4.2 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; In der Kurzgeschichte "Das Schwert der Vorsehung" trifft Geralt das erste Mal auf Ciri, als sie zehn Jahre alt ist. yeah i know, my first ending was the first where ciri becomes a witcher but radovid kill who wasnt human, i didint like it (but it was my bad cuz i forgot the quest about the king's murder lol). Aggrieved, the lass disawoved magic and became a huntress, learning to love killing. Jakub Szamałek, Lead Writer on the Witcher 3 has had a lot to say over the years about the game, and a recent Q&A had him show his "regret we didn’t get to explore Ciri’s past a bit more, she’s such an amazingly rich and complex character." The sorceress loved a witcher and the two adopted the girl. According to Blood of Elves, her name is derived from the Elder Speech word Zireael, Swallow. He was pardoned, and Geralt advised that they leave before she could change her mind and decide to order his execution again. For many fans of CD Projekt Red and The Witcher 3, the Easter Egg may be slightly disappointing. However, in the center of the ruins still remained a statue of Aelirenn, an elf that'd tried to lead one last desperate battle against humans 200 years ago. After speaking comforting words to Ciri, the three agreed it was time to head south to the temple in Ellander. If you consider all the characters, there are lots of endings to The Witcher 3, but we’re primarily worried about Ciri and the main endings of the game. Ignoring the Emperor is the required choice if you want Ciri to choose to become a Witcher at the conclusion of the game. One such character from both the show and video game, Ciri, was in The Witcher books, as well. However, Ciri became annoyed when the other dwarves wrongly assumed that Triss and Geralt were a couple, and was further annoyed with Triss when the sorceress appeared to try and snuggle up rather too much to Geralt when they helped bathe her. During the final push, Ciri found herself barricaded in the capital's castle with her grandmother and many of the nobles, with no chance of surviving as it was only a matter of time when the Nilfgaardian soldiers would break in. While Ciri didn't reveal who she was and where she was from, Goldencheeks took a liking to the girl over the next six months,[10] especially as she herself couldn't bear anymore children and only had sons. However, it's soon obvious that her talents far exceed any normal Witcher. User Info: malicemizerfan. Despite this, Hjalmar held no grudges against Ciri and the young girl regularly visited him while he healed. Eredin just wanted Ciri to use her powers. In the Netflix-Version, Ciri is portrayed by Freya Allan.
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