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Our in-house Swarovski expert, Annemarie van Orsouw, is an avid Swarovski collector herself and has been trading crystal figurines for years. The best glues for repairing lead crystal and glass … I did consider hotfix but my previous experiences with them on canvas have been pretty short lived, so want a good lasting finish, thanks again. Hi I haven’t used the CG-500 but will be getting some in the new year to try, I have used a different 2 part epoxy in the past though and found it to be easy to use as long as you follow the instructions carefully, if you add to much compound or hardener it doesn’t set well and can make a mess or set much too quickly or not at all. To replace the crystals you will need to know the colour and size which will either be an ss or pp number depending on the stone size. Hi Kirsta Thank you, Sarah. Hi David If the gems are being glued to a metal surface and there is no flexibility you can use something like jewellery cement, which is easy to apply and has a thin precision nozzle. Hi Diane Yes you can use gemtac and non-hotfix 3mm crystals or hotfix ones either will work well just be careful when washing and don’t use a detergent with bleach in or tumble dry the garment or the adhesive will deteriorate, whether its hotfix or gemtac. i. Orange stick – For very small crystals ss5 – ss7 (used for nail art) an orange stick is the easiest tool to use, just wet the tip and the crystals will stick to it. It cures with exposure to natural daylight. Would really appreciate any information you have. It is perfect for ceramics, glass, metal, concrete, stone, or fiberglass. You can also get it at Michaels Crafts and other places online. I want to glue Swarovski crystals to sterling silver components to make pendants and wonder if I can use Crazy Glue? Shiny, shiny glass. Can you please tell me the best glue for Swarovski ss4 non hot fix crystals to be fixed to gelish nail art? You can find the data sheet for E6800 Here. E6000 would be the right glue and you shouldn’t have any problems, if you are how have you prepped the toe and what brand of crystals did you use with the e6000? I have a pair of DMs that I’d love to customise up the back heel strip. As regards the adhesive e-6000 is the most popular adhesive which we also supply, you just need to be careful of the fumes. The adhesive properties of the epoxy glue requires just a small amount of glue to bond the breakage. The thing I like about the e6000 is that it is 1 part so you dont need to do any mixing whereas the CG 500 you have got to mix it together so you have obviously got to get the mixing correct for it to work right. What am I doing wrong? Please can you email me back with a reply. Hi Wella What is the best glue to use when gluing Swarovski Crystals? hi im looking to stick crystals to high heels but im not sure what would be the best option, any advice or ideas would be fantastic . We repair and restore pieces for the private collector, retail stores, antique dealer,s insurance companies and the Swarovski collector. I haven’t used Velour but for similar materials e6000 offers the strongest bond, it does have nasty fumes however for which you can wear a protective mask which you can pick up from a diy store for around £10, it has a filter cartridges for removing nasty chemicals from paints, glues etc. Can I use Gemtac for all surfaces that are popular for the embellishing trend? I am trying to glue swavorski crystals to card stock for table numbers for my wedding. I don’t have a tutorial sorry but we have 2 shoe tutorials and the principle will be the same you can use gemtac to attach the crystals. E6000 is 1 part epoxy glue so is ready to use straight out of the tube and doesn't require any mixing. Hi Denise Swarovski: Restoration and Repair Alternatives. As regards crystal sizes you can see ss14, ss16, ss20 and ss30 sizes on a UGG boot here Hi Amy Mats Jonasson, Swarovski authorized dealer, also featuring Satava Glass Jellyfish Sculptures 3D Laser Images, Art Glass, Bronze Sculpture, Indoor Water Walls/Windows, Glass Waterfalls and Fountains galore! Sharon. Flatback stones can be glued to the setting itself if the prongs are removed and a setting back remains or if the setting left behind have a cone shaped hole you can set chattons / table diamonds into the holes and glue them into place see here settings chatons. I want to bling some metal sports bottles what would be the best application method and medium to do this with? Do you know of any other crystals that are similar to swarovski or where i could get swarovski crystals for a good price? The hole is very small just enough to accommodate the pointed back of a table diamond. A materials surface should be dry, clean and free of any dust, grease or oil before any adhesive is applied. What temperature did you wash at and have you seen our Glue vs washing machine test. Would you recommend the G6000 or the Beacon 527? Does Hermione die in Harry Potter and the cursed child? HI Nicola This is a very flexible and extremely strong two-component epoxy resin adhesive, which has been especially developed for gluing Swarovski crystals. Swarovski Crystal Figurines . I would be adhering them to the meshy material, silk screened numbers and to some embroidered lettering…I want the glue to REALLY adhere! It’s an extremely popular adhesive for adding crystals to fabric (dance costumes, t-shirts, jeans etc…) because it’s both strong easy to use and most importantly non-toxic so it’s safe to use in a confined space. Hi Sally With e6000 you would need a syringe or a cocktail stick for fine application. I’m going to try a few different adhesives over the next week and try preparing the surface slightly differently and will post the findings once complete. Is there a different glue I could use that would give the same strength and waterproof properties as E6000? I’d like to attach crystal rhinestones, nailheads, other metal bits, etc. E6000 Hi Sharon HI Mille Hi Sel Is there a different kind of glue I can used that will create a strong bond between the metal of the paperclip with out hurting the foil? I do not know if soldering or gluing techniques are used to join two pieces of plated findings together, please could you help me? Tried scratching each on the crystals off but they all held firm and soaked in warm water for over 2 hours to see if it would damage the bond but each of the glues held firm. Hi! Crystal Repair broken glass figurine Thursday, January 7th, 2010 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, glass sculpture repair, Glueings | Comments Off on Crystal Repair broken glass figurine. If you are using e6000 squeeze a tiny bit out of the tube onto a piece of card and work from that which will only last a few minutes. Don't do home repairs on your Swarovski using the wrong adhesive or glue. It will be used and I need it to hold up. ?please advise…. Hi Maria Great site, could you please advise me on what glue would be best to use while customizing my daughters shoes with rhinestones and arts and crafts plastic pieces? equally good for sticking them to rubber please. * To Repair is to "simply put together the figurine that is broken" * To Restore is to "put the figurine back to original condition using replacement components when necessary" Whether you have your crystal figurine Repaired or Restored, you will have to spend money. Which countries are newly industrialized? In this case the answer is, no, they are not. Thanks. Have you tried using a piece of emery cloth or a nail file (test on a small area first) lightly scratch/roughen the smooth surface of the vinyl, clean the dust and then try again see if the bond is improved before considering an alternative adhesive which will likely have the same issue. Hi Sonja we have a Swarovski Wholesale crystals section where you can buy bulk packs of crystals if there is a colour or size you need that’s not available just let me know and we can order it in. Heya thanks so much for getting back so quick, excellent site and info.. yes never thought of that idea…would you suggest then maybe the e6000 glue compared to the cement?? I would like to glue them to stud earring pads, but as the surface of the bead isn’t flat I’m struggling to find the right glue. The glue that Swarovski like you to use is CG 500, the 2 part glue. You can find the craft syringes for e6000 and crystals here. You can buy both fairly cheaply so I would do a test on the material with one or two crystals first and leave for 24 hours then see how well it bonds before completing your design. GS Hypo Cement comes in a tube with a very fine applicator nozzle like a needle for very fine precision application. E6000 provides a stronger bond especially if you rub down the surface of the flip flop first to get a better bond between the surface and the adhesive. I have recently used non hot fix AB crystals and I’m finding that the crystals are not sticking? Try not to get any on the adhesive holding the crystals in place though and if the crystals are acrylic don’t try this as it wont help and may make the crystals worse. I would opt for e6000, just make sure when you add them to the converse that you hold the crystal/adhesive in place with an orange stick until it gets a good bond with the fabric, which may require a few seconds of holding each crystal in place (much like the second shoe tutorial). I’m interesting in applying Swarovski crystals in several sizes to a pair of Jessica Simpson’s patent leather platform shoes for my daughter for her wedding. I repaired a metal decorative buckle on a shoe not long ago and found it a job to stick on straight, in the end I ended up coating the back of the metal jewel buckle with e6000 and leaving to dry for a few minutes along with a patch on the shoe, then gluing the two glued areas together, which gave a very strong bond and hasn’t weakened to date. The data sheet for Part A doesn’t contain any warnings but Part B The hardener has the following in the data sheet…. If so please post link. Hi, It’s an extremely popular adhesive for adding crystals to fabric (dance costumes, t-shirts, jeans etc…) because it’s both strong easy to use and most importantly non-toxic so it’s safe to use in a confined space. The downside of e6000 is the fumes which are very strong, its not so much the smell as the chemicals used in epoxy glue, you can use a mask to eliminate the Chemical exposure or make sure the area you work in is well ventilated, which wont eliminate the fumes but help to reduce them. Beacon adhesives have a flip flop glue which im pretty sure doesn’t have harmful fumes. Knowing more about how to repair swarovski crystal Published on May 2, 2018 Glue Swarovski? I haven’t used acrylic crystals but from what I’ve read in the past e6000 can discolour acrylic crystals and dissolve the plastic foil backing, so I would opt for gem tac or go for a glass crystal if the surface requires an adhesive like e6000. In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a revolutionary machine that allowed crystal cuts to be more precise than ever before. Other coatings used by Swarovski include Crystal Transmission, Volcano, Aurum, and Dorado. Hi Nicolle I have a disco ball pendant, but 4 crystals have fallen out. I have about 8 pair that I now will have to take all crystals off and re-glue but am totally gun shy to use E6000. this may sound crazy but I was wanting to add Swarovski crystals to my BBQ grill. There are a range of adhesives that are widely used by the craft and jewellery making communities that are outlined below. Minor damage to Swarovski Crystal poses no great problem and can be made good at one of Swarovski's many repair shops around the world. TIA. Greatly appreciated! I would like to stick Swarovskis to rubber. e-6000 would provide a strong bond, you just need to careful of the fumes when you are using it. How big a difference is there in sparkle between foiled and non foiled and would the e-6000 I purchased a long metal strip of triple rhinestones. Egooo on the other hand is thicker in consistency but using a syringe is fine for precision application and the crystals have some cushioning as the glue is rubber like. I would contact Eclectic the manufacturer first though before using and provide the manufacturer with the spec you need the adhesive to conform to so they can advise. This comes backed by our lifetime guarantee. I have made a post of washing crystals and how adhesives hold up which you can view here: Washing crystals post .. E6000+ or hotfix crystals would be the best option for sweaters but if you stretch the cuffs and then apply the crystals the adhesive bond will be put under stress once the cuff contracts (and may not sit right after contracting) and the same if you apply to a cuff and then stretch to put your hand through. Beacon 527 is a fast drying super strong crystal clear adhesive that’s flexible and waterproof once dry. The most popular methods of application are directly to the nail varnish, using a uv gel and setting the crystals into the gel then hardening or alternatively for stick on nails nail glue. With the acrylic stones the e6000 melts the foil backing and clouds the crystals because of the chemicals in the glue anything else of a similar strength would also cause the same problems, the best solution would be gemtac what kind of material is the heel made from? I have no idea sorry but this may help:, Hi I want to put some rhinestones on my babies dummy for decorative use only because I can’t see it being safe to put any glues near a babies mouth but I was wondering what was the strongest safest glue to use as it would still be near my baby? Over time and during cleaning and drying, a few of the pieces have become detached from the main body, i.e. Hi Ahmed E6000 would probably be the most suitable adhesive although many hair clips are made using Swarovski Bicone beads where the beads are attached to the clip by wraping wire around the clip and threading bicone beads onto the wire. I’m using E6000 and the adhesion is great however the E6000 is sort of melting the foil and making it look funny from the front. Please could you tell me, what is the best glue for rubber (the toe of converse shoes)? Also consider how you will be washing the boots after they are worn as many adhesives aren’t machine wash safe so that should help to eliminate some of the adhesives from your testing list. Gemtac will provide a reasonable bond with most surfaces, but its not always the best solution, if you look at the post testing various fabrics you can see sometimes e6000 provides a stronger bond than gemtac, but the downside is the fumes, so it would very much depend on if you are selling the crystallized items or not. those.never.move after washing over 100 times? Once you remove the crystals give the surface a good rub down with emery board/ sand paper to give the adhesive a good surface to bond with. Thanks! Khaled. Although it's very uncommon for the crystal figurines to scratch or break (the only thing that can really scratch or break crystal is another crystal or diamond), the crystals can fall out of the jewellery. You would be looking at ss5 to ss9 size crystals I would guess which are 1.8mm to 2.6mm which you can see here, I want to apply swarovski crystals to a cathedral veil all along the edge…I have E6000 glue, but I think this is too heavy of a glue….what are you thoughts or is there another glue that is just as strong but such a heavy glue. Hello Khaled, I might be inclined to try a few crystals using this method ( (don’t forget to wipe excess glue away after adding each crystal)) for the test hold each crystal in place for 20-30 seconds just to see how strong the glue will bond, that’s the deciding factor, then the next time you can hold for less) leave for 24 hours and then try the crystals to see how well they bond, before proceeding. To answer your question though yes e6000 is quite a bit stronger than gemtac. In their minds they conceived the inconceivable. Gemtac will work with leather, but E-6000 is stronger and will provide a stronger longer lasting bond, you have to be careful of the fumes though. Which is the best of Gem Tac Glue, E6000, GS Hypo Cement, Beacon 527? Is there anything that would work? I would remove the crystals and replace them using gemtac glue which won’t cloud the crystals. You could use gemtac which shouldn’t give any problems and e6000 for the metal embellishment. Apologies I meant thin in consistency which means that its much like super glue (water like) in texture, where the crystals don’t get swamped under the glue, the e6000 is very thick and needs to be spread out which isn’t ideal when you are trying to repair just one or 2 small crystals. They can assist collectors only if the damaged item is a part of their current product offering. Its clear, it comes in two parts that you … It’s the foil backing that reflects the light and makes the crystals sparkly. I have a few suggestions. Hi Jenny If it’s for personal use the other option is gemtac which gives a good strong bond and you can see it being used in our glass tutorial, the downside is it will soften under prolonged heat from washing if you are putting in a dish washer or soaking the glass in a bowl of hot water. It wont stop the crystals from coming loose but it will hold them in place as there will be a thin plastic layer coating the surface when the stuff has been applied much like using nail varnish. Cyanoacrylate cement (Superglue, Instant Glue) is a very clear, strong, fast curing adhesive that will make barely noticeable repairs on glass objects, especially with clean breaks. Ok so I want to embelish an NBA jersey with Swarovski flatback rhinestones. Do u stock this or how would I go about bying it? You will have to measure the width/length of the gap and then try and work out the best size crystal to fir the gap or alternatively use a range of sizes. We are often asked about repairs and which glue to use! Hi Please help me out! What Swarovski cannot do is re-glue large broken pieces, or undertake repairs or re-glues to items which have further damage (ie marks to main body parts etc) which cannot be rectified. I see above to use a nuber of different glues but am having a hard time finding these glues. Some adhesives also yellow slightly with UV light, but the amount you use may be so small it’s not noticeable if this isn’t the case look for a UV stable glue. E6000 can be used but if the case bends excessively then the crystals will come off no matter what adhesive you use. High strength, fast curing, single component adhesive, specially designed for bonding crystal to crystal, glass to glass or glass to metal. Hi.. Can i by hotfix crystal and stick it on my figure competition suit? Hi Michele CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS REPAIR. We sell the crystals on our site and also have a tutorial for creating Converse trainers. Thank you so much for your advice. Help pls… Thankyou. The crystals usually come loose from bumping into the side of the drum, so if you intend to put them in the machine first put them in a pillow case and in the middle of a load of towels to cushion the crystals from the machine side and wash on a cool temperature. This crystal is very clear so I cannot simply take any kind of superglue and re-attach the lose parts. Hi Gillian They should be salvageable. I tried the hot-fix metal bits to test and they don’t hold up very well and would likely pop off within a short time of wearing; I could easily scratch them off. Will let you know how it turns out. You really want to use the non hotfix crystals with e6000 if at all possible (they are cheaper for 1 than hotfix and the hotfix is bonded to the foil backing with a primer so you are giving yourself an extra layer of potential weakness), but the crystals shouldn’t go cloudy if they are glass. I recently paid someone to put rhinestones on my converses. thanks. Hi Veselka Suggestions please on how to apply. Soak a lint-free cloth in some water, and use it to wipe down the piece to give it a quick clean. I also see Swarovski has a Epoxy glue (you have to mix). in various shapes sizes and colours. Hi Susan If you ever find yourself in this predicament, The Crystal Wizard is an excellent place to seek a solution to your problem. Substance accumulation, in the human body, may occur and may cause some concern following I’ve attempted to glue rhinestones onto a football jersey, however some of the stones peeled off. I’d like to cover the plastic Manual Shifter Knob in my car with Swarovski Flat back crystals. I need something very strong and waterproof, and can hold up to everyday use. E6000 has a Temperature range: -40 °F (-40 °C) to 150 °F (66 °C), it’s non-flammable when cured, but produces toxic flames if burnt, waterproof (for steam), strong bond for plastic, and dries clear. Hi Sarvi This is a link to our tutorial on Crystallizing converse which you might find helpful, HI…I really need to use my e6000 glue and like everyone else i am a bit anxious of the dangerous fumes…do you know where i can please get a suitable mask etc to protect me from this…thankyou. What can I do with broken ceramic dishes? We have a post on the blog for crystallizing converse it would be exactly the same but using ss12 crystals instead of ss16, then you just need to keep the toe away from the babies mouth. Can I use the same glue on both parts? All Swarovski … Hi Sami We never, ever attempt a repair or re-glue to a Swarovski item and we can't stress enough how important it is NOT to attempt to repair a piece yourself! I’m using super glue at the moment, but its too messy and not precise enough. I was wondering what the best glue would be to glue flatbacks to the bowtie emblem on the front of a car? Hope this helps. As regards the question you cant use hotfix for metal as the glue on the back of the crystals/pearls isn’t meant to bond with metal, it will stick for a small amount of time and then come away. Im having trouble finding a glue for TPU material cases? If you cant find what your looking for on our site Google Swarovski sew on stones. I’ve tried washing the sandals and roughing up the surface etc prior to glueing but there does not seem to be an answer as to why this is happening. If you just can't stand the expense for the professional job, then try the 5 minute epoxy. Hi Nancy I would say either e6000 or shoe goo which are pretty much the same thing in different packaging have a look at Hi Ricky Pleasee help. It takes about 24 hours to fully cure and is workable for 5 to 15 minutes when using (depending on air temperature), it dries to form a clear flexible rubber that like Gemtac can act as a shock absorber for the crystal if dropped. How To Repair Glass Figurines With Black Bull Adhesive. Every time I buy a little figurine or annual ornament, I am amazed at how crystal clear the glue is that holds the crystal … Hi Michelle e6000 in theory should provide a stronger bond on calf hair than suede because of the fibers, the issue with using e6000 will be that you will most certainly have to hold each crystal in place for a good few seconds(pressing down with an orange stick) for the glue to take a bite and hold firm as with suede, once you press it into place it falls off straight away unless you hold the crystal in place while the glue seeps into the fibres. If your coating the entire surface of the sphere with crystals you can just spread out the clue and then apply the crystals. Can u recommend a glue that would keep the crystals on for at least a couple of weeks? The bud may leave wax residue on the crystals, which can be easily wiped off once the adhesive is dry. Thank you xx. I have done this before and must have just been lucky with the glue. crystal repair swarovski bear Monday, August 30th, 2010 Posted in All Repair Projects, glass sculpture repair, Glueings, Swarovski Crystal, zoo | Comments Off on crystal repair swarovski bear. 306 Comments It should hold fine if you are attaching to resin it may be worth considering Araldite epoxy resin which should also give a strong bond (be aware that if you are using acrylic crystals you will need to use a less abrasive adhesive as e6000 will melt plastic foil backing and cloud acrylic crystals). Gemtac will be fine on foam flowers we used to use it for handmade cards and it would stick pretty much anything to the cards, foam, metal, crystals, flowers etc and gives a good strong bond. Verify you tecommend E6000 for crystals to metal and that it is waterproof? Swarovski crystal is used to make beautiful figurines and jewellery. It would be e6000 you can see our step by step tutorial here the glue can be found here. If you are using e6000 squeeze some out onto a piece of paper /card and use a cocktail stick to apply. Rhinestones can be added to almost any surface, providing the correct adhesive is used to provide a suitable bond between the crystal and material. Swarovski is awful I am far too tactful to agree with you, Shengdan But I am surprisd at the number of people who don't realise that 'swarovski crystal' is just a fancy way of saying 'glass'. Hi Barb I would suggest e6000 as the strongest adhesive, but you may have some problems with the delica beads as they are so small. I’ve always wondered how high end designers attach swarovski crystal to their clothing, or brands such as True Religion, Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, etc. For some projects it may be necessary or appropriate to use more than one kind of adhesive if there are a variety of materials involved. 98 I haven’t wash... Lisa: I am wanting to apply Crystal's to a competition ice skating dress, I want them... Yasmin: There are epoxy resins that care capable of withstanding extreme hot and cold co... Non-Hotfix Flatback Crystals Factory Packs, Leopard Print Converse Tutorial – How To Crystallize With Swarovski Elements, How To Crystallize Baby Converse Tutorial, Swarovski Crystal Zebra Converse Tutorial. If you are unsure of which adhesive is … Any suggestions how I’d get the surface suitable for gluing again? In some water soak, a lintfree piece is a cloth. I thought e6000 but I know it really toxic when liquid state so what would you recommend in place if not this? Budget: Loctite Glass Glue. Swarovski Crystal Restoration and Swarovski Crystal Repair. I make dog collars and leashes and want to make a high-end collar using swarovski crystals. have the same sparkle? Although it's very uncommon for the crystal figurines to scratch or break (the only thing that can really scratch or break crystal is another crystal or diamond), the crystals can fall out of the jewelry. i don’t see how these companies can claim there crystals are gauranteed to stay on.. What am I missing? You can try GS Hypo Cement, its used for watch repairs i.e glass and metal so should do the trick and is used quite a lot for jewellery making, there is also an adhesive called “Glass, Metal and More” which is manufactured by Beacon Adhesives and is for metal, I haven’t tried it yet but will try and get some to test. Note. Where as the GS-Hypo Cement has a precision applicator tip so you can just put a tiny amount into the hole and add the crystal.
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