i am watching it bc of Woo Do-Hwan <3. I guess that kdrama Save Me was a hit. Hwaiting chingus!! All!! Explore celebrity trends and tips on fashion, style, beauty, diets, health, relationships and more. French Dip $10.00 Beef dipped in au jus, topped with Provel and served on an Italian hoagie All lunch combos are served with your choice of side salad, cheese bread, French fries, or cup of soup. Hong Su Hyeon Missed this Unni glad she's back. all cast are amazing. scarlet Dec 14 2017 4:12 pm Beng Oct 13 2017 8:18 am Crazy Oct 26 2017 5:53 am Optimus prime is back ?? because the story is actually really good and complicated (not as simple as the synopsis). Omgggggg! wat is going on with ratings guys. want a kiss from u both please. | kim min joon - kim bom joon donseang - yan gae pawer sshi - The plot is exciting, adventurous, not boring/shallow, well thought about...the characters actors perfectly match their role...its filming,location and esp soundtrack is amazing...i’d FAINT if i’d ever see a season 2! Jac Oct 12 2017 9:52 pm Amaaaaaazing!!! Jac Oct 20 2017 10:10 pm Begup. gooo Dec 02 2017 7:40 am Leo Oct 28 2017 12:02 am Song Jae-Hee - Han Sung-Jin. ash Sep 27 2017 9:19 am My famiy and friends watching mad dog because they like min joon and ha ri too! BTW. They haven't any kind of kiss and intimate scene. Amberle Oct 12 2017 9:57 pm Putri Zumel May 28 2020 11:44 pm LOL, Guiltypleasure Dec 08 2017 5:45 am Oct 23 2017 9:28 am watch it if you need a drama to live every moment with Park Sung-Hoon - Go Jin-Cheol. Actually Im begging the writer to bring back the cast together and write a season 2, Guiltypleasure Dec 08 2017 5:48 am Highly highlyyyy recommended this drama is the best ever from all k drama ive watched all my life. I hope the ratings will increase..this story itself keeps getting and better.. New York City. I've been looking him act since i saw him 1st time in master movie.. Kaylee Oct 02 2017 1:50 pm Im totally in love with this drama. Evey episode is not dragging which is nice, you won’t realize that you’re craving for more. I really like this drama, i hope all the actors in thisdrama will get blessed in the future?? But not only the couples..the bromance and friendship,so family-like Mad Dogs is AMAZING. and the plot twists and the smooth scenes always came up to end each episode. Bonus- Aviation lovers should definitely watch this as the series is connected to an airline company fraud along with the insurance company fraud throughout the series. I love it so much. The drama keeps my eyes locked into each scene and i am always anxious to see the next episode. I like so much! Jin Oct 27 2017 7:24 pm So far so good. Release Dates It's nice to see Woo Do Hwan, Jo Jae Hyun and Jang Hyun Jin again in one drama! st Nov 24 2017 1:27 am I Love this drama and i like the chemistry between Kim Min Joon and Jang Ha-ri. Kim hye seong is such a cutie lil brother. Oh Damn... Yoo Jie Tae stole my heart... Puzzles everywhere.. High curiousity to know the real culprit.. Hwaitingg! Ana Oct 11 2017 6:42 pm if you don't watch it you will regret sooner or later ! Yu Chae-Yeon - Han Sung-Jin's daughter. Maybe because he portrays it sooo fu*kibg good. I will watch this for sure! I'm going to watch this bc of hwa-young and Do hwan ❤❤, aneehc Oct 05 2017 7:44 am This drama started really good! Im watching this drama just because of them! Cheetah and Pentium, the cuties of the show. Cast. Fennie Jan 22 2018 6:03 am please make season 2 for this drama TT.TT I really like their teamwork and ehemm... Hari-Minjoon couple TT.TT KBS please!!!! omg woo do hwan is really handsome and sweet .i really like his perfect acting. Love hari minjoon and the team. Perfect drama. Wow! i need another season for this drama!! Friendship-10/10 s.elena27 Oct 30 2017 3:11 am Ms.grace Sep 24 2017 2:53 pm Woo Do Hwan character is the best, Ryu Hwa Young superb. //