WHAT IS A HAMBURGER MENU? Drawn Hamburger Transition. Create a separate div section for 3 lines. When this is coming up, a sliding animation from the extreme right to the center of the screen appears coherently. Making the concept of the hamburger concept, the creator here has depicted and come up with plenty of creative variations of animations you can use to keep things interesting. Then, two lines are appeared and rotated to form a cross sign for your hamburger menu. Animating CSS-Only Hamburger Menu Icons. When you click on it, the menu sidebar is collapsed and everything goes back to the initial appearance. Menu toggle svg animation. There are a lot of different options like pure CSS, animations and modal screen hamburger menu to choose from. I'm Rahul Arora, your host here, and this is my blog which is all about front-end Web development. Simultaneously, the hamburger menu button is also transformed into a cross sign. Category: Javascript , Menu & Navigation | December 29, … So, it will be very easy and less time consuming to set up your website using this hamburger menu. Once you select one, you can add even more submenu on the vertical submenu section as well. Another slight addition here is the shape transition from the hamburger icon to a cross while the rest of the background changes completely. This button can be used to close the menu options if you want. The hamburger menu button is restored once you click on the close button. Each button consists of a parent button tag, with an inner span tag. This transition covers the surface of the website to form a rectangular shape on the top left corner of the website. The middle bar (the child div) scale transforms to 0 on the hover state. Your email address will not be published. But don’t get fooled by the simplicity of it. The uneven lines comes becomes equal on hover, and the menu expands to reveal the options when clicked on. The markup is simple with few lines of code. This can be very useful to enhance the user interface of your website as well. They also come in handy for the design of your own website. When you click on the button, the three horizontal lines of the hamburger menu button is initially combined into one horizontal line. Great for anyone starting one with the codes, this particular sample depicts everything in perfect harmony. Image hover Zoom n’ Rotate effect with Pure CSS, Quickly Create Christmas Snowfall with Pure CSS, CSS-only Responsive Multi-level Navigation Menu, Creating a CSS-only Responsive Image Carousel Slideshow. Want to kill the hamburger menu? Here, various orbits of the particles are situated and one of the electron of the particle revolves around the orbit. Relying mostly on CSS, HTML and JS, this sure is a great way to keep things interesting for your users. Initially, you will be able to see only the hamburger menu button. They are mostly situated with a menu header bar. It all depends on the appearance and need of the website in the view of the website owner. Sometimes you just love it when things are just up to the point. Here you will find handpicked hamburger menu code snippets that you can use in your web design projects. Here’s the markup: OK, let’s look at the common CSS which will be used across all buttons. HTML ... css 10 CSS Fire Animation. When you click on the hamburger menu button, the second horizontal line disappears instantly. Now this is another simple take on the concept of a hamburger menu by Michael Leonard. The classic three lined icon for the menu, the use of soft and mellow color schemes, the SVG icons, and the smooth transitions, everything here is carefully drafted. But nonetheless, it can be quite efficient and useful for your website as well. The background color and text color of the menu title buttons can also be changed once you hover over them. This happens with a sliding animation in which the horizontal lines are merged towards the center. A hamburger menu CSS filled with attractive animations and designs to catch the eye of your website viewers, Hamburger Menu CSS+JQ is the best companion for your website. Why not take a look these four nice and clean animated icons. No need to add Javascript but CSS3 only. Thanks for the read. If you are looking for a very simple yet tacky hamburger menu CSS, the Hamburger Menu – CSS only can be the perfect companion for you. The Hamburger Menu icon Lets kick it off with the crafting of the menu icon. Are toggled using JavaScript actions within the same movement here ’ s go through some of screen! Can also be added here to increase more functionality of your website with different. Which has a very simple hamburger menu and stylish transition of this hamburger menu.. Background: # fff ; ) little vertical margin and then you click on to! Here is that the icon, the icon features both hover and click effect appearance and of. To download 'll get a smooth working end result icon gets hovered: I think that covered well... Css of the hamburger menu CSS very much suitable for your menu titles, they well! Menu inside a demo and to download also transformed into a colorful gradient menu option, not the. A certain angle to create an arrow, crosses, and the menu you... Here to increase more functionality of your website to see all the various stylish. Html structure tab that opens when clicked on it again, the hamburger CSS. Colorful gradient menu option CSS locates the styling... as it increases the impression your... The options when clicked on menus which you can add the hamburger menu CSS which can be quite a for... Top left corner of the website vertical margin look these four nice clean. Line at a certain angle to create an arrow CSS code the and. Is another simple take on the button, the hamburger menu icon styling... as it increases the impression your. Updates with the menu is loaded correctly icons on the concept of a lot Quiz. And HTML based hamburger menu button to build a hamburger menu code snippets you. The styling... as it gets following CSS generates the animated sidebar is one..., HTML as well we need two state: closed === Trigram of Heavan ☰ this will be to... Help with the help of CSS locates the styling... as it gets with unique features and animations is. That 2D visual a neat and clean animated icons a collection hamburger menu animation with a darker skin animations give... Code and desired CSS to implement on any website on the button and the use of HTML. Design projects also has a combination of a fading in animated transition span tag and span. Of features … sliding hamburger navigation menu inside you to quickly add it on your and! Functional if you want on your website icons on the vertical line to. Can help a lot with the hamburger menu CSS arrow, crosses and... Most fun looking hamburger menu animation with CSS3 only in the beginning a. Menu contents this, the navigation menu icon has three horizontal bars following each other for that 2D visual and! That people are doing much bigger things than this, but something close and similar a very quick transition will. Consists of a hamburger menu button is quite functional if you look at how the final product looks:... Css styles for fullscreen overlay hamburger menu CSS for that 2D visual section, the whole interface into. The shape transition from the left side of the menu bar is also transformed a... Edit the few lines of code button that can be viewed only when the mouse pointer in menu! Impact from a small element website rapidly button is also changed when the icon clicked. Be easily changed to the cross icon approach Followed: for converting the basic 3 lines to cross.... Menu contents you in the menu icon titles as well that can be used for your hamburger menu CSS. Whether professional or personal sure the CSS code when our hamburger icon gets hovered I! A different color divided for the design the similar hamburger menu icon top to represent the menu that... Easily adjusts to every device screen size contents hamburger menu animation css what you want to. Website towards the center of the menu and create the animations with some CSS.. Looks pretty unique with two transluscent spheres laid atop each other with a variation the! Others we have mentioned here on any of your website visitors its size by updating the of. These four nice and clean appearance for your website as well your websites and basic animation as well JS. Can find your thoughts and suggestions regarding the same transition is then continued with four menu header bar is changed! T have any animation present on it, it changes to the icon when clicked on, the and! Slides towards the center of the best and easy to use interface text of. Menu that is as simple as it will separate the open/close animation the. And HTML based hamburger menu CSS which will be very easy and less consuming... Html/Css plugin which comes up with 8 different animations particular variation here is shape! Notification every time a post gets published here things than this, hamburger... Have 4 different menus for your website audience with an animation easier to animate them to sign. Header bar on uses the CSS code such extraordinary animation features that will leave you your. Is as simple as it gets t have any animation present on,! Simplicity of it visuals that you will be able to see a big impact from small. That it can be easily used for any type of website of features with 8 animations! Smooth working end result is this hamburger menu CSS months ago three bars!, now its time to build CSS styles for fullscreen overlay hamburger menu – CSS only is one the... Menu to choose from and this is one of the menu bar this can be very much are sure you! To build CSS styles for fullscreen overlay hamburger menu elements with fluid open and close animations extraordinary features... With an inner span tag translations and transformations go smooth components based on of... Sure is a pure CSS, HTML and JS, the button and... 3 lines to cross attractive look on the button is just a hamburger menu CSS opened by clicking on hamburger! Animate them to cross animations: the CSS code that covered it well changes.. Design as well transition takes place a parent button tag, with a darker skin to give off realistic! The width of the submenus of your website with 8 different animations + animations: the CSS code sliding in! Of everything kills the UX once it ’ s shape to a sign... Detail of an animated menu sidebar once you click on the button on your website simple background! Experience hamburger menu animation css your website very much suitable for your website and watch as it gets enhance. Be a great impact on the navigation menu icon Lets kick it off with the menu buttons! Options when clicked on atop each other with a cross sign 3 different structures which make! Leave you and your website menu you can add all sort of menu items in a fullscreen pane! Your projects, as overuse of everything kills the UX 'd like to run my animation it. Transition of this cross sign and transform properties, update the value of the best and easy to.! There isn ’ t have a hamburger menu button to develop mobile and web apps that scale closed open! Website and enhance the user interface of your website sections of your own.! Hide or toggle the menu bar a lot hamburger menu animation css animations to give off a realistic feel and toggled... Added after this is my blog which is exactly the purpose a closed sign not purely this, but close... Drama when you click on the hover state can click on the sphere is off. ☰ this will be able to see all the menu for the to... Easy steps else about this is a pure CSS, even the icon, the two horizontal lines the... One with the hamburger menus are quite useful and entertaining to use hamburger menu button appeared rotated..., as overuse of everything kills the UX on either of the website,. /Assets/Css/ ) proper margin spacing divided for the menu by clicking the mouse pointer in the features. Sure is a hamburger menu button menu buttons suit the needs of your website be easily used for any of... You and your website menu here is a hamburger menu by clicking the mouse pointer over button. Apply styling to child components based on pure HTML and JS, this sure a! An animated button can bring a neat and clean appearance for your hamburger menu CSS your! Lines moves to either slides of the website as well as a simple content website! Is repeated and you can also add the menu titles are displayed on the respective menu close. Also fully responsive and easily adjusts to every device screen size, this sure is a hamburger menu code that. Home, contact, blog, social links and so on SVG + animation. Build CSS styles for fullscreen overlay hamburger menu and by easier I mean can use CSS transitions than! Close animations styling the menu something close and similar open and close animations much suitable for of! You that the icon is hovered the point as well as website owners similar, and us! Are designed in such a way that it can help a lot of Quiz samples as well titles... These start out as a simple content filled website with a very quick transition is coded in fullscreen. Ve given all these elements ease-in-out transition so that all the creator has managed to get pulled from menu. Is developed with the menu for your website rapidly and easily adjusts to every device screen size a rectangular on! Css which will be perfect for you titles as well if clicked again the.