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Hi, an other OST from Fairy Tail composed by Takanashi YasuharuEnjoyyyy After puking, Acnologia resumes his air board chase. Stopping to look at her, Acnologia notices her and points out that she has the same smell as Irene. He reminisces when he walked into a cave and saw flashback where Sonya being badly injured by a group of dragons, which infuriates Acnologia and he kills them all afterwards. Acnologia is then later punched by Igneels' version of Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, but he shrugs this attack off as well. Acnologia flies over the island, letting out a loud roar that terrifies most of the members of Team Tenrou on the island. The seven dragon slayers gather up to battle the Dragon King determined to slay him once and for all as Acnologia prepares to show them why he is called the King of Dragons. Acnologia announces that he is tired of the whole world and vows to destroy it. Though the Lightning Dragon Slayer is more powerful than either of them, he can’t quite keep up once he inadvertently activates Natsu’s Fire Lightning Dragon Slayer powers, leaving him knocked on his back...and out of the guild, for a while. However, he is met with inquisition, as Zeref points out that Acnologia could rule the world with his power if he wished, calling his motives unfathomable, though Acnologia simply says the same of Zeref's motives. At some point, Acnologia ran into Gildarts Clive when the Fairy Tail Guild S-Class Wizard was on a "Century Quest" at Zonia Mountain. After Erza get taken out trying to reason with Jellal, Natsu steps up to get revenge. The time to see who's worthy enough to become an S-Class Mage descends upon Fairy Tail once again; the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial is about to begin. It causes Irene to leap in the air, after acknowledging their strength, Irene ponders on what will happened to Acnologia once Zeref obtains Fairy Heart and uses it against Acnologia. He tells her to move but she refuses to comply, as he notes on her bravery to face him, despite knowing who he is. As the two fight, Acnologia is eventually able to knock Makarov to the ground. Acnologia wonders she can entertain him for even a moment which she confirms. However, the latter explains that he didn't intend to run, and that he moved so that he can fight without holding back, in order to defeat the other creature. As he nears his destination, both Mages and the Demons take notice of his presence. Shortly thereafter, taking advantage of Igneel's worry for Natsu, Acnologia fires a Dragon's Roar at his opponent's head, but misses. The S-Class matches are in full swing with this episode, as Erza and Mirajane test out multiple members of Fairy Tail who’ve made a big splash recently. He then asks Irene if she believes Zeref has the power to defeat him as she states he will. It’s always weird with Natsu—in life or death situations, there’s literally no one in the entire Fairy Tailuniverse safer to place a bet on for a win. reviving, berates the Fire Dragon and declares that all he wants is utter destruction. It’s a last ditch plan with zero chance of success, so fortunately Mavis transported them all seven years into the future to stop them from getting obliterated. He claims that Dragons are unnecessary in the world. Still, they were both aiming to prove themselves to their teams, and so it ended up being the rare case of an underdog facing off against another underdog. Acnologia (アクノロギア Akunorogia), also known by the name The Black Dragon (黒龍, Kokuryū), and fearsomely reputed as The Black Dragon in the Book of Apocalypse, is a cataclysmically powerful human being that can take the form of a Dragon that assaulted the Fairy Tail Mages on Tenrou Island in the Year X784. He lived his life in his hometown, Montes Secreta, where he worked as a doctor and aided those in need with his healing magic. They all ran away dodging the debris Acnologia showered upon them when he released another shockwave. Jellal then challenges Acnologia to give Anna and the others time to open the Time Lapse themselves. Acnologia seemingly nukes the island with all of the S-Class participants on it; When Trees Attack: Azuma; World Tree: The Sirius Tree which makes it so that the members of Fairy Tail cannot die while on the island, while at the same time enhancing their magic power. For most of the series, Gildarts Clive is a character who remains off-screen because he’s so terrifyingly overpowered he can’t participate in most of Fairy Tail’s battles without winning them single-handedly. Everyone is surprised to see a real-life Dragon, and Natsu Dragneel says that he knew that Dragons really do exist. It was around this time that the man named himself after his former guardian, as his name was the only one he could remember. Acnologia ignores them and walks over to Irene's corpse remarking that she was the one who invented Dragon Slayer Magic which makes her the reason for his power and his actions. Meanwhile, Acnologia's physical body starts to destroy Magnolia and the world following after. Later on, Wendy notices a crack in the sky where the time lapse was, indicating the Black Dragon's attempts to free himself are proving successful. Lucy and the other wizards gather together together to induce Fairy Sphere while Erza, Mirajane, Gray, Juvia, and Lyon fight Acnologia's physical body to try and give Lucy and the others some time. Acnologia clings to the ship but Erza has Ichiya destroy the mechanism to make it possible for Dragon Slayers to stay aboard the ship triggering Acnologia's weakness of motion sickness. Here, it’s three of the strongest women in Magnolia battling not only to prove their guild is the best, to prove they’re among the strongest mages in them. In an instant, Acnologia defeated Gildarts and took his left arm, left leg and gutted his body, leaving him to die before flying away though Gildarts managed to survive, albeit with difficulties and permanent damage. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth, and below it is an elongated protrusio… He then notices Irene's corpse and walks over to it, ignoring the two Fairy Tail Wizards. He identifies her as his mother as she was the one who created Dragon Slayer Magic. As he proclaims his supremacy, however, a shadow-like substance extends from where his right arm used to be. His Dark Guild invaded and unleashed a Guild War on the island that is said to be the resting place of Fairy Tail's First Master and interrupted the titular guild's S-Class Promotional Exam. We learn that they were hiding to build antibodies to prevent Dragon Slayers to turn into Dragons once again and were waiting for a moment to defeat Acnologia. However in return, Acnologia destroys nearly the entire left half of Igneel's torso and then kills him with his Dragon's Roar. Soon though, Anna and Ichiya drive Christine to save Jellal by pushing an enraged Acnologia at full speed into the time lapse, sacrificing themselves to put an end to Acnologia's reign of terror once and for all. Zeref kills Hades after speaking about acnologia who destroys Tenrou … Later as the Face bombs across the continent begin to detonate, Acnologia is sent plummeting towards the earth extremely wounded, much to everyone's surprise. They try every ability they have before they finally acknowledge how impossible he is to defeat, and instead choose to try and defend against his Dragon Roar. As Acnologia is finally defeated, he desperately tries to cling to life, wanting to cause more destruction and pain, but Natsu, having seen through his menacing personality as being a façade to hide his pain, tells Acnologia that he can't have everything and that he should cherish what he had even if he had lost it all. Their place in the world has been completely usurped by Sabertooth, a young guild that places power over everything. Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer, Salamander of Fairy Tail, the Flame Dragon Igneel's son was going to fight to the last breath with Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse on Fairy Tail's Private Island, Tenrou Island, the Burial ground of Mavis Vermillion, the first Guild Master of Fairy Tail. The two Sky mages used everything in their arsenals against one another, but both proved incapable of conquering the other. The whole island was blown apart, obliterated to such an extent that a crater was created in the ocean below. The history of the Dragon Acnologia from the anime series called Fairy Tail. It's roar sent all the members of fairy tail into fright. On the Serenity route, you`ll past the first Round without fighting but you will still be tested. Erza shout… Acnologia quickly overwhelms Igneel and repeatedly crushes his torso with his claws whilst screaming about destruction; he also derides the Dragon for being the Flame Dragon King yet not being able to fight equally with him and continues his relentless assault. As the fight goes on, Acnologia tells Igneel that he won't escape. As he transforms into a Dragon and flies in search of Gajeel, he senses that Gajeel had perished, leaving only 6 Dragon Slayers, but before he can search for the rest, he is then intercepted by another one of the Shields of Spriggan named Irene. He then recognizes Wendy as a Dragon Slayer while Erza questions him over his identity as he smiles in response to her question. However, unbeknownst to the dragon, his targets survived; protected by the power of Fairy Sphere where they remain trapped for the next seven years. As the Black Dragon was rampaging across the island, Makarov who sensed its destructive capabilities, entered into his Titan mode and tried to hold the Dragon at bay while telling his guildmates to run and leave the island. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Acnologia/Synopsis?oldid=4083524. ...He promptly gets stomped, but this is where we see Natsu’s determination, as he eats part of the tower (made up of pure magic) to activate Dragon Force, the purest form of a Dragon Slayer’s power, defeating Jellal and destroying the tower in the process. Unlike the compassionate Erza Scarlet, Erza Knightwalker is twisted and sadistic, serving as a Fairy Hunter. Lucy & Cana vs. Effortlessly, Acnologia creates huge explosions with his breath, as well as shockwaves with his wings alone, much to the Mages' despair. Tenrou Island, The S-Class Trials Begin. First, Zeref is on the island. Acnologia begins crystallizing Natsu's body as the fire dragon slayer still weakened from his fight with Zeref is unable to stop it which Acnologia points out before laughing at the extent of his actions. Wendy then recognizes his magic power and figures out his identity as Acnologia, which she tells a surprised Erza as Acnologia attacks them only to be blocked by Jellal. It possesses a blunt, rounded head with four large and elongated plates extending backwards, and has white beady eyes. However, Acnologia gives a sly grin as Zeref tells him to wait for the ultimate clash between human, Dragon and immortal to approach. Acnologia comes to Tenrou Island after sensing the immense amounts of magic power generated by the battle between Fairy Tail and Grmoire Heart, and the negative emotions unleashed during the battle. As he takes his leave, he states that there are still seven more Dragon Slayers left, indicating that he intends to annihilate each and every one of them, until all remnants of the Dragons have been wiped out of existence. Makarov introduces the Dragon to the Team Tenrou as The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, Acnologia. After Zeref appeared on the Grimoire Heart Ship and killed Hades, Acnologia arrives on Tenrou Island where the Fairy Tail mages were taking their S-Class exams and begins to unleash destruction. RELATED: Kimetsu No Yaiba: 10 Most Powerful Swordsmen, Ranked. A total of 16 playable characters! Though the Grand Magic Games lack most of the gravitas of other arcs, a handful of battles stand out as an exception because of what each contender has to prove. Zeref eyed the explosion with a calm expression, his face giving away nothing. After arriving, Acnologia fights the Fairy Tail members on the island. With that in mind, we’ve decided to look at some of the best and most brutal battles ever had over the course of the series. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia of the fictional guild Fairy Tail. Acnologia is then trapped in the Fairy Sphere, but Lucy didn't have enough magic power to keep him trapped for long. As it turns out, that when Acnologia was trapped the unstable time magic had split his body in two with his physical body rampaging through the real world as his spiritual body, which maintains the power stays in the ravines of time where he keeps the dragon slayers to use them to stabilize his magic. Despite his vast power, Acnologia remains isolated from humans but he is still feared by the people of Earth Land as he was credited with the single-handed destruction of an entire country. After several arcs of seeing Natsu leave Gray behind in power, Gray was finally able to attain a new power himself, becoming an Ice Devil Slayer after his battle with his father. This led to him to gaining an intense hatred for all Dragons, causing him to seek out on a journey to learn how to obtain and use Dragon Slayer Magic. However, Acnologia says that it won't be a simple defeat, but a one-sided obliteration. Acnologia as a human before transforming into a Dragon. But while there are a ton of battles, none of them say “Fairy Tail is back” like Natsu and Gajeel versus Sabertooth’s two Dragon Slayers, Sting and Rogue. After Natsu jumps on Igneel, the latter fires a huge flame blast towards Acnologia, although the beast easily shrugs off the attack and comes out of it unscathed. Thus, the man took on the name Acnologia for himself and ensured that those who would later despise him will never forget his name. Moved by Natsu's sympathy and finally realizing the error of his ways, Spiritual Acnologia accepts defeat and acknowledges Natsu as worthy of the mantle of Dragon King before finally vanishing. Acnologia and Igneel begin to clash, while all the Mages below watch in horror and awe. As Acnologia released his Dragon's Roar he destroyed the island with a giant explosion. Team Fairy Tail were put through some of the most dangerous battles they’d ever had, finally culminating in this two on one showdown between Natsu, his rival Gray, and the leader of all Tartaros, Mad Gear. This event was forever etched into history as the Dragon King Festival. Still residing in the cave where he and Zeref conversed last, Acnologia mentions that where his stolen arm still hurts; adding that he will destroy everything at the Dragon King Festival, he gets up and takes on his Dragon form, after which he shouts that he is the true "Dragon King".
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